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  1. Googled this:- 'memorandum of guidance uae law' Indeed - pretty much sums it up - First statement of the 'Memorandum of Guidance': “This memorandum has no binding legal effect. It does not constitute a treaty or legislation, is not binding on the judges of either party and does not supersede any existing laws, judicial decisions or court rules. It is not intended to be exhaustive and is not intended to create or alter any existing legal rights or relations.” Well said - pretty much sums it up in a nutshell
  2. thanks for the updates.. Have found this: https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/JCO/Documents/Guidance/uk-uae-protocol-with-logos.pdf
  3. Don't get yourself all stressed out Jo - I too was in your situation, and believe me, I felt like I was Interpol's most wanted person, dead or alive, preferably dead! There are really decent people here on CAG who really know their stuff, and helped me see things from a different angle. Rest assured, you are not alone, and you may feel like the world is crushing around you, I assure you, far from it. Do not be intimidated by the threats. Read the letter again - " they will consider legal proceedings..." is all about the wording, just like saying, "I will absolutely, def
  4. thank you again for the updates! Am sure all will work out for the best for you.
  5. Definitely a huge sigh of relief - I guess that would be the DCA's Ace card blown off the table - a contested SD. Thats the key. Great stuff! Thank you MoSalah for the updates, definitely helps and informs us all tremendously!
  6. Excellent Mosalah, well done! Was that done by yourself? What did you need/put together in order to successfully 'set-aside?' Just want to get a picture of what I would need to gather/prepare, should I ever need it! Thanks' Mosalah!
  7. Hi dx, I believe there is a definite confusion here! I just want to find that 'well known website' you were referring to. I have no idea who they are! Sorry everybody for confusion! Just give me first and last letter of their name, and I'll search.
  8. Hi dx, I am trying to find this 'well known website' in order to see what you are referring to! But obviously, cant , as dont publicise fleecers! I have no idea who it is, hence asking whether you are referring to that site - without actually naming them! Hence the confusion, I was referring to that 'well know website' mentioned earlier in the thread, and whether contains 14 letters , begins with a 'C' and ends in an 'L'? - Cedarfinancial.. there, are these who you referring too?
  9. Hi Chelsea05, hope all is well! I too would like to compare notes; By any chance, does this particular DCA contain 14 letters , begins with a 'C' and ends in an 'L'?
  10. Dear MoSaleh, all will turn out in your favour, be confident! Please, please do update us on any proceedings, no matter how insignificant.
  11. Hi there ericsbrother, Yes, indeed... This is the pattern i see unfolding! Always a daunting and somewhat stressful experience to a newbie, as myself! I must admit, I am much more confident on proceeding now I have a clearerepicture on how these people operate - sow the seed of fear, and many will succumb.. In order to complete the circle of events, I shall of course, in the interests of similar situations, shall post/share everything that transpires, irrespective.
  12. Extremely valid point dx100uk!! Btw - do you EVER sleep!?! I commend your support to the cause/fight, truly admirable. Thank you, and thank you CAG I shall, of course try and refrain from taking over other's threads.. guess i did get carried away. I shall, without fail, keep all involved updated on ANY developments, no matter how small... x
  13. Exactly what I thought dx100uk, but what about the T&C's of the credit agreement, notably the jurisdiction clause which state that the debt is enforceable in any jurisdiction... would that not then be relevant and applicable in the UK?
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