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  1. They wrote back today (17th May) and have sent the CCA. They say it is digitally signed, which I have to assume means I do owe the debt. Is this correct? If so, which is the next step? I am fully prepared to pay the debt but am on a low income. What letter should I send?
  2. I did have a Kleeneze account some time ago, and you did have to sign a credit agreement as they give every agent a minimum of £100 credit when they sign up. But I had long forgotten about it until the letter from LCS arrived. This is why I sent the CCA letter.
  3. No. I checked and it is not mentioned anywhere.There have been no credit searches on my account (current and previous address) for the last 24 months.
  4. Thank you. Is the 12 + 2 days working days or not? Thanks!
  5. They allege the debt is for a company called Kleeneze. I sent the CCA request because I thought that that was what you had to do first before anything else. Was that a mistake?
  6. Hi! I had a letter from LCS on Wednesday 8th May (it was dated 2nd May), demanding I pay a debt for the sum of £133.51p. I was unsure what to do and found this site. After reading the advice, I sent LCS a CCA request, including a £1 postal order. That was sent on Friday 10th May (proof of postage taken as per advice). Today (Monday 13th May) I had another letter from LCS (dated 9th May) telling me that they would take further action as I had ignored their earlier letter. Now, as I only had their letter less than a week ago (which stated that I had 7 days to reply), I am confused as what action to take next. Advice would be welcome. Thank you.
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