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  1. Can someone please help with this. I and my husband have received letters from pcs saying we owe £1007 in overpayment. We haven't had wtc for a few years and don't believe we owe anything. What do u suggest? Friends have said to ignore it because if we respond we are admitting we owe it. I'm at a loss as to what to do I hope you can help me please. I am on disability pip payments at moment and this is causing me to have panic attacks
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]52445[/ATTACH] I hope I have done this correctly - Should be my letter from EQUITA that hs been edited so non of my personal details contained in it. Please advise. Thanks
  3. apologies for doing too many threads. Im really worried. I am going to take a pic of the letter and try to upload - although not the best tech person in the world. It just says Equita at top left and then the address in the righthand side of the letter nothing about a bailiff or dca mentioned anywhere. Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone. I have received a letter today from Equita - I had never heard of them before today. They have sent the same letter also addressed to my Husband. It says its regarding Unpaid Tax Credits and that if we do not take action to resolve this matter immediately they may recommed to HMRC that they commence enforcement action against us. This could involve: An Officer taking control of our goods and selling them to discharge the debt. Legal action through the Magistrates Court with any judgement being recorded against us. It says to ring them now. Also to ring them to arrange how to repay this to them. Does this sound like they are a DCA or Bailiffs??? As far as I was aware we do not owe the HMRC anything, when we were claiming credits I always informed them of our circumstances and even was laughed at by their call centre staff sometimes for ringing up "too early" to inform them of the change of circumstances as I was really on the ball letting them know everytime anything changed no matter who small the change... I am of the mind that if this is a DCA to just ignore them. But I am worried so what do you suggest I do? Please please people advise me what you think is best course of action as I am on long term sick from work at the moment and only have limited income. My husband works full time and is on national wage. I am on half pay - which is £733 per month till November 2014 when I drop down to NO pay, I also currently received £72 per week from DWP for SSP think its called ESA.
  5. I have just checked and this is EQUITA dca acting on behalf of HMRC. What should I do - my first instinct is to ignore as its a DCA and I dont like acknowledging these people.
  6. I have received a letter today from a company called Equita - My Husband has also received the same letter addressed to him as well. It says its regarding HM Revenue & Customs - Unpaid Tax Credits..... ... I have not received tax credits for well over a year now. I did speak to someone and explained that I have always given them updated information as soon as I knew it and in fact a couple of times they have told me to ring back because I have been telling them about something that would be happening within the next few weeks... EQUITA are saying that HM have passed my debt to them with instructions to recovering the outstanding debt of £1,097.81 in full. They say if I do not take action to resolve this immediately they may recommend to HM to commence enforcement action against us. taking control of our goods legal action through Courts with any judgement entered against my record. What do you suggest please I am really worried someone is going to turn up at the door and take all my belongings...
  7. Thanks for all your help - can i please ask your advice on what to do about this. Vanquis say they cannot deal with me in writing until I confirm my new address - should i photocopy a copy of water bill to prove I live at my address (its because I have moved address since I took out the card) I changed address once before and they accepted the address now they say they cant accept it.
  8. how do i reclaim it and they said it isnt ppi its like ppi thanks
  9. I was a one parent family and took out a Vanquis card to try and make ends meet - I always paid the monthly charges on time. I recently had a heart attack and i have been told that i am in heart failure - ive lost my job and i am living alone in rented house as my daughter has now gone into the army. I explained this to Vanquis and that I do not have any money to pay them - they told me I had a kind of ppi but it did not covr this situation but they would put my account on hold for 6 months. After only one month they are constantly calling me on my landline and my mobile. I hav sent them the letter from you library with regards to harrassing phone calls and they are now saying because i have moved address since i first took out the card they cannot action my request until i prove where i live by sending them a recent utility bill from within the last 3 months. can anyone help me with this please. When they sent this letter to me they attached a copy of the letter i sent then regarding the telephone harrassmernt so i have proof they haqve received it. please help - i have been told to stay calm and that i am at risk of another heart attack if i dont stay stress free which is very difficult whrn you have these people chasing you all times of the day and night..
  10. Hi can anyone please help - on 27th April took out scooter insurance online with Carole Nash Insurance and paid deposit with debit card. Had to cancel the day after and was assured the refund would be in the bank within 2-3 days - one week later no sign so rang again. Was told it had not been processed and the guy would do it there and then and promised would be in bank within 2-3 days. Rang again today to be met with someone who isnt interested... told me can take over 2 weeks to refund and he will have a word with accounts tomorrow. I am confused because payment is listed as Carole Nash on bank statement but not had any paperwork from that name. Had a letter from "Just Motorcyle Insurance" saying we were insured then a letter from "Close Premium Finance" confirming cancellation. Spoken to all of these and theyare all some way connected but non of them can tell me how.. or tell me when my money will be paid back. This seems like one big swiz to me - has anyone else had dealings with these muppets? Thanks
  11. I have got the dates and payments I have paid because I paid through DD through my bank and they say that the outstanding money is up to the date in July that I moved out of the property. I now have £256 outstanding. I have cancelled the dd for Monday as it will give me bank charges if it trys to come out. Ive just rung the head of customer service and she thanked me for letting her know i couldnt pay this on Monday and she has given me the number for payments and asked me to contact them and set up another payment plan which is going to be better for me to pay... I reckon i could manage £20 per month at a pinch. Do you think they are going to accept this as its going to take forever to pay this off... and last time i spoke they were talking about it going passed the financial year end......
  12. Hy everyone Can someone please tell me what to do im worried sick and dont know what to do. I moved home in July 2011 and moved Councils. I rang up the Council I was with and gave them over 1 months notice that I was moving out and again when I moved I rang and told them I was moving out on that day and they again said they would send a final bill to my new address if there was anything owing, which they doubted looking on the system !! I moved out and into my new address within a new Council and started to pay my council tax to the new Council and didnt hear anything from the old Council, then with everything that was going on, it totally went out of my head, until a couple of weeks before Christmas when i got a demand from the first council to say i owed £306 and it was going to court. I rang the Council and the woman I spoke with was very harsh and said it was going to court unless i paid it in full on that day over the phone and I would get charges on top and that I would end up with bailiffs calling at my new address to take goods to the value. I made a complaint to the chief exec and the head of customer service rang me just before Christmas to apologise and to say she would hold a full investigation. She passed me through to head of collections to arrange a payment plan. This was difficult because i am an admin worker for the nhs and dont get a high wage (band 3) and i am about to lose my job with a restructure, looking like i am going to be downgraded to a band 2 if i can find a band 2 job to take. Anyway i agreed to pay £50 on 5th Jan and £50 on 5th Feb via DD and then to ring the woman and tell her if i was redundant and pay the remaining with my redundancy pay. As I have not been made redundant and dont know for sure yet what is happening, I am married and my husband is not working - it costs me £35 a week in petrol just to get to work - i am struggling. I paid the £50 in January but if I leave the DD set up I will go over my overdraft limit and need to cancel it to stop it coming out. The woman told me originally if i didnt pay any of the agreed payments there was no alternative but to go to court. What do you think I should do. I could borrow £20 to pay that over the phone and cancel the dd and then set up a new dd for £20 a month but i dont think she will accept that. I really dont want to be taken to court for this when i dont feel it was my fault in the first place. HELP PLEASE
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