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  1. Hi guys The Vanquis saga continues..... As the thread details, I attempted to reclaim charges from Vanquis. I subsequently complained to the FOS but they unfortunately sided with Vanquis. Anyway, whilst this account was in dispute Vanquis slapped a default on me. Can they do this if the account is in dispute?
  2. Had a letter today. Saying they are still investigating my complaint!!! What do they actually need to investigate!!! Just send me proof arrraghhhhh thats all I ask. Its almost been 7 weeks now
  3. Hi everyone I just wanted to update everyone that has helped me on here with regards to my electricity bil.I emailed Mr Cocker and had a reply from a Mr Thompson at the Directors Office. He handled my complaint promptly and kept me informed at each stage. The original bill was for £1255.47 £296.96 Was deducted for the backbilling code. A good will guesture was added with a further reduction of £478.51. With a little bit of unpaid usage from previous bills my outstanding balance now stands at £504.58 a total saving of £750.89. I have arranged to pay the balance in two
  4. Thanks nottslad. that is really helpful. I have made the complaint to the ombudsman today and will be sending Mr Cocker a letter.
  5. It looks like this is my only choice. Ive tried their complaints procedure but its like talking to a brick wall. They just ignore me. Ive been on the OFT website but its saying they no longer operate. Who is the best person to speak to now?
  6. Hello, I just wanted some more advice on this complaint I have with eon. This companies complaint procedure is a shambles and they are nothing more than bullies that are attempting to intimidate me. briefly, I made a complaint to eon with regard to backbilling on 11/07/2013, this letter was ignored and they continued to harass me for payment. 20/07/2013 made a formal complaint to the complaints Director. Again this was ignored. Thanks to CAG a chap on here called malc investigated my complaint and I eventually received a letter from eon dated 07/08/2013 Informing me that eon are looking i
  7. Any advice? I wasnt really worried too much about the previous debts. But, this one is £4050 and somehow lowells have got my home number and are calling everyday!!!! What should I do?
  8. I was under the impression they were making payments. Because i have heard nothing from hfc for at least 9 years. then I stopped paying the company then this letter arrives. I was thinking maybe a CCA and SAR request what do u think? if i remember right this was a loan i had
  9. Any help with this?? Please
  10. Corrections34


    Hi I've not been on here for a while. But today I have received a letter!!!! Basically the letter is in three parts. The first letter appears to be from HSBC informing me that Lowell Financial have been sold the debt and any correspondence should go direct to them. The second letter is from Lowell financial stating that I owe (HFC BANK LTD) £4050. The third part of the letter is from the OFT giving me an arrears notice. Ok, as you can see Lowell are stating that I owe HSBC BANK and HFC BANK £4050. Both of these letters have the same account numbers. I took out a loa
  11. Hi I apologise for starting another thread. I just pursumed that because it was another DCA that an alternative thread was needed. This debt and others are all in my past. I cant talk to my girlfriend about them because im embarrassed. In fact the only people I can talk to is you guys. Everyone has been a real help especially dx. say these debts are are getting on top of me is an understatement. The last thing I want is to come home and have to hide letters from DCA's from my partner, then lay awake at night wondering what to do. The last thing I
  12. To my knowledge I owe Anglian Water nothing. Wescot told me that they acted in good faith and have conducted a credit reference trace. However it appears im not the individual they seek and apologised
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