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  1. A sar it is then. Thanks for all the advice. What is it I'm looking for when the paperwork arrives in particular?
  2. I can't remember of the top of my head but pretty sure its still either welcome or progressive on LR.. .But like I said not a peep from them in years apart from an annual statement. .just can't figure it out really.. .am a bit worried about the sar with it flagging up my account to them.. .but having said that they are the third in line against the house. ..and its in neg eq by about 20k.. plus I can't afford any monthly payments anyway so not sure what they could do anyway.. . I'm hoping there has been some sort of historic cock up on my paperwork anyway and that
  3. Yes I see...as I said initially I was a little concerned about making any contact at the moment as haven't heard a peep from them for years..I understand now that I need the sar but obviously I will be raising my head above the parapet as it where when I do
  4. I'll get it done then...I know its on other threads etc but its patchy and am not familiar with all this...what would they have to have done to mean the debt is unenforceable...or at least shouldn't be charged against the house? Sorry for the noon questions I'm sure
  5. Yes..well I thinknit was a refinance...we certainly signed new paperwork which extended the loan and lowered the monthly payments.. It was their idea...is this significant?
  6. Sure well that's what I'm hoping....although not sure how much the fees would be...I mean this is a morally dubious question but is getting out of the whole loan an actual possibility does anyone know?
  7. Yeah will have to get the papers I suppose. ..was just reluctant to contact them in the first place for paperwork as am not hearing from them. ..have looked through the forums just think its unusual not to have heard from them for years for such a big amount I guess
  8. Thing is the house is in massive negative equity and we are thinking of doing a VR to the mortgage company soon.. I have heard something about welcome agreements being unenforceable
  9. Hi All... First off apologies if I am asking something that has been answered elsewhere... Truth is I'm in a massive hole and trying to find anyway out (not just with welcome lol) Long story short... Took at a 3rd charge loan with welcome about 12 years ago...it was a struggle from the off... About 3 years in welcome offered us the chance to resign to extend the length of the loan and reduce the payments which we did... Split up with the wife who remained in the home about 6 years ago. For the past 5 years no payment have been made to welcome. Current balance is about £29k. My initi
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