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  1. Do experian have to let you see your credit report for free now due to GDPR?
  2. Having some issues with O2 as of March this year as they have decided to link 2 accounts for another person with the same name and DOB as myself, however this other person has a middle name and i do not. I do not have any accounts with O2. 18/3/18 Received letter stating i was in breach of contract for not paying my O2 bill. 22/3/18 Received letter telling me they had stopped me making calls and texts. 23/3/18 Checked call credit report and O2 had already linked my address with the debtors in Janurary 18 and had both accounts listed. 23/3/18 Emailed call credit stating the i
  3. Hi Again.... I have a problem that I ought to have dealt with, but have not because I had more pressing issues: 4 sets of serious or urgent litigation that had deadlines, or financial priority: I had and still have a collapsed lung, I sadly have a deceased mother in law, a baby, who ended up in special care, while my wife almost bled to death during an emergency c section, I've bought a new house that the surveyor messed up big time on, I have had 2 new jobs, 2 surgeries and a tumor in my colon. I know they are not excuses for delay, but it has truly been a crap few years and
  4. Hi I recently checked my credit file with Experian as I was thinking of going for a mortgage. I have discovered that there are several accounts that are my father's on my credit file despite the fact that we are not financially linked. Having spent 25 minutes with Natwest who were absolutely useless at first, someone has sent me a link for a complaint form. I was unsure whether I can claim anything for breach of Data Protection Act as I can see all my father's financial information. There are several other accounts as well which are being disputed through Experian.
  5. Hi, I'm hoping for advice, please: We're going for a mortgage. I've just done an Experian search and discovered a problem, namely a CCJ issued on 03/08/17 at Northampton County Court. They say it was from Lowell whom have a solicitor called Cohen/Cramer. I know absolutely nothing whatsoever of this CCJ. I've tried endlessly all morning to speak to the CCBS but the phone just never gets answered. I assume they're tremendously busy. I would very much appreciate help/advice/guidance please. I have a case number off the £4 Government advice website thing, that tells
  6. I am needing to apply for a mortgage asap. Im a LTD company self employed contractor. There is a wrong default on my Equifax and Callcredit reports. Experian is absolutely fine. I have only been contracting for 16 months and so the likes of Halifax wont touch me. I have written to the FOS to get the details corrected but this may take time. Can you tell me what lenders only use Experian or suggest who i could check with. The brokers dont have this information. There is an article on MSE but its incorrect, it says Nationwide only use Experian, i called them and they s
  7. Hi, long time no post. asfaiwa my finances were now in a good place. I got a massive shock when I did a credit check on Experian two days ago to discover that a debt originally defaulted by Monument back in 2006 was now showing as a default to Arrow Global. This case was dealt with by the court around 2006 who agreed a payment of £1 a month to Arrow Global who had purchased the debt from Monument, and I set up a standing order for £1 a month. I was also paying £10 a month to Arrow Global for an RBS debt. In July 2015 the £10 a month payments stopped as the RBS debt was paid o
  8. There was a story in the financial section of today's Daily Mail about a chap who lived in south London and always had done being chased by Robbers Way for a debt that beloned to someone in Essex. it transpired that Experian does a people matching service and came up with the poor fellow's name and DoB being similar to the defaulter so they sold Robbers his details and they then put a default on his credit files and changed the original address to match the new erroneous data. Now I know that this crookedness and deception was down to Robbers Way but they wouldnt have ever had the o
  9. Low and behold after two years of trying to get my credit score was looking reasonable on Experian, they go and make changes. Yesterday credit score was 627. Today credit score is 386 Any new Defaults? Nope Any Missed Payments? Nope Any New Searches? Nope What has changed? Nothing All they have gone and done is changed their processes! What a bunch of balls. Can they prove they are inline with the way other lenders score banks? Nope. So what is the point of this service that 14.99 is being taken each month. Think it's time I reclaimed the "ID theft" insurance
  10. Hi I was wondering if you can give me some advice on Experian & how they record debt. I have 2 questions (sorry!) The first o an IVA 7 years ago. Barclays was one of my creditors. They were notified by my insolvency practioner but they carried on sending me hassling letters. I then wrote to them & showed a copy of the IVA. They have taken no notice and it is still showing on my credit file after 7 years. Experian said they cannot remove it until they get notification from Barclays (Not a chance as they just wont compile with any instructions) 2nd question Is this my da
  11. Hi Everyone, In 2012 I got a payday loan which snowballed into another until finally I could not afford to payback the amounts. The first loan was from Wonga (£430 still owed at point of default) and the second from QuickQuid (£220 still owed at point of default) . I received an email in August from Wonga and Red Castle DCA to say my debt had been cleared due to new FCA rules about affordability and all records would be removed from my credit report. I have checked all 3 credit reports, there is no information from QuickQuid or Red Castle on any of them and Wonga shows as £0 owed,
  12. Morning All , hope someone can advise me as im totally bamboozeld. I recevied a letter today from 1ST credit who have been assigned by HFC bank to claim a full outstanding balance from me. How do i find out who are the original creditors?? , i think its was a sainsburys loan that i took out in 2002 that was passed on to HFC bank to chase. I checked my expeiran credit rating this morning and there was nothing on there from HFC ( or indeed no mention of the couple of creditors( aktiv and connaught) i have agreements with by paying back an agreed monthly plan.) My score
  13. Hi all, i need a bit of help - brief back ground: Unfortunately – back in 2004 I was heavily reliant on credit cards and the inevitable happened, meaning that I had to stop paying the cards due to the loss of my job and other circumstances. Needless to say that since then I never applied for any type of credit – except when I took my mortgage, and hey presto all the cards company surfaced via – so called debt collecting agencies. they write asking for exuberant amounts – yet I would like to challenge them and get this debt written off since now it’s almost 6 y
  14. After years of paying back debts I've finally got myself into an ok position. I'm now looking to get a mortgage and so I've been subscribing to credit expert. On friday my credit score was 31 away from being good and this was great because I have paid down a couple of accounts and so when updated I was hoping this would push me over the edge! However yesterday I updated my address as I recently moved in with my mum so that I'm free to move quickly when I buy somewhere and I want to ensure I'm still on the Electoral register etc. This morning my score had gone down by 49
  15. hi all .. .this is just a quick email really but im trying to remove successfully settled payday loans from my credit report as they are stopping me from getting a mortgage. I thought it would be useful to keep you posted I found this email on the CAG forums, copied in the ICO, FCA and my local MP and sent it off.. ..now to keep my fingers crossedxx Dear Wonga.com/Experian, I have used your service a number of times over recent years, always repaying my loans on time and in full. I have never been late with a payment, or defaulted on a sum. A large pa
  16. Experian, one of the largest credit agency data brokers in the world, has been hacked. Some 15 million people who used the company’s services, among them customers of cellular company T-Mobile who had applied for Experian credit checks, may have had their private information exposed, the company confirmed on Thursday. Information from the hack includes names, addresses, and social security, driver’s license and passport numbers. The license and passport numbers were in an encrypted field, but Experian said that encryption may also have been compromised. More ... This appears t
  17. Trying to get Experian to update my new address is like pulling teeth, even by phone. They always default to get you to sign that dam Credit Expert subscription at £15.00 a month. After threatening them with everything from CPUTR 2008, Data Protection Act 1998 etc due to their inertia in a simple request such as updating my new address as the previous info that have is inaccurate, I get this out of them for which you can then change your address details. You can order a Statutory Report for £2.00 and view it on line anything up to 5 days time via Email from original application.
  18. Hi all, new here! I have just joined Experian to see what my credit score is like - its "fair" at the moment, but, its being ruined by a CCJ from some years ago, and I'd like some advice on it. Its a bit complicated so bear with me! The CCJ is from Northampton County Court, and is for £17000+ but the only thing I have anywhere near that amount was a bank loan from HSBC many years ago for £10000. I am sure this is what it relates to, but, how can I find out? If it IS related to that, then how can I dispute the amount as the loan was only for £10k (plus whatever interest)? Also, t
  19. My noddle report is pretty poor as it has 2 defaults on it which are 5 years old (and both currently being disputed). Today I paid the fee and viewed my experian report and that says I have excellent credit and no record of the 2 defaults? I have an old experian report from 2012 and that has one of the defaults on it, but not the other, but now they no longer appear on it. I even called experian to check, and she said there was no active record for them, so they are not part of the credit report. My 2012 report was in the region of ~700, but now it's mid 900's, and even says at the top t
  20. Hi, I am hoping somebody could perhaps offer some help. I have previously had a number of serious debt problems, culminating in multiple defaults and a CCJ in 2008. Since then I have sorted myself out and put these debt problems behind me. I had been checking Equifax and Noddle, which showed the respective defaults fall off my file last year. Once such default was for a bank account/overdraft with Halifax. Yesterday I checked my file with Experian and have noticed an issue, which may effect a pending mortgage appliacation. Halifax last updated Experian in 2010 - a
  21. Just a little anecdote from a few months ago. Meant to share it here sooner but got a little waylaid with other things. I was an Experian customer last year and had subscribed to their £14.99 a month product to be able to view my credit report and credit score. At the time, I was not aware that I was also being sold an insurance policy for identity theft protection. I decided to cancel my Experian subscription after a while; I didn't really feel it represented good value for money as I rarely apply for credit products. However fortunately I stumbled across this article when I
  22. hi, ive up repayment plans with pay day lenders twice over this past 3 years due to a gambling problem. Im currently doing pretty well with 5 months left - bar swift sterling, most of the lenders were reasonably sympathetic in faciliating the plan. Early Payday were one of the lenders with a very small loan of £250 which I was paying at £25 per month and have increased to £37.50 per month. I normally use equifax for my credit reports and noticed nothing adverse with any of the pay day lenders - however this morning I have just checked my experian cr
  23. Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me, I recently applied for a mortgage with HSBC and was approved. Subsequently I have now completed the purchased but noticed that the mortgage has appeared on credit file and is being update (status) monthly like a credit card (0's). I asked around on other forums (sorry) and most replied to say that mortgages are considered as secure lending and not like a credit card and therefore should not recorded monthly rather just registered under additional address / linked address. I have spoken with HSBC who
  24. On my experian file, it has a red ! saying i have a lot of recent searches. I have 23 in total. Search nmber 15-23 are experians own, u know the one each time u log into experian. Search number 9 -14 are insurance quotation. Seatch number 5-8 are 2 ccredit card quotation, 1 x unrecorded enquiry, and one generic checks by experian. I have only 4 credit searches, on 14/02/2014, 4/10/2014, 19/11 2014 for 2 others. Besides the credit searches, I am almost sure i was told lenders wouldnt see those on credit checks. And why do the ones u get from experian each time u log in
  25. Hi, Someone i knew, well he applied for a loan from lending stream which he was successful in doing so. He then decided the following day,literally, that he wished to cancel. So he emailed them to tell them he was withdrawing from his loan as he is in the 14 day cooling off period they give you, and he had fully repaid the loan back , and stupidly the 30 quid interest too. Now his credit file is showing a settled account from them, dated 14th december 2014, when its only th 6th today and this palava happened 2 weeks ago. I was lead to believe tha
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