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  1. Thanks for your help in this I wioll give the bank a call and yes I do record my calls
  2. I always pay for online stuff with a credit card just in case so assume I would have to charge this back as they are choosing to ignore my rights
  3. sorry again, ordered 06/04/2020 received 21/04/2020, advised of problem 22/04/2020
  4. Sorry about that here is their site https://www.defygaminguk.com/
  5. The item was 69.99 and i have asserted my rights but they claim they are acting with the act
  6. This was bought on linedoes this effect my right?
  7. Hi, I bought a bespoke x box controller that was bespoke. Received it and it does not work, do I have any rights to return it for a refund or do I have to accept a repair, they have stated under their T&C's they wont refund as it is bespoke, where do I stand legally?
  8. I worked for a company that dealt with lots of customers and sometimes refunds had to be issued. Due to regulations the money had to be refunded to the original account (to prevent fraud) where the account had been closed the bank would return the money back to us, when this happened we would then contact the customer to ask for new bank details, we were not allowed to refund money to a different account unless we had been advised by the bank the account was closed. So the OP will get thier refund, it just may take longer than normal
  9. At the end of this if you have not had the tax deducted then you owe HMRC tax and will have to pay it. There could have been a case if tax was deducted and not paid to HMRC, the complaint against the company seems to be that they are possibly incompetent and they may not have paid any Employers NI, you will will also have to pay employee NI on top of any Income Tax not paid. Do you still work for the company have you asked them why?
  10. also depends on how much the op was earning may have been below the tax threshold
  11. did the company show tax being deducted on your payslip?and is there a tax code?
  12. thank you to all who have replied, I was fortunate enough to start a new job on the 30th March so I will take that as a blessing in itself
  13. I worked for a company before leaving them in Mid March. Normally they pay a bonus but they said they wouldn't pay me as I left before the end of the quarter. They state the bonus is "discretionary" which appears to mean we don't pay it if we don't want to. My contract states nothing about the bonus except where it mentions "Termination of employment", where the company terminates your employment you will not recieve a bonus. this doesnt make sense becoause if they terminate your employment on any day except the last day of a quarter based on their explanati
  14. An update. I emailed BG as recommended and I recieved a call from them shortly after. They were very sympathetic to my sons condition and agreed a porepayment meter would be completely unsuitable. They have also p;ut ime in touch witha charity that will help my son on his utility bills. I have to say I was impressed with the help British Gas gave and I thank all of you for giving me a steer in the right direction. Thank you
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