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  1. here is text : 1. It is admitted that Defendant is the recorded keeper of xyz 2. It is denied that the Claimant entered into a contract with the Defendant. As held by the Upper Tax Tribunal in Vehicle Control Services Limited v HMRC [2012] UKUT 129 (TCC), any contract requires offer and acceptance. The Claimant was simply contracted by the landowner to provide car-park management services and is not capable of entering into a contract with the Defendant on its own account, as the carpark is owned by and the terms of entry set by the landowner. Accordingly, it is denied that the Claimant has authority to bring this claim. The proper Claimant is the landowner 3. The Particulars of Claim is denied in its entirety. It is denied that the Claimant is entitled to the relief claimed or any relief at all Defendant’s signature: Date:
  2. thanks guys, apologies for any confusions, I will post up revised issue with advice given
  3. this is what I have so far , please advise : Converted to PDF that way only registered logged in Caggers can see. devere.pdf
  4. reply from devere to cpr request : Please note that we will not respond to any further communications via letter or email regarding this matter until ordered to do so by the Court. We have received your letter dated 15th January 2021 and respond accordingly. This is now a Court claim that is progressing through stages within the County Court system. Both Claimant and Defendant will be formally contacted by the County Court and they will order both parties to submit to each other and the Court statements that we will both rely on to either prove the Claim or prove the Defence. Until such time as we receive the Order from the Court then we will not furnish you with those documents. You will absolutely receive all documents in good time when the Court orders us to provide you with them. We note that you will refer this reply within your Defence to our Claim.
  5. sorry dx, but I am up to my eyes in new job. I will work on cpr tonight.
  6. dx, have completed the MCOl, aos service I will get the cpr done tonight, and in post to claimant tomorrow thanks
  7. lookinforinfo how do you mean, can you please explain more? thanks dx, I will register first on MCOL
  8. thanks brass. I will look into that I have now rechecked the detail on the claim form : Name of the Claimant : Devere Parking Claimants Solicitors: none Date of issue – 7th Jan 2021 Date for AOS - 25th Jan Date to submit Defence - 7 February 2021 (edit - dx) What is the claim for – 1.This concerns the issue of a parking notice in the private car park at *****, Bournemouth on the 29th Oct 2020 to a car **** that parked in breach of the T and Cs is that no parking permit was displayed as required. 2.Signs at the location state the T and cs and that failure to adhere will result in the issue of said pcn. That the driver in the first instance will be liable to accept and pay contractually. 3.The pcn was affixed to car on date of event. Letters have been sent seeking payment but no further response was received 4.the claimant claims interest under section 69 of the county courts act 1984 at the rate of 8% per year from 29/10/2020 to 6/1/2021 on £116 What is the value of the claim? £108 on ticket, £116 on claim? Amount Claimed £116 court fees £25 legal rep fees Total Amount £141
  9. hi dx, how do you mean? What have I missed? I will process the defense of your guys advice and what I have seen in these forums, as you rightly state I live at the address for goodness sakes and they got the details wrong, they are notoriously incompetent bunch and well known for it in around our area
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