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  1. Admin if this is in the wrong forum please accept my apologies and move to the correct forum. Does anyone know anything about a company called : OCL Solicitors who are stating they act on behalf of One Call Insurance ? Are they actually a real solicitors of is this another of 'those' letters which pretend to have a solicitors acting on behalf of Insurance companies ? For reference I do not have insurance with One call but have received a letter stating 'Letter before court action' Thanks for any info.
  2. I never received a statment until requesting a copy last week and this was emailed to me today. What can they do if I refuse to pay the penalty charge ?
  3. Received a bill for an old address today which states I owe an outstanding balance of £654.38 for plus an admin charge of £174.94 I am disputing the charges but seriously is it legal to charge admin of £174.94 ? This seems to be a massive charge and is it enforceable ? Thanks for info.
  4. Hi The charges that Harlands make £25 for a changed direct debit / failed collection - Are these enforceable in the county court. I would think the size of the fee is not legal . Whats everyone opinion of this ?
  5. they stated that they have taken over debt so statue barred does not apply DX as the account starts from when they took over !
  6. Thanks for replying - I didnt receive transfer of debt but will get these letters sent off with the fee - Thank you
  7. yes 3 years ! unbelieveable ! I think they have bought debt and are trying it on ! last payment was 5 years ago before interest dispute.
  8. Next catalogue which was disputed before 2007 then the balance of disputed interest was sold onto llowels who are threatening legal action but when asked for original signed agreement they cant find it . Llowels claim debt sold to them 2010 so statue barred does not apply. What would you tell them ? or should it be ignored ?
  9. The company cant find the CCA and are unable to post it out - Yes it was before 2007 so what does this mean ? is it a dead claim by them and unenforceable ?
  10. Hi An old debt is been claimed with large interest but after asking clothes company to provide a CCA they said they cant. Is the debt enforceable ?
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