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  1. ok, here is my statement, their defence was based on last payment being 2013, but, I had records to show that that was already a previous gap of more than 6 years witness statement_upload_24.3.18.pdf
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]71186[/ATTACH] as per request, I understand you now want to their defence their defence was based on printed so called bank statements (around 50 pages worth. Did not authentic to me. They were not letter headed, anything like that), which contradicted my own electronic statements (which were printed off as part of my defence) came down to, and from what I have read online, the judge only has to see a shred of so called statement, evidence on their part, you are up against it
  3. hi guys I do and have appreciated all your help. my main focus, priority had to be my health, I nearly did not make it through 2017 I have had surgery twice and poor health for past 18 months. I have only just got back on feet, 90% health over past 6 weeks or so I will post up my defence over next day or so
  4. thanks for replies, I am dushed after the hearing yesterday, tough day at work today, so am worn out the judge gave me a load of waffle about fast tracks etc and from what I can recall said the case had not been officially allocated to the small claims, or something along those lines. To be honest at this point yesterday I was phasing out, I just wanted to get out of there I guess it will be few days before I see the paperwork, bill from Restons, for costs At the end, the solicitor and judge starting talking about another case in front of me. Which I found unprofessional really. Just my opinion. Clearly they work together on a regular basis the judge was not interested in my defence at all really, I did make a CCA request, all I got back from the original bank was 'they do not recognise me on their system from the account details I provided' which were 100% correct I made a SAR request to get back up copies of my statements, again the original lender (HSBC) did not comply with the request. I did get a reply, but I heard nothing else I did all this 3 months back, so was probably late in timescales, but I have had very poor health for past 18 months. I have had x2 major ops in 18 months, and this had to be my no.1 priority, to get back to some kind of good health, a process which I am still working on
  5. I lost my defence hearing today at court, between Arrow and myself I will now have to deal with options on CCJ, pay all (if I can), pay in installments, or tell them to go whistle dixie, I do not have house/mortgage, am self employed. part of me wants to tell them to go take a long jump off cliff I did a good witness statement based on Statute Barred ( I probably left the CCA request etc too late due to ill health last year which distracted me, took my eye off the ball. My health had to come first, without that we are nothing) another poster wrote a good post about 'what can they actually do even with CCJ', something like that (if you have no house/mortgage etc). Post was few years back (dont know if I can put posters name here, or link to his post ?). It kind of cheered me up a bit today. anyway, been long day, I got another 1.4k slammed on top of 4.7k debt to boot from judge for their costs. I had good witness statement and good case , but he was always going to side with the claimant, plain as day. my advice to all is not to sit on these things, take all the advice here on this forum and get the CCA requests etc in as soon possible
  6. ok, court date is end of March, what do I need to do to prep my defence ? even based on their records last payment was 2012
  7. I will go back over their 50 pages of crap and try to see when the last successful payment was. No more letters since 4.11.17 from court
  8. this is their statement allegedly obtained from bank you will see their statement bounces back the £40 payment per month according to my electronic records, last payment was 2005 scan statement reduced.pdf
  9. they have some non-letter headed plain paper with last payment date as 2012 my electronic statements show 2005 as last payment, but I have not submitted this as evidence yet?
  10. here is N244 stuff (redacted, all the boring jargon not included) N244 : court letter from 4.11.17 : hope this helps. this is final, continuation of N244 page sorry, been long week, I am very fatigued.
  11. I have scanned is pages from N244 the bank statements they have provided don't look real to me my records show last payment was end of 2002
  12. just an interim question, thats all (before I can upload any letters/docs from restons, tomorrow) I appreciate all the help everyone has given to me, thank you
  13. thanks Andy will upload tomorrow letter from court was dated 4.11.17, guess it will be another couple of weeks before I hear anything more ?
  14. hi I have received letter from restons, dated 10.10.17 : I have received notification from local court, dated 4.11.17 that request has been made for summary judgement. I have not received any correspondence since 5.11.17 this has been stayed for 18 months. I have ignored all their bs letters. I entered defence of statue barred. They seem to have produced some dubious bank statements to indicate that last payment was made 5 years ago. My records show last payment was lot longer than this, over 15 years ago. do I need to contact the local court and submit evidence ? please, all advice appreciated
  15. thanks Andy I am working away at minute and do so often, Is there a time limit on these forms ? does this mean 'they' intend to pursue with claim still ? (why has there been a year since any movement in this?) bear with me, I know nothing about these things, paperwork, I should be back at home by end of this week to see what post is there why has there been 12 months with no action, until now (I will update tomorrow once I see what post is at home)
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