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  1. thanks dx, iam just back from my local council office and the lady i spoke with informed me that they have had 94 other complaints this week about the exact same thing. the council have already contacted LCS and asked them to redirect any future letters regarding this to the council, but they are refusing to do so? i have been told by the council to forward any other letters i receive from LCS to the council. what a cockup this is
  2. hi around a month ago i received a letter from LCS claiming i owed Scottish power £250 for a unpaid gas bill from my previous address. they said the debt was from 20 dec 2013 to jan 2014, but i terminated my tenancy on the 9th of december oh and one other crucial point... . i NEVER had gas installed at my previous address it got installed after i moved out( council property) i contacted LCS who instructed me to contact my local council who i rented from and ask them to send proof of ending my tenancy, i have now done this twice but today i have received another letter threatening legal action within 10 days if i do not pay. can anyone help me with this? iam a genuine person and pay my bills but i will not pay this as i NEVER had gas at my previous address. thanks to anyone who could point me in the right direction.
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