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  1. So I take care of Gas/Electricity switching for my grandmother, so her account is linked to my e-mail address as I submit meter readings online for her and such since she's basically a technophobe for anything more than a TV, and when I checked my e-mails this morning I had one from EDF saying "Thanks for booking an appointment to have Smart Meters installed" I hadn't made any such appointment online, and my grandmother had made no such appointment on the phone either, so EDF had simply taken it upon themselves to book a Smart Meter installation for her in 2 weeks time. Fortunately I was able to login to her account online and find the not very obvious link to cancel the appointment (When you go into the appointment, there's huge buttons for rescheduling it to another time, but the link to Cancel is somewhat hidden. It's basically in a sentence that said "Or if you'd like you can Cancel your booking" with the word cancel just being a Hyperlink), but it's certainly worrying that they're now just forcing appointments on people without even asking and, had I not been able to check my e-mails due to being on holiday or away with work then in 2 weeks time some stranger would have just turned up at my grandmothers door telling her he was there to change the meters. The main reasoning behind not having smart meters at the moment is simply due to the number of stories I've seen in the past year or two about poor installation jobs leading to gas leaks, boiler breakdowns, electricity surges damaging equipment, etc. Last thing we want to risk right now is for someone barely trained turning up, rushing a meter swap and leaving asap and then a woman in her late 80s being left with no heating in the current weather conditions. Just thought I'd post this as a word of warning for anyone else with EDF to keep a lookout for.
  2. not even sure what this relates to but they have been trying for ages and not even sure if this belongs to me.....do I need to worry about it? edfenrgy_Redacted.pdf
  3. Had a letter this week, no date on it and it looks like it came with post, saying Grosvenor Services are applying to the magistrates court on 19th Sept for a warrant of entry to install a prepayment meter. We do owe EDF a fair whack. I will take the blame for most of it but it has to be said EDF have failed to respond to calls and requests from me when the DD originally failed. However, I am not disputing that we owe the money but need time to pay it. There is no way I want a pre-payment meter installed. I will be at best divorced and possibly dead if OH finds out (Slight over dramatisation - I am safe really) I have not been contacted by EDF other than for meter readings, so I didn't realise we were still not making any payments - no excuse I know, but just wanted to outline the scenario. The letter says they have tried to gain entry previously, but I have had no correspondence about this or seen any evidence to suggest this is true. Could it be this letter they are referring to? Is there anything I can do to avoid a pre-payment meter? I don't have a lump sum but could probably clear the debt at 70-100 per month. Do I call them or write? Please be kind with replies, I haven't been well, I was incredibly stressed without this and I know it's (mainly) my own stupid fault Thanks
  4. First thing I've heard on this EDF account in quite some time, seems Lowell now have their grubby fingers on it! Received the attached two letters (in the same envelope) - one from EDF, the other from Lowell. Pretty standard looking letters. My gut tells me to ignore until such time as they send a Letter of Claim. If/when they do then put them to task in terms of following the pre-action protocols. Just wondered what the current thinking is in regards to engaging or not at this stage? My position is that I do not acknowledge the alleged debt and they will not be receiving any payments at any point, now or in the future. Thanks edf-01.pdf lowell-edf-01.pdf
  5. Hi All I have now received 3 letters in the last two weeks for a small 'debt' by Lowell on behalf of EDF. This supposed debt (£71.15) on the letter for 'outstanding balance' states a date range between '22.5.13 to 4.6.15 ( this was the entire term of my account with EDF I believe.) These letters arrived out of the blue. The account for utilities at EDF which ended at April '15 I think judging by old emails I have. Ive had no letters or other communications from EDF in the last 5 years that Im aware of about this alleged debt. Surely this must be some kind of fishing trip? Why would any company suddenly start sending letters for a bill Ive never received? The letter just says 'payment due', frankly I find this ridiculous and I am pretty sure my account was clear before moving on to Co-OP; Co-op completely messed up my account due to their complete system collapse when taking over from EDF. So far I have just ignored the letters.
  6. Hi, Some advice needed. In the Autumn 2010 me and my partner moved in to a new flat. Sorted out council tax, water etc straight away but ran in to problems when trying to get our gas and electricity sorted. Having found out EDF was the supplier for the previous tenant I made several 5-10 calls to EDF during the first months of moving in. For some reason they had no supply registered to our address and could not set anything up. Even when supplying them with the electricity meter number they stated that that meter had been turned off for two years. No luck with providing them with my gas meter number either. I used the details from the previous tenant to try and set up so we could receive bills. But no luck, every time having to wait in queues and explain the situation at length to a new person. After a few months a paper from EDF was left in the letterbox saying that the meter was to be cut of, changed to a prepay meter, court order etc. It did not have the correct address and postcode. I used the reference number left on that letter and called edf again, believe I got redirected to different departments and finally got to talk to someone who understood the issue. He said they would investigate. He called back a few days later, perhaps a week and stated that he had an idea of what the issue was and that they would investigate. They would get back to me when it was sorted and to update me. I asked what the time frame would be, and he stated that likely after Christmas/new year. This was in 2010. From that point they have not been in contact. Have not received any bills or any contact or letter. come September 2017 I receive an automated phone call from a robot voice asking if the account holder for my address, stating my name, (although I have since changed my last name through marriage). It said to either confirm or deny by pressing a number. I denied I was that person. I did at the time not believe an automated phone call to be legitimate. Two weeks go by and I pop in to my ground floor neighbour which is a cafe as I am coming home and they said some electricity people had been around asking for a meter to one of the flats. The cafe has no access to the common entrance to the 2 flats. They did not leave any letter leaflet stating or anything. what would you recommend I do? To me I did my due diligence in 2010 and it was up to them to get back to me. I have never received a bill or had an opportunity to pay. Should I contact them or wait until they attempt to contact me properly by post, meter visit etc. The automated robot phone call is not a proper attempt to contact me. It could just be a robot call as far as I am concerned. The visit my neighbour told me about was just a coincidence that she relayed that information to me as I met her just as I came home and they were closing. What would you do in this situation? Am I correct in assuming they could only back-bill 12 months. Many thanks
  7. We are being threatened with EDF getting a Warrant to disconnect us and wonder what the timeframe is for this, do they go to court, can we appear and appeal this decision as we are in a vulnerable position? ..serious financial issues over past few years, arrears in region of £5k! Emailed and been in contact with Exec complaints, they are hearing none of our problems and only want to execute the warrant. Have applied to EDF Energy Trust, but told to expect 6-12 weeks for processing, EDF not budging on the deadline of 31st August 2014, say they are being responsible in not letting our account grow any more. , it was mentioned about there needing to be a CCJ in place for arrears BEFORE a warrant can be applied for, does anyone know if this is true either? Many thanks for any help / guidance / advice anyone can offer, we are in the position of EDF giving us only until 31st August 2014 before kicking everything off David
  8. Hi, New to the forum so excuse my first fluffy post! I am currently on a standard tariff from EDF with an economy 7 meter which was installed at the property when we moved in. I think that I have been billed with the day night readings switched for at least the last 2 years. This has only been apparent in the last 12 months when I realised that our night readings of energy usage have sky rocketed whilst hardly ever using energy at night. This coincides with our installation of solar panels I have been using appliances during the day when the sun is shining which would explain the high usage. In the last year, our readings have been roughly 2800 of day use and 7350 during the night. Obviously if this has been billed the wrong way around we are in for a hefty one to correct it. The last meter reading was done by myself and the previous one by the meter man in Oct last year. I wasn't sure of which reading was which so I imputed figures that corresponded to the previous bill. I am looking to change supplier and possibly to also go back to a normal meter. Just would love some advice of how I sort this out with the new supplier and whether I need to inform them or EDF about the fault. Also advice as to which electricity tariff/meter would be best for getting the best value from solar panel usage. Thanks!
  9. Ok. Let me try and be brief but also give you all the relevant stuff. Switched to EDF last November. Gave them the readings, which they got wrong 5 times. Eventually correcting them in February. Paying by direct debit. Also applied for warmer home discount and was assured by their chat service it was all sorted and would be applied around March. March came and nothing, told April. April told May. June 1 and I aksed again to be told there was no record of my application thus I would not get it. When I said I had a print out of the transcript in which they confirmed it was all fine, they backtracked and decided that as I had not provided a phone number they could not complete the application - I am deaf so do not use the phone. I stopped the direct debit as with the £140 discount I should have received, I would be in credit a fair old way. And also I regarded them as in breach of contract for failing to do what they said they would on multiple occasions and lying. When I got a manager to read the transcript they agreed as a ''gesture of goodwill'' to credit my account with £140, so that in effect was resolved. But I was still in credit. This week I got an email saying my new bill was ready, so logged on and saw it. The rates I am now charged have increased. I asked via their chat today (another 40 minutes wasted) why these had increased. I was told I would have been sent an email, but then they backtracked to say that a maessage was left on my account. How would I know????? Anyway, they have increased my rates so I want to leave. They tell me I cannot without paying 2 x £25 fees for ending contract early. Correct me if I am wrong, but as they have increased my charges I can leave without panalty. So, can I leave without penalty??
  10. Hi Everyone, I have been trying to have Smart Meters fitted by edf since last August. Initially, they were not available.. Fair enough. Then in November, I was given a date of 16 December 2016 for removing the existing meters and replace them with "Smart? Meters". Whilst the swap out happened, the new meters were left non-operational and not actually commissioned either.. Failed appointments after failed appointments, and here we are at the end of June with a commissioned Gas Meter, not a commissioned Electricity Meter, and no Room Display Unit (which as a disabled amputee with a heart condition was the initial appeal for the Smart Meters, as my meters are in the basement and I cannot get down there to read them to see how much Gas and Electricity I am using..) I have finally had to resort to the ombudsman, and just wondered if this was a common issue with edf or utility companies in general..?? I look forward to hearing other people's experiences.. Keep Smiling.. James
  11. We bought a property in July 2015, which we then sold in July 2016. It was refurbished in November and December and was empty the rest of the time. A new meter was installed in March. This was because the previous meter was a pre-pay meter, and we wanted to change this to a normal meter just in case there were any issues regarding selling the house with a pre-pay meter. We received a bill in July 2016 for £411.88, relating to March to July 2016, which was clearly incorrect as the property had been empty. I contacted EDF immediately to explain this, and told them it had been empty. I had given them a meter reading from the day that I moved out but said that the meter must have been faulty. They said they would look at the meter to check if it was faulty, but they did not do so. By this point the new owners had moved into the property, but EDF were still the supplier. After several phonecalls trying to get this resolved, EDF continually claimed that the bill was correct. I then got a call from someone who apologised and explained that someone at EDF had entered the meter reading incorrectly, and yes the bill was wrong. They issued me a new bill some time in July, this time for £8.97. I have a copy of this bill and EDF also have a record of this conversation. This was paid and the account was closed. Last week I received a bill from EDF for the original amount of £411.88. I called EDF to ask what was going on. They told me that actually the person who told me the meter reading had been entered incorrectly was actually wrong, and the original bill was actually correct. I explained the whole story again and told them the meter was faulty, to which they replied- As we no longer supply the property, we are unable to book an appointment for an engineer to attend and check the accuracy of the meter, only the current supplier can arrange this. If you would like this investigating, I would advise for you to contact the current occupant and see if they can contact the supplier so that this can be looked in to further as the supplier will only speak with the account holder and can not discuss anything with ourselves. Can anyone advise me what I should do in this situation? I am certain the meter was faulty, but there is no way I am going to be chasing up the current occupants to try and get that investigated. Why should I do the job that EDF should have done in the first place? However I really do not want to risk getting any bad credit information on my credit file.
  12. Dear Cagger's, I need advice on a letter i received from EDF energy (to my new address), stating that i owe them £3500 for electricity at my previous address and if i do not contact them then they are instructing debt collector's. I was living in my previous property (private landlord) for 2yrs and 6 months, during this time, i assumed my electricity was included in my rent. I never once received a bill from EDF during the whole 2.5 years and my electricity was never cut off! Since receiving this letter, i have checked my old TA and it doesnt say my rent included electricity, just water rates. I am shocked to recieve this huge debt and i guess i am responsible for it, however, i never once took a meter reading, so i am not sure how they have calculated my useage. What can i do to dispute this debt please? Why didnt they cut my supply off after non-payment of the first bill? I didnt even recieve any red bills either. Isnt it very irresponsible of them to let it accumilate to such an extortionate amount. If they had sent bills or even cut it off after non-payment, then i would have realised that the electric wasnt included in my rent but i received not a single bill in 2.5 year's.
  13. EDF may be changing your direct debit without informing you or writing to you about the changes. If you have registered for online account servicing then a check of your account maybe wise. I did so today just after they took their monthly agreed DD but failed to inform me that they had changed it to a higher amount for next month. Stating this was due to your account owing £xx-XX when in fact it was in credit by a low 3 figure amount and they said we are increasing your amount payable because your account is in credit WTF??? Well currently having a typing war with EDF ATM so please check your accounts and amounts this company are currently taking from you.....
  14. Hello all, I had a debt with EDF which I have been struggling to pay, they did inform me that they were applying for a warrant to change the meter but heard nothing since until I came home today to discover they have been in my house whilst I was out and changed it. Surely they are supposed to tell me when they are coming so that I can choose to be there or not? I feel sick thinking they could have been looking through my things etc. Also my 15 year old daughter is often home alone and doesnt answer the door if shes on her own unless she knows who it is, so if they just let themselves in and she had happened to be home she would have been absolutely petrified. Are they really allowed to do this? I get disability benefits and they were told when I moved in that I am registered disabled
  15. Hi, Really can't seem to get any further with this... In January I started looking round to change my energy supplier, as EDF had nearly doubled my DD just before Christmas. Eventually, I subscribed to the Cheap Energy Club on MSE, which were having an auction in order to get cheaper costs for their members. In February (can't remember the exact date) I completed the online application to change suppliers to Sainsbury's Energy. I received confirmation from Sainsbury on or around 20th February, along with terms and conditions. A couple of days later, I received another letter from Sainsbury, saying that the switch could not go ahead as I owed some money to EDF. After thinking about things for a few days, I decided to stay with EDF as they offered me their Blue Price Promise deal, so I returned a card supplied with the "Welcome to Sainsbury's Energy" pack to cancel the switch. This was posted on 27th February. However, the switch seemingly kept going through, and after phoning Sainsbury's on 19th March, having received another letter saying they were providing my gas from 30th March, I was told that they hadn't received the cancellation notice within the 14 day cooling off period, but it was a couple of days late. After a long and heated discussion, the contract was cancelled, but things still seem to be going (or have gone) ahead. EDF say my electricity account with them will go "live" in a few days but they haven't been able to recover my gas supply from Sainsbury's (this is despite paying a regular DD to EDF and also informing EDF on the 3rd March that the switch had been cancelled by myself, when they immediately sent me new contract details for the new price plan and a DD schedule!). So basically I'd like to know where I can go from here? I seem to be stuck in a limbo of constantly changing suppliers (had an email from EDF just two days ago stating "The withdrawal process has begun for your EDF Energy Electricity account.". Meanwhile, I have just this minute received an email from Cheap Energy Club congratulating me on a completed successful switch! Sorry for the long post...I just wanted to include as much information as possible. Thanks in advance, George.
  16. I keep getting phone calls from a company calling thenselves LCS stating that i owe EDF energy £45 from 2011/2012 Im 100% certain i have paid EDF l but cant provide proof as i dont keep receipts for that amount of time so they keep on phoning me demanding payment. I keep telling them im not paying the bill twice, there response is EDF can recall this debt at any time so we will keep phoning you until the debt is paid. The last time they phoned i told them i would only deal with them in writing so they sent me a letter that arived on friday offering a settlement - without prejudice reducing the amount to £35. I have 10 days to reply oras stated in the letter they will instigate formal legal proceedings against me that will incur charges They phoned me again today but i wouldnt go through the identity check so they hung up Should i just pay it again as i cant provide proof that i have already paid this bill or what other options do i have Thanks
  17. Out of the blue we have been contacted by EDF some 3 years after selling our house and settling our final bill. We've had a revised bill from them claiming that we owe them over £2,000 This is the story in a nut: Early 2012 - We were an EDF customer for a short time before selling our house at the beginning of 2012. - We paid by direct debit/standing order and operated our account in credit. - The day we moved (hectic) I took the GAS reading on my hand (we were being cajoled by the new owner who wanted to get in ASAP), it was pouring with rain. - I duly passed this reading onto EDF EDF sent us a bill for over £2,000 (early 2012), I had a coronary, contacted the new owner and got the reading she took the day we completed (my reading had included the spinning digits without the . ). The rain had smudged the figures in my hand, I had given EDF an incorrect reading. I called EDF with the correct figures and it was all sorted out. We received a revised bill the account was settled and all was good. Great! Fastforward to February 2015: - We receive 2 letters in quick succession from EDF - Letter 1, sorry we made a mistake we owe you around £300 call us - Letter 2, sorry we made a mistake you owe US over £2000 I have spoken to EDF and they realise that something is not right, the agent I spoke to stated that it would be impossible to run up a bill that big in the time period etc etc.. They are supposed to be sorting this out, but, it's kind of alarming and scary that they can be sending demands like this over 3 years since they account was all settled and closed. Any advice on dealing with them? The demand is definitely erroneous and we do have the original paperwork advising the revised figures etc. Thank you
  18. hi, i'm not sure where i stand with this, i got my warm home discount, which i'm grateful for..my electricity supplier is EDF, when i phoned to enquire whether i could get a refund of the £140..they said no..it was government money and it was not for me to spend on things as I please, but its for energy needs..they said it wasn't mine really..i enquired about them keeping it as they are making interest on it and he said that no, they're not making money on it..is this normal? i was paid my warm home discount last year..surely this is okay? any pointers or insgihts appreciated thanks.
  19. Hi I have been absent from my property for a while. I normally just pay £50 ad hoc on-line in to Edf account to ensure there is a regular payment and the account is being serviced so no huge debt surprises. Turns out they had sent a larger bill than normal and I owed £250, followed by red letters and then a Warrant of Execution to gain entry, remove the normal meter and fit a key meter. Without knowing this I continued to pay ad hoc £50's so that actually by the time of the allocated court hearing for the Warrant - this week - there was only £50 owing to Edf. Of course - I am today paying this final £50 so there is no outstanding current debt to Edf. Can they still obtain a valid Warrant to gain "legal" entry and change the meter ? There was only £50 outstanding on the court date, money was being paid regularly, and the debt will have been cleared before anyone appears at the front door to change the meter. Where do I stand on this, please ?
  20. I live in a property that has a prepayment meter, when I moved in the letting agent said that they have written to all my utility companies to let them know about my moving and gave me the prepayment cards (one key for electric for EDF and Gas card for Eon) EDF wrote to me about the electricity and all is fine with that but they then wrote to me to say that I owe them £25 for gas, I advised that it was a prepayment meter and they said they would look into it and get it resolved. Fast forward to today and its still on going but now I owe £200 apparently, I called them up and they assured me there was a lock on the account so no action would be taken while they keep looking into it. I spoke to the national gas grid (xoserve I think) who said the meter wasn't registered with any company. Can EDF still hold me to the debt, no supplier has been registered to this property so how can I be charged for gas I pre-pay for? Also can I go ahead and register with any company for gas without any recourse?
  21. Hello. Today i recieved a letter from EDF ENERGY,about an amount owed from a previous address £68.58. I rang them to enquire about this amount owed,as i already have a repayment plan with EDF from the previous address.which was for GAS. I asked the lady i spoke too what period is this amount owed from date from date too etc. She put me on hold for a few mins,when she returned she said this amount should have been added onto the other amount owed when the repayment plan was set up,and it was a mistake on their behalf that it was not,and wanted to add this £68.58 onto the balance that i have now. All i want to know is can they do this ? also she did not tell me which period the money was owed from,only when the contract ended with them,which was June 12th 2012. She has put the matter on hold for a week,as i said i wanted to find out if they could add this money onto what is already owed also,funny how they sent me a letter threatining me with debt collectors,for an amount i knew nothing about,and for their own mistake.
  22. I moved into this property in March, and set up an account with EDF. They activated the account around the third week of April. I have been paying EDF for the last few months, Npower have been sending me bills stating that I have an account with them. I called them up and reported that this is not true but they have refused to take note oif this fact. They keep calling me up and sending me up to 3 letters every other week. They have even sent a coillections guy from METER PLUS to my doorstep and I explaioned to him that this is incorrect since I am already paying EDF for my usage. He called Npower immediately and reported back to me that the matter has been settled and Npower have closed the account. This was two days ago. This morning, i received a bill from Npower for the period July to Sept (their previous bill was for April to June) and two letters from METER PLUS warning further colections and court action. I do not know how to deal with this now. Npower seem to be ignoring the facts and totally disregarding my attempts to show them that I do not have an account with them. Please can someone advise whom I should go to in this case? OFCOM? OFGEM? Thank You for any help!
  23. Writing on behalf of a friend here: Friend been overseas since 2008. Flat pretty much empty most of the time in last 6 years, just basic ticking over of normal electric supply in the flat. I have been helping with post and maintenance whilst friend overseas. Unfortunately, friend became sick and was un-contactable for almost a year. In this year, EDF kept sending high estimates. Due to my own personal reasons I missed going to the flat for many months. In this period there were many red letters and threats. When I finally read all his post I rang EDF and explained the situation: that the flat was empty, that the estimates were grossly exaggerated, that EDF needed to prevent a warrant of execution. The alleged outstanding bills were only approximately £300. But EDF would not speak to me as I am not the owner. EDF ignored my pleas. EDF then entered the exterior vaults and removed the meter. And posted a key for a pre-paid meter !! EDF continue to send bills and demands for the alleged outstanding bills and also for their charges to remove the meter. SO: Now I have a lawyer with POA for friend. Can we write: demand to know the accurate reading of the removed meter demand compensation for the removal of the meter demand the meter is re-instated It does not seem correct that EDF can remove a meter for estimated readings, which must have been so much lower than their estimates. Can anyone offer some advice here, please.
  24. I am trying to switch energy surpliers from EDF to OVO. On a number of occations OVO have emailed me saying that EDF say I cant switch because there is an objection, EDF sent me a letter stating that I cant switch because i owe £1,246.00. I phoned them up and asked how did I owe this money, when I have been on a pre payment meter for the past 4 years of living in this house, before that i was living in america. They told me there was nothing outstanding on my account and that they have lifted the objection. This was done on Monday, Yesterday, OVO sends me an email saying that they still have an objection. What can I do and Who can i complain too, I think EDF are just stone-walling the move and its just sour grapes with me wanting to switch. I thought the government had made it easier to switch.
  25. Hi there, I have moved out and I put EDF on notice that I will be cancelling my direct debit for £45 a month. I was living in a two bedroom flat. I moved in March 2012. I have requested a full breakdown of electricity used from then to date (moving out). I have yet to receive a response. I cant believe that I have been so naive to pay £45 direct debit for so long and not even question the bills, for example maybe 3 months I have been away and not even present in the flat, but still paying the £45 regardless. What I want to get to the bottom of is whether they owe me money as I must have overpaid surely. (I imagine this happens alot, as direct debit seems to be the preferred method of payment with all companies) to top it off having sent my letter cancelling my account, EDF customer service advisor has now sent me an email stating I owe £100 for the half year bill, which I find incredible: A) this request for £100 is not even a bill just an email B) I have already paid around £350 for half a year through direct debit C) the email says pay within 14 days. D) EDF have yet to respond to my letter asking for a full breakdown. Is it me or is it a nightmare dealing with this company? Please help!
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