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  1. Hi. Yep everything in my name. Had car from new and same address for 10 years..
  2. Hi. Yes all documentation regarding motor car in my name. Cheers
  3. Hi. And thanks for the replies. It's correct that I own the car. And indeed only I drive it. I will not be disputing the offence. This is indeed the 1st notice about this offence. Not been sent to other persons. Since the notice was dated on the 14th day after the offence took place. And 2 days for delivery. Total 16 days does this fall foul of the 14 day dead line rule. If so I will dispute for this reason. Otherwise I will just accept the offer of the driver awareness scheme. To prevent fine and points. Cheers
  4. Just a very quick Question on the 14 day rule, The alleged offence took place on 21/05/19 going through lights as changed to red ? Not going to dispute, was going to just accept a What's driving us scheme work shop, however maybe the 14 day rule applies here, 21/05/19 alleged offence, Notice issue 04/06/19 which is 14 days after alleged offence, received notice today 06/06/19 which now totals 16 days from alleged offence ? Thoughts please, reply accepting scheme or dispute under 14 day rule. Many thanks
  5. As a extra note to the comments above, I had a bike stolen which had being fitted with a tracker, I notified the police soon as realised it had been taken/stolen, there gave me report/theft crime number and left it at that, explaining that the bike was fitted with a tracker what could be done, officer stated police didn't have the resources to follow up on bike theft, We ourselves kept track of where the bike was every day for three weeks, informing the police all the time of the bikes where about's, STILL the police didn't bother to act.... The bike was then moved across the border into anoth
  6. Being a driver and yes I've had two invoices issued for over staying in a parking eye zone, Sainsbury's... However on each occasion I've gone back into the said store when received the invoices through the post and asked the manager what they can do on my behalf, both tickets were dealt with and cancelled... . My advice would be to visit the place that the possible invoice relates to and ask if anything can be done... It did help that we only do our shop there and are known by most of the staff.. . Fingers crossed this woman seeks further advice and lodges a appeal.
  7. Hi, Thought I'd nudge this post and reply as best I can, although I guess others with better advice or more info will follow come Monday morning.... Your last sentence is most likely the main reason for the refusal, NOT on the electoral roll is a main issue for lenders, credit scores are only a small reason as to getting refused, myself personally applied and was accepted only this morning for the exact same card company you have being refused by, and my credit past isn't one of the best, Lenders also take into account past credit history, which you might alre
  8. Anyone had any contact from Motormile, as the redress period has passed, spoken to others who have accounts with this company and nothing heard via them, thought would ask on here for any recent up dates ? Keep checking my e mails even the junk section most days but nothing.. . Really though people would be getting contacted by now....
  9. Think a price increase of just ONE penny is fine, given that MOST every day items have increased by at least 5% plus..... Look at supermarket's the prices have increased by 6% to 10% and gas and electric, again near 6% increase... and council tax, gosh another raise of between 4% and 6% so again, one penny on a stamp is small fry compared really... And at best most folk send through post at Christmas, where's gas food etc is needed every day... I wish all prices for everything increased by just one penny...
  10. Letter from Noddle stating that search is only seen by myself and not third party, it does not damage credit score or anything, search was done by company doing a admin review, nothing more. least that sorts my worry out. Thread to be closed please.
  11. Thanks Bazooba Boo I get what you are saying..... It does clearly state on Noodle and Experian the following statement......... Can anyone search my report? No, you have to give permission for a search to be made on your credit report. This will normally be done as part of the application process for the credit account.
  12. . The company that did search is instant cash loans ltd. .. As behaved myself since 2009 learnt by my mistakes. Noodle still stating that search was for marketing proposes and wont show to third parties.
  13. Company does search 6 years after last dealings with them. Over six years ago , I was in pdl circle, repaid 80% of all loans , and ALL remaining defaults (5 defaults in total) dropped off in 2016, only have one default left on credit file which drops off July 2017 Just received my up dated credit report and one company has done a search on my file, highlighted as an ADMINISTRATION REVIEW for purpose of doing the search on 14/12/2016 although have had NO dealings with any credit company since 2009 when all my troubles began. Have contacted NOODLE who just say
  14. Wonder how there would be able to contact people who have moved since being a customer. whether repaid or not, a lot of people move and cant be contacted. Same with the other company MMF whom are in process of contacting people, again these people might have moved.
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