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  1. I have been redundant twice in the past couple of years to cut a long story short they put a prepayment meter in in March 2012, I rang Scottish Power to ask about the repayment schedule explaining that I was now on JSA and they said they would contact me to arrange a small repayment until I was working again, they never contacted me and so I emailed them explaining my difficulities and informing them that my son suffered from severe asthma and has been rushed to hospital twice recently. I sasked for a small weekly repayment on the meter and asked if they had any schemes th
  2. Hello, When moving into a property that already has Gas and Electric Prepayment Energy Meters / key "topped up installed. Can anyone advise how you would go about getting these removed so normal meters can be installed? Will the Energy company that you choose to go with on a price comparison fit new meters? And would this be free? Thanks
  3. Hello fellow CAGers, I'm trying to help my Uncle here. He received a notice to apply for a warrant with a £300 debt. However, he paid the debt in full 2 days before the hearing. EON went ahead with the hearing and got a warrant. Two days later they (or their agents) created huge panic with my Aunt and Nieces when they used a locksmith to break into the house to fit a prepayment meter. The meter is on the outside of the house and easily accessible so there was no reason to break in. (I understand they may want to inspect appliances). My question is what
  4. Hello All I made this SAR request to the Energy Ombudsman (E-O) as I wanted to see what Npower submitted to them as evidence to back up their response to my complaint with them. Npower are reknowned for saying they have done everything correctly but not substantiating anything with hard evidence. My questions are: 1) There are some emails between Npower and the E-O where the NPower's persons details (name number email etc) have been redacted. Is this permitted? Why? 2) The E-O hasn't sent me any evidence from Npower to substantiate their response to my complaint (but they did
  5. Back in 2014 I agreed a payment plan with British Gas for monthly payments of £40 and £30 for our gas and electric. This continued successfully until April when I asked (as I had missed the previous months payment) if I could increase payments to £50 each per month. I was told that I couldn't as my plans were cancelled as they had not received payments. I had also been told (I hadn't) that I needed to increase payments to £140 and £80 per month. I have an email stating that on 9.4.14 I owed £852.71 for gas and £466.49 electric. At this point it was too late and to try and
  6. 6-7 years ago, I had a problem with bills and had to have a prepayment meter fitted for Gsa and Electricity. I am now in a completely stable financial position and would like to get a better deal for my power. However Scottish power have done a credit check and asked for a deposit of £150 which I am not willing to pay. My CRB is not brilliant but there is only a couple of SBd accounts on it. I have had no difficulties with mobile contracts, with Sky or other minor checks. I really dont want to engage in this deposit thing but I still want to save money on my bills. Any suggestions
  7. I have been with Scottish Power for many years. Four years ago I changed over to prepayment meters for gas and electricity. I always put credit on the meters at the end of the month when my pension came in. I always kept plenty of credit on the meters, usually around £80. I recently changed energy supplier to Economy Energy. I have just received a bill from Scottish Power for £500 for my gas supply since having the prepayment meter installed. I contacted Scottish Power and asked them how I could possibly owe this money. They said they had no record of me putting credit on my ga
  8. My wife arranged a direct debit with a utility company using my personal bank details without my knowledge. She must have done this over the phone using my debit card details. This eventually caused a debt that I wasn't aware of at the time. I have been landed with the debt despite me never having set up any direct debit with the utility company. Shouldn't my wife be liable or the utility company for taking direct debit instructions from a person other than the actual account holder? I think it's identity theft and I should not be held liable for the debt. I thought
  9. My daughter moved to her present address 16months ago and inherited a prepayment meter for both gas and electric...... 6 months ago her husband died very suddenly and she is left with 7 children and very little income... She is on a benefit cap and is finding it very difficult to cover her utility costs as they are so very high on these prepayment meters... She wants to change to a credit meter and pay by direct debit . ..How difficult is this going to be for her..
  10. first I will describe the problem, I am paying for gas by prepayment meter , the prepayment screen on the meter is blank and it will not except payment by the card, the meter gas reading still works and there is gas supplied even without payment via the card, it's been like this for at least two years. I recently transferred to another supplier for both gas and electricity. I was sent a final estimated bill for nearly two and a half thousand pounds from my former supplier, assuming that I will have to pay them something my questions are: 1 can they calculate
  11. Hi All, We are moving home at the end of next week and have begun the process of transferring utilities etc.. We have been customers of NPower for some 8 years and have always had a credit meter for both gas & electric which have been paid via monthly DD. Today we phoned NPower to notify them that we were moving and that we wished to remain customers of theirs. The property we have purchased is already supplied by NPower and presently has credit meters fitted so we expected no issues. NPower ran a credit check and have informed us that our only options are: a) Have prepaymen
  12. Hello all, I had a debt with EDF which I have been struggling to pay, they did inform me that they were applying for a warrant to change the meter but heard nothing since until I came home today to discover they have been in my house whilst I was out and changed it. Surely they are supposed to tell me when they are coming so that I can choose to be there or not? I feel sick thinking they could have been looking through my things etc. Also my 15 year old daughter is often home alone and doesnt answer the door if shes on her own unless she knows who it is,
  13. Please can anyone give me any advice on what I can do please I have a prepayment meter with British Gas and I haven't been able to afford to put any money in it. I am unemployed and was just about managing then I got a benefit sanction of over 6 months and in that time I've not had any gas because I can't afford it, but I have still been getting charged and I now owe over £87 in the meter. So I would have to pay that of first and then put more money in to actually get gas Can they do this, charge for gas when its not been used? Is there anyway of m
  14. More than a million pre-payment gas customers have been overcharged because their meters are faulty, the industry has admitted. About 1.5 million meters have not been working properly since they were installed, some as long ago as 2007. The affected meters were set up incorrectly, meaning they miscalculate the price of gas and overcharge customers. Energy suppliers are contacting customers with the faulty meter settings to arrange a refund http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-30214471
  15. Never knew I could check my usage and topups online with Scottish power so signed up to the website. Checking my statements it shows I am in over 200 of credit after actual billings! Just encase it was a mistake I went back to a date I know my meter was read by someone. Again it shows the credit after actual billings! I can't even remember what I last received a statement but I know this has been on my account for atleast a year (i can't see back on website) and few quarter increases by a small amount Called up Scottish power, the guy told me it was
  16. Hi, I am wanting to change from using prepayment meters for my gas and electric and going onto DD. British Gas have done a credit check on me and it failed, he told me to maybe check with Expedia to see if my credit file is wrong. I know it's right as I have a couple of CCJs. Am I now stuck on prepayment meters for ever, I wouldn't mind but they were already in the house when I moved in and when I asked for them to be removed they said there was a charge for removing them. I refused to pay it as I never had them installed. Topping up my gas is costing me about £40 week
  17. I live in a property that has a prepayment meter, when I moved in the letting agent said that they have written to all my utility companies to let them know about my moving and gave me the prepayment cards (one key for electric for EDF and Gas card for Eon) EDF wrote to me about the electricity and all is fine with that but they then wrote to me to say that I owe them £25 for gas, I advised that it was a prepayment meter and they said they would look into it and get it resolved. Fast forward to today and its still on going but now I owe £200 apparent
  18. Do i have to pay for a prepayment meter to be installed for a debt recovery and current usage? My energy supplier spark told me i had to pay 140 pounds to have 2 prepayment meters fitted for collection of my debt and current usage, i am classed as vulnerable person and therefore got into debt and because of bedroom tax i am waiting to move but not getting any were thanks
  19. just looking to see if anyone has had this problem or any idea why its happening. long story short for near enough 2 years if i have say 70p left of normal credit i like to stick the key in for the emergency to be added so it doesn't run out if i forget which is likely i have 2 small kids running about. for the first year i lived here when i did that it added the 70p to the £5 so the balance would have been £5.71. now whether it be 70p 20p or 83p when i put the emergency in *poof* is disappears and only gives me the £5. finally got them to agree to a me
  20. moved into a flat last year which had a prepayment meter for electric and gas and the supplier was British Gas. I didn't know this at the time as the letting agents didn't tell me they were prepayment meters until I was switching suppliers. I assumed it was a credit meter like I'd always used. I still decided to switch from British Gas (aka BG) to Scottish Power (aka SP) which had been my supplier for my previous flats. I arranged for SP to take over the supply of Electric and Gas. After about a month they'd switched over and SP sent a new electric
  21. I've had some issues with my Scottish Power prepayment key so went online to order a new one. I decided to look at my statement. When my landlord had the prepayment meters installed I was given the option of transferring my outstanding bills to the meters (both gas and electric), I opted to do that. Both outstanding balances were cleared over a year ago. My statement says that my gas is in credit by £124 and my electric is in credit by £360 ( after actual readings). When I tried to top up my account the key reported a fault and the money never credited to my
  22. Hello, My landlord has informed me that Npower will be attending some time next week to fit a prepayment meter. However, where the current meter is, I have no access to. I live in a farmhouse ajacent to a farm and the meter is in a buildiing on the actual farm (which doesnt belong to me) which is on private ground an has a gate with a lock on it. How am I supposed to access it to put credit on it? Are they allowed to do this? Can I request that the meter be moved to the house? Thanks.
  23. EDF say I built up a debt of around £2.5K with them. This was despite my direct debit having been in place - they simply failed to collect the agreed amount for over a year whilst I was abroad. They say they notified me of this in emails, but they did not - I only started getting emails a few months ago when they realised their error. Basically they stopped billing me after changing to a smart meter, they must have got their records confused. I was exasperated by their conduct towards me, which included lies about having emailed me and not taking my code complaint seriously (I was request
  24. I currently have two prepayment meters with Southern Electric (gas/elec). As I seem to be paying over the odds compared to normal meters with direct debit (eg, paying 13.99p per unit for elec, and the gas has a daily standing charge), I'd like to come off these meters. SE have quoted me a total of £100 to change the meters, and mentioned I would first have to go through a credit check. Has anyone been able to get this fee waived by SE? I've heard other companies have offered to remove the units for free (as long as you stick to a contract).
  25. Hi everyone, My partner and I currently have a back log of approximately £300 with nPower that they are chasing us for. We are on a standard meter and get billed every 3 months by post. My partner is a full time student and I am the major wage earner. In July of this year I was diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder and have been signed off work with a significantly reduced income since then. We want to pay but cannot afford the £300, nPower are next to useless at helping on the phone. Does anyone please have any advice as to how we could approach this
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