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  1. OK. Expected as much. No need for a SAR, wouldn't achieve anything at all other than waste time, and energy. It wouldn't rewind this judgement. Yes, I did move, yes, there is recognition of the debt, and no they have never written to me. The onus is on them to tell me BEFORE a judgement is entered. Rightly or wrongly. I'll appoint solicitors, thanks, you can close the thread.
  2. Thanks. It tells me it was started and then paid for a while, then I stopped and never restarted. I’ve heard nothing from them for years.
  3. Ok thanks, yes they’ve obviously done that trick in post six then, grrr.
  4. It’s from the credit report I did for a mortgage that I discovered it.
  5. Thank you very much. Yes I very much share the tiny screen frustration with you. Ok, it definitely isn’t from this or my last three addresses, that’s for sure. It appears to be from when my world came crashing down in 2013, three moves ago. Nobody has written to me here, and we’ve been here for 19 months. I’d guess and say a store account or credit card in origin. Once upon a time I was in full control, earnt decent money and didn’t work 6 days a week. When I fell ill I lost everything...
  6. Yes I did. See post of their reply and my initial email. None has been forthcoming. So what next in the absence of that, is kind of what I meant...
  7. I see you've edited my response to "N245" from that which you posted "N2245", now I can research the correct form.
  8. Where's the Claim Form? What is this? Is this what they SHOULD have sent me, but I've never received? Reason is I had no idea this was being taken to court. How can a CCJ being issued, with no warning whatsoever trump ANYTHING? What's N245? The debt? Who are these people?
  9. OK, glad to hear it's standard. But this fee?! Am I at risk of throwing good money after bad here? May I ask for some help with completing N244?
  10. So after 16 days I've had a response, please see below. I'd love some advice as to what to do - £255 court fee?!?! Good Afternoon Thank you for your email, unfortunately we are unable to reproduce a copy of the original claim form but have provided the claimant information, particulars of claim and post judgment options below. Claimant: LOWELL PORTFOLIO I LTD Claimant’s solicitor: COHEN CRAMER SOLICITORS (7402) Telephone: 0113 887 8861 Reference: 252/6xxxx Particulars of Claim the claim is for the sum of £1239.18 due by the defendant under an agreem
  11. You did well there London. This was attached to the holding reply, for further use of other folks that need it: Help the CCBC help you by filing your electronic Court documents correctly This will ensure your work is processed in an efficient and timely manner. To be sent by email With the Subject heading Send to email address Claim Responses Claim Responses Complete Online at:
  12. The one for the bulk, the one to use, is the last and dead one dx.
  13. Like you say, worst case scenario I’ll pay the money, and that’s clearly how they roll the dice.
  14. Thanks. The one our friend dx links to is the dead un. London me old China, thanks for the support, much appreciated and just the tonic after a mega bad day.
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