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  1. Have not heard anything from LCS for two months. I wish EDF did something to stop LCS. Thank you very much everyone, especially dx100uk, without your help and comments, I may have already paid to LCS. I have learnt quite a lot from this accident. Many thanks.
  2. Thank you again. LCS said they have requested a copy of bill letter to EDF. I will wait for their update.
  3. Unfortunately, I have sent my tenantry agreement to LCS. This is my fault. I should ignore them from the very beginning. I have talked to EDF, they said if they can not find the account holder, I will need to pay the bill because I used to live there. If I reject, they will sue me. Today I received an e-mail from LCS, saying they have requested a copy of bill letter to EDF. I will wait for their update.
  4. Thank you everyone. I read the e-mail from LCS again, they did not say 'you account', but say 'the account' instead. Therefore, I can not report them for attempted fraud. Then I contact with EDF customer service, I got some clues: 1. I do not have an account with EDF. 2. My name is not on the bill account list. 3. EDF was the energy supplier. 4. The person named on the account who owes the money is the only person responsible. 5. But if the account holder can not be found, I am still liable for what I have used because I was living there. It seems that, I am liable on th
  5. There are four updates since last week: 1. I received an e-mail from LCS last week, saying EDF has modified my account, and the amount of the bill has been reduced to £90. 2. Four days later, I received a letter from LCS. But the amount of the bill has not been reduced (still £1300). 3. Today I got a copy of my credit file. Everything is fine. 4. I have contacted with EDF customer service, they confirmed that they do not have an account with my name and my date of birth. God knows what LCS were doing (they told me that EDF has modified my account). Can any one gi
  6. Thank you for your reply. Wish no further letter will come.
  7. Wish EDF will not open an account or generate a contract by using my agreement. I think EDF is really not that bad because it's criminal.
  8. Thank you very much for your comments. I will make myself clam down.
  9. Thank you for your reply. I think I will contact with EDF to see if I have an account or not. What basic information I need to tell them in order to check my account, please?
  10. Thank you for your reply. Now I'm worrying, no matter the account was opened by me or not, because I lived there before, I'm liable for the bill. And according to jointly and severally liable, I need to pay the full bill. It seems unfair because EDF can simply ask for money to all the others people. If the case goes to the court, I do not what the decision will be.
  11. Thank you for your help again. I will get a copy of my CRA first and see what happen on it.
  12. Thank you very much for your reply. My idea is: 1.Someone used my personal information to open the account. However, I never received any bill letter. So I assume this has been done after I moving out. But is this possible? In fact, the account starts even before when I was moving to that address. 2. The DCA sent a letter to that address asking who was responsible to this bill. And someone wrote my name. But why EDF did not stop the energy supply as soon as the bill was not paid?
  13. Thank you for answering my questions. They are really helpful....I have one more concern, please...... If I need to pay the bill, do I need to pay the full bill due to the 'Jointly and severally liable'? Or just mine? (I was living with 6 people but my agreement only has my name) And I think the amount of the bill is too much. Is it possible to ask the DCA for an evidence to see how much the bill really is? (Sadly I did not record the meter readings)
  14. Thank you again for your help. I will post the updates as soon as possible in the future. It's my first time to know CRA...... I will try to find it out.
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