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  1. Thanks for all the help and reassurance! The money duly arrived st 10:30 this morning
  2. And renegade imp and unclebulgaria67 thanks also king12345 -
  3. Thanks BankFodder - I'm feeling reassured now!
  4. I normally get a pension payment from Belgium the day before the end of each month. Nothing today (I realise it's a Bank Holiday) - It's a BAC payment so why did it not happen today and I am likely to get it tomorrow
  5. Thanks for all the advice unclebulgaria67
  6. Good evening 67. I replied to the Hussier and offered €100 pm. They say they will accept €150pm which I can probably just about manage. However, do you think it is worth trying to get somewhere in between (€125?) or should I be grateful it's not a lot more than I can afford (€1000 or so)?
  7. Thanks for that, 67. I'll do that
  8. Solely in my name No other debts She does forward letters to me In your opinion then, should I disclose my current address - you said above that replying to an email is not a great idea but how can I deal with them in writing without doing so? My problem, I know and I do appreciate you advice unclebulgaria67
  9. Yes, I was paying the monthly payment of €400 or so but theN, on returning to the Uk in 2013, the marriage broke up and I now have to rent somewhere as my wife lives in the property. This circumstance led to not paying for a while and then I contacted the bank and said I would be paying 'something' each month. I imagine they don't think €50 pm is enough so hence the contact from the Hussier
  10. Last (token) payment of €50 last Thursday - no assets in France but I do have a small pension from a European institution - my house in the UK is on mortgage (up to date) but no or no significant equity. Thanks Unclebulgaria67
  11. Thanks Renegadeimp - I assume you mean that I should give these details to the Hussier and see what he/she comes back with?
  12. . I have a debt of €15k from a credit card from a French bank. I retired and came home to the UK intending to service the debt. Unfortunately, there was a marital break up and I can't pay more than about €50 per month. I have been contacted by email by a Hussier to contact ASAP. Should I reply and try to negotiate a low payment or ignore the mail - they don't have my address as yet.
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