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  1. Name of the Claimant : National Car Parks Ltd Claimants Solicitors: BW Legal Date of issue – 04/10/2021 Date for AOS - 22/10/2021 Date to submit Defence - 05/11/2021 What is the claim for – 1.The claim is for £171.56 being due from the Defendant in respect of a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) for a contractual breach which occurred on 17/12/2020 in the private car park/land at XXXX in relation to a XXXXXX registration mark XXXXXXX. 2.The PCN was issued as the driver failed to comply with the terms and conditions as displayed. 3.Despite demands the charge remains unpaid. 4.The claim also includes statutory interest pursuant to section 69 of the county courts act 1984 at a rate of 8% per annum (a daily rate of £0.04) from 17/12/2020 to 01/10/2021 being an amount of £11.56. The claim also includes £60.00 recovery costs as set out in the Terms and conditions and in the ATA AoS Code of Practice What is the value of the claim? Amount Claimed £171.56 court fees £35.00 legal rep fees £50.00 Total Amount £256.56 Will upload pdf later
  2. Hi I have received a county court summons Date of infringement 17/12/2020 No appeal made to PPC
  3. Hi Today received a county court summons for a parking charge notice, what information do you need and what do I need to do to defend this. Thank you in advance
  4. so a way of claiming an extra £5.00 off motorists. I know that they have also charged this to people driving petrol cars and stating they are unable to refund this
  5. So it seems if you use Ringo and have a diesel car they charge a £5.00 levy, this is not passed on to the government. Sounds like a total scam
  6. There is not much of a chronology, he turns up at random times if he ever did, the simple facts are loan applied for home improvements granted by the bank secured on property Builder details work he will carry out commences work December 2020 Outside walls (still unrendered) and roof build March 2021 Water disconnected toilet removed March 2021 Toilet installed incorrectly May 2021 Builder has not been on site since March 2021 Regular requests for builder to attend site since March 2021, builder promises attendance but does not appear After 6 months this job has caused emotional problems for Daughter Mat asked another builder to look at the work done so far he stated the walls need re plastering and the toilet is not installed properly, the bathroom window has been fitted incorrectly, majority of plumbing will have to be re done
  7. secured loan for home improvement it was to extend a bathroom, the loan was take out as they didn't have a spare 10k. @bankfiodder yes that them
  8. Loan was secured on the property specifically for this project Work commenced Dec 2020 Contract was schedule detailing what the would do total value £10,000 Total paid to date 7,500 Money paid direct to builder loan deposited in step daughters bank builders name is Danny Burrows, but headed pasper is A.Wright & Sons (builders & Stonemasons)
  9. My step daughter got home improvement loan to redo her bathroom. The builder has turned out to be utterly incompetent, does not turn up any more, we had another builder who came and viewed the work and pointed out the numerous problems but it can be rectified. Still have a balance to pay on the contract but work is no where near completion, do we have the right to give the builder notice and advice the cost of rectifying his work will be down to him, do we contact the loan company, tradign standards any one else? Grateful for any help
  10. Is there a website that lists speed limits at any particular day, I am looking for clockwise M25 junction 5
  11. Thanks for your help in this I wioll give the bank a call and yes I do record my calls
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