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Found 22 results

  1. Prison officer safety equipment rolled out - PAVA incapacitant spray READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/prison-officer-safety-equipment-rolled-out
  2. Please help, I'm so scared that i'm going to prison I'm on ESA and have been for the past 3/4 years. In that time, i've have 3 part time jobs all 16 hours and under and i've declared all of them with a permitted work form. The only reason i can think this has come about is that at the beginning of July this year i was offered a job for 16 hours but was told i'd have at least 1 day extra as overtime. I rang up ESA and told them i wanted to stop my ESA claim. A few days later my mental health went to crap and i told my new boss that i wouldn't be able to do it. She the
  3. The following is a short extract from a press release that featured on SCOOP yesterday regarding the trial of a debtor (Danny Williamson) who threatened bailiffs with knives and an imitation gun when they attended his property seeking payment of £1,100 for a fine relating to alleged traffic offences. From the report, it would seem that the debtor had claimed that he had not known of the debt. Bailiffs stated that they would be taking control of his vehicle. He was finally arrested at gunpoint by armed police. Judge Ian Graham handed Mr Williamson a 12 month prison sentence
  4. Hello, I am going to copy the letter that I have spent all day preparing, to send back to HMRC after I received a tax credit letter stating that they need to check my tax credit claim. I know that I have been stupid. I shouldn't have posted the claim form at the end of Sept when i had already signed up to uni and had already decided to just work for the playgroup. I kept meaning to ring them and tell them I no longer wanted to claim it but just kept letting myself get distracted by other matters. I then got a phone call about a week ago and was told that the
  5. The following is a short extract from a press report in today's Daily Telegraph regarding the Reverend Paul Nicolson's forthcoming court appearance at Tottenham Magistrates Court: By the end of next week, Paul Nicolson could be facing prison and bankruptcy – an unexpected turn of events for an 84-year-old retired vicar who has never previously been in this type of trouble. On 15 June, he will appear at Tottenham magistrates court in north London for non-payment of council tax since 2013: he owes £2,831.42. Meanwhile, he must decide what to do about the £47,000 in costs awa
  6. The following is an extract of an article that appeared on SCOOP yesterday: Full story here: http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/Hull-mother-chased-bailiffs-carving-knife-walks/story-28348975-detail/story.html#ixzz3uVapzLee
  7. A friend shared a house with a man for a few months. She was not in a relationship with him nor was he a friend. She just happened to live in the same house. She left the house about 4 months ago and apparently the man she shared with is now in prison. She is being pursued by the council for this man's unpaid council tax. I understand that the council is allowed to pursue fellow tenants, but is this still the case when the council knows where the other person is living (ie prison?) Is there any way that she can avoid having to pay someone e
  8. This relating to a court fine I received 3 year ago for a train fine, something I actually completely forgot about until marstons got involved any help would be very appreciated. 25.2.14 Removal notice stating Client HMCTS I attended your address today at 15.53 to arrange payment under the terms of a warrant issued on behalf of the above client. Despite pervious notices this matter has not been settled, which means the costs are increasing and I therefore urge you to contact me on the telephone number below immediately I spoke to her on the 25.2.14 stating that I had lost my j
  9. There are so many press reports recently of debtors being arrested and in this case, found guilty and sentenced to 8 months in prison (suspended). In this case the debtor's car had been moved onto a vehicle trailer by bailiffs from JBW Group and the debtor set the car on fire. Link and word version of story below: http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/Plymouth-man-set-car-seized-bailiffs/story-26217852-detail/story.html Desperate Bekim Recica, aged 42, set the Vauxhall Zafira ablaze as a recovery company prepared to remove it from outside his home, Plymouth Crown Court hea
  10. Dear all. I'm hoping someone can help me with this one. We've had a history with this business for many years. They seem to magically make new accounts appear from nowhere and up to now we have several. Anyway, this latest letter announcing a new unpaid account of more than £1000 has got me very angered. It's basically a letter threatening us to pay up or go to prison for up to 90 days. Here's a taster of the letter's contents: "As you have failed to make payment arrangements on this account with us, the next stage in the recovery procedure is to formally report this to th
  11. Hi there, I have a catalogue debt which I stupidly did not pay and ignored and it run up to £1586 now including all costs from solicitors. It has been to court and is now registered as a CCJ and now an attachment of earning I have received to complete within 4 days a return to Romford County Court or face up to 14 days in prison (Im a single mum with 2 children) I have currently started a new job and have been working for last 2 months. My son receives middle rate DLA which I have stated on the earnings form and have put an offer of £10 a week to pay and
  12. Hi all, Im hoping some of you may be able to give me some advice... To cut a really long story short my husband had a 5year lease on a pub. It was his dream and it was doing very well. 2 years ago he became ill and was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he subsequently passed away and i put a manager in the pub to keep it going. I arranged with the brewery to transfer the lease in to my own name and what happened some 12 months later. I have since hit some rocky times with a succession of bad managers and not enough time to focus al my attention on it since i had a
  13. Around 12 years ago I bought a small plot of land in Wiltshire. I bought the land from a company called Gladwish Land Sales. I have renently been informed by Gladwish Land Sales that I must clear my land of weeds otherwise I will go to prison. Being financially unable to clear the weeds as the land is many miles from my home and living on a very small pension, I assume I will soon be in prison. When I bought the land I never realised that I would become such a danger to the public that I may end up in prison. Should this happen it will cost the tax payer around £600
  14. I feel bad coming here for help but please bare with me About 20 years ago I was taken into my local DSS office where I admitted claiming benefits while I started a new business. I was given the option of paying back the amount I owed or go to court. I agreed, of course that I should pay this back and as I did, I also received a summons and was sentenced to prison time. At this point It felt unfair as we had agreed to pay and not face court. However, I had taken the benefits. I stopped paying the money because of this. I felt the prison time
  15. There has been discussion on whether some jailed for life should be kept inside for the whole of their lifes. Should this be the case, no matter how much it costs or should the government look at other options ? If someone is kept in a maximum security prison for 50 years, that would cost approximately £2.5 million. This is the equivalent of the tax paid by 500 full time workers on average salaries. How would these people feel that their hard earned tax is going on paying for murderers meals, accommodation, plus their funeral costs at the end of their life ? While I do not suppor
  16. Hello I am Chinese studying in UK. I applied for a Driving Permit one month ago. I sent both my passport and Residence Permit. But DVLA sent me back only my passport. I have tried to contact them more than 20 times already. I have booked hotels and ferries already, as I was planning a holiday around Europe. Now I cannot apply a Schengen Visa, because they've lost it?. Please help me. I need to file a complaint and ask for compensation of around £2860 DVLA is holding me a prisoner in UK
  17. As reported from the hertfordshiremercury website, http://www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk/Cheshunt-and-Waltham/Suspended-sentence-for-bailiff-who-stole-10k-from-Waltham-Abbey-debt-collection-firm-20130923104950.htm. Although things may be on the up for the UK with press reports that the UK is coming out of recession it appears that not every one can get themselves out of debt, even when they themselves are involved in the business of collecting debts on behalf of creditors. A BAILIFF who stole nearly £10,000 from a debt collection company in Waltham Abbey has been spared jail.
  18. Hello Can a person declare themselves bankrupt whilst in prison and if so how would you go about doing it. Thank you
  19. Hi all, I'm new here so forgive me if I don't have the right forum area, I did try to look around for the appropriate one. It's also long and maybe complicated. this is on behalf of my father. He is in trouble with our local council for benefit fraud of £12k, I know this is not looked upon with much sympathy but let me explain. Years ago in the 80's before we moved to where we are now and when I was a baby my dad had a back injury at work and from then on could no longer work due to this injury which has gotten worse over time. He claimed a benefit (forgive m
  20. A bankrupt has been jailed for his failure to account for a withdrawal of £47,500 from his bank account prior to his bankruptcy. Zeki Boztepe of Edmonton in North London petitioned the court to declare himself bankrupt on 23 September 2008. He claimed in an interview with the official receiver (OR) that he had borrowed around £18,000 from three creditors but that they had charged interest which resulted in repayments totalling between £30,000 and £35,000. Following an investigation by the Insolvency Service and a full criminal investigation and prosecution by the Department for Business,
  21. Hi all, Apologies if this is in the wrong section. Two years ago myself and my partner separated when I was pregnant, when he moved out he took the tv and the sofa. A few months later when my daughter was only a few days old, a tv licensing enforcement officer called, I was in bed at the time feeding the baby. I spoke to him through the window and asked him to call back, he posted a payment card through the door and left, then I recieved a court summons. On this summons he'd made a statement with a lot of lies eg. I'd said I owned a tv, I had watched tv that day etc. He had my nam
  22. Hi, I'm new to this and forums, so forgive me if I've put this in the wrong place. My ET1 was accepted. The employers submitted an ET3. Due to 'an administrative error' (Employment Tribunal's phrase), there has been a very long delay between my being physically attacked by my employers and the submitting of forms by them and the employers. I have literally just received the hearing and due process dates and today I have received a letter from my now ex-employers' solicitors, asking for an unbelieveable amount of information, that I would have to get together by this coming Monda
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