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  1. An update. I emailed BG as recommended and I recieved a call from them shortly after. They were very sympathetic to my sons condition and agreed a porepayment meter would be completely unsuitable. They have also p;ut ime in touch witha charity that will help my son on his utility bills. I have to say I was impressed with the help British Gas gave and I thank all of you for giving me a steer in the right direction. Thank you
  2. thank you to all for your help I will start doing this and will update you all
  3. It is british gas, they claim to be bailiffs and it does seem to be from the court, I am going there wednesday to see the document apparently it is a warrant, also he can not oipen his post so was not aware of this
  4. Hi all, My son is chronically disabled suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He is bed ridden and requires 24 hour care for all his need. He lives independantly and his carers stay with him all the time. The problem is the other day bailiffs turned up at his door thretening to break the door down to fit a pay as you go gas meter. I have tried to find out what has happened and it seems his gas bill has not been paid and they want to install a pay as you go meter to9 recover the back monies. He is unable to access cash or fill the meter up, his carers are not allowed to do it. The bailiffs say they will be coming back and force entry, the door to his property is a very expesive auto controlled entry door and the damage to this may come to many thousands. He obviously needs to settle the bill but is on benefits so has very limited income, due to his condition heating is vital to his well being I am at a loss as to what my next steps are or what my options are. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  5. My partner had a new en-suite build and it was paid via finance via wickes. Problems started happening with the shower cubicle with the wall panels they showed scratch marks.after much going backwards and forwards it was agreed to replace the walls. The walls were delivered and the company put them in our conservatory, the fitter arrived about two weeks later and stated the walls had been stored incorrectly (they should have been stored flat, we didn't store them the bathroom company did) as a result they were warped. The bathroom company is refusing to replace the walls they say they have spent enough money on this no one is taking any responsibility. Where do we stand, what is the best approach to resolve this? Grateful for any help
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-45668735 If its good enough for David Beckham
  7. They said my car would do 14 mpg round town and they were right
  8. My partners daughter is in the process of buying a house. It turns out that the bottom half of the garden is owned by someone else and their name is on the land registry. The people selling the property have had unrestricted use of this part of the garden for at least 25 years. The mortgage company are now debating that their valuation was based on the whole garden and now this has come out they are procrastinating over the offer. What are the rights here, can my partnes daughter claim this as abandoned land (if that law exists). Help appreciated
  9. I recently went on Nat West website to inquire about a loan, I progressed it but decided not to go any further as the interest rate was too high so I didn't apply for credit. I then discovered that Nat West had placed a hard search on my file for a credit application. I disputed this with Equifax as I had not made the application, they told me to take it up with Nat West who then told me that is how they do things. surely this isnt right or is it? any guidance would be appreciated.
  10. Dhmerya Ltd is a dissolved company so you wont be able to contact them https://suite.endole.co.uk/insight/company/10604261-dhmerya-ltd Paraplus are easily contactable and they should be able to enlighten you on what they have told HMRC is could be mistaken identity http://www.umbrellaparaplus.co.uk/contact-us
  11. That's quite a charge they are trying to fleece you out of, don't think I have seen one that big before
  12. looking on the internet it seems there is quite a lot of people who are complaining about Copart they all feel they have been ripped off
  13. If someone had a drink driving ban approximately 2 years ago and I don't have driving licence details is the anyway to check this out like for example MID?
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