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  1. Hi Just hoping for some help with a hceo issue. I instructed the hceo against joint defendants who reside at different addresses. One (debtor A)I did a address search on, the other (debtor B)I know his address from companies house filing (I have correspondence from companies house to the debtor at that address dated March, 2019) and from photos that correlate on Facebook. Debtor A The hceo managed to get into the home of debtor A, via his girlfriend letting them in. The debtor himself was currently out. 10 minutes later the hceo spoke to th
  2. Apologies Andy, thank you for moving! ploddertom - cant thank you enough for your time and effort. Yes it was one of those named above I am dealing with, and who I have the complaint with. The online sign up makes you sign that you have read the t&c's. However looking at the t&c's now the a few things crop up....extracts from t&c's and my comments in bold 1)Burlington Credit Limited will regularly review all matters in which they are instructed. Burlington Credit Limited will take the necessary steps to progress the matter they are instructed to act in.
  3. Thank you sgtbush! Do you think I can get my money back given their poor performance? I think it is breach of the consumer rights act but they are saying they are going to try and remedy the situation. I know they do refund as I mentioned in my original post. But they are quite adamant they wont in this instance. Just wondered if anyone had been through the same and had any ideas on how to change their minds? Also any suggestions of where to go next?
  4. Hi Guys Hoping someone can help as I am at my wits end here. I managed to get a ccj each against 2 defendants in a joint claim. I appointed an hceo to help enforce the debt in mid-February. I gave the hceo an address for either defendant, links to all their social media accounts, photos of several vehicles, a car registration number for one of the cars, photos of one of their homes and limited company details (one is self-employed). From February up until now, I have had to chase the hceo every time for updates; they never once have gotten in touch with me. At th
  5. Hi Hoping someone can help give some advice regarding a council tax issue, as I am struggling to know what to do, the bailiffs letters are becoming progressively more aggressive the last one, mentioning prison. I have several rental properties, however I live overseas now so use the services of a letting agent. In the 4 years I have lived abroad, I have changed letting agent 3 times through one reason or another. None of my properties have ever defaulted on council tax one in particular I have been charged court fees for the liability order for the first tim
  6. Hi Guys Just wondered if someone more knowledgeable than me could offer some advice on the following: I received awful service from a letting agent who provided a full managed service on my properties. I terminated the contract due to the breaches. I went to the ombudsman who did award in my favour on some matters but the award fell far short of what the letting agent had cost me due to the contract breaches, professional negligence. I rejected the ombudsman's decision and wrote to the letting agent stating the reason why I rejected their offer a
  7. Just emailed court and they have come back (wow wasnt expecting anything that quick!) and they said the warrant is not retained by the court, but try BG () and any other information they have will need a court order for its release. Seems all a bit unfair that it is made so difficult to find out what has gone on with your own property.
  8. Thanks for your quick reply CitizenB...really helpful and much appreciated. I know the court they used, as I have a copy of their letter informing the tenant of this. However how would I approach it with the court. I live abroad so phoning them is a bit tricky. Would they accept an email request? is it just worth a try?
  9. Hi Hoping someone can help. I have a property that was tenanted. The tenant left property, then phoned to tell letting agent afterwards. Unbeknown to myself or the letting agent, the tenant left owing 250 pounds in gas arrears. A few days after the tenant vacated British Gas entered the property (none of which either the letting agent or myself were aware of) and changed both the locks and the meter over to prepayment. British Gas were advised of both the tenancy start date and vacating date (they were emailed about te vacancy the same day they broke into the property),
  10. Hi Guys Hoping someone can help as panicking a bit! Just received a letter from LCS demanding an eon invoice balance of £1600, plus £250 admin charge:faint:for the period April 2011 to July 2012. I am the landlord of the property the balance relates to. I bought the property in April 2011, and let it out early May, 2011. I had called EON upon purchase with meter readings, so I am sure they have my home address somewhere, but as this was a telephone conversation i cannot prove this.. Anyhow tenants left in March 2012, took meter readings and new tenant was in place at the st
  11. Hi Guys Hoping for some help. Just got in to find a Jacobs letter headed BAILIFF ATTENDANCE - 24 HOURS NOTICE had been hand delivered through my door - no date on it. In short it states I owe £367 +CTS (whatever that means) and that they are in possession of a liability order from which they intend to seize goods to recover debt. I was not aware of owing anyone anything so a bit alarmed to say the least. However reading the references on the letter it is for council tax arrears for the period 01/8/11 to 27/10/11 on a property that I am the landlord of (and legal owner
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