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  1. Since this morning they've called me on my office number, told me that when my brother signed the paperwork he said that my mother would be liable if he didn't pay (he didn't). I said that he could have said Mickey Mouse would be liable but my mother knew nothing about it, then he said my whole family 'would be in trouble' if we did not pay. He started asking questions about holidays we had been on and how could we afford to pay for these but we can't pay my brother's debt! We've now made every facebook post private. Just before he hung the phone up on me he said he was goi
  2. Thanks all, They have been on again to my mother this morning, she blocked the number then received a text from a different number to say "no good blocking the number, we will contact all his friends and family". They also mentioned the names of my (other) step sister and my step father and said they will contact them both next. One of my step sisters works in a call centre, they called her office number three times yesterday, her boss ended up taking the call to tell them to go away then they called again just laughing. This step-sister is 18 years old and barely speaks t
  3. Thanks both. I say 'linked' but I only mean that they have made the connection that I am his brother so hopefully there is no official 'link' between me and his debt over there.. Since writing the post above I've heard from my step sister that she also got a call at work today, she doesn't even have the same surname as us!
  4. Hello all, First of all a slight intro, I have never been to Dubai in my entire life but my brother did live over there for a year a few years ago. I was at work in the UK earlier and received a call on my company (landline) phone, I was advised that it was a debt collection agency called Tahseel calling about my brother's apparent credit card debt. Initially I was baffled at how they managed to get hold of my company phone number but i'm sure my details are readily available online somewhere and they have obviously linked me to my brother in some way. They were asking for
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