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  1. Hi Guys In November, I applied for a post office credit card and was declined despite having near perfect scores with Experian and Equifax. I used an eligibility checker first and it showed that I had a 95% chance of being approved so I felt confident to apply. However, while filling out the application form I did notice that there were no fields to enter information as a self-employed person but I proceeded anyway by entering info about my self-employed status so it may be that they only approve those that are employed. I received a letter from them confirming the decline but they didn't give a reason. It said that they used Experian. For several years I have had an Aqua card and they have increased my credit limit quite substantially. Over the last 6 months they have sent me a letter every month encouraging me to apply for a loan for up to £5,000 using the loan code they sent. I want to apply for a loan because the rate is 3X lower than their credit card rate. However, I'm concerned about my credit score being negatively affected again I wonder if someone could tell me how much time I should allow before applying for credit/loan again. Your advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, can anyone tell me if alleged"defaults" from creditors can remain on my equifax file or for that matter any credit reference agency? in my own case.. i have won 2 cases against me alleged to default in 2012 whilst i understand they are going to fall off the file this year... its later in summer.. my query is .. having won my cases, does that not say the dispute was won on an alleged debt.. therefore should not be there?
  3. Hello, I hope someone can help please. I have just checked my credit score which is 736 (fair). It states: Halifax balance £0 updated 11/8/13 Cabot balance £1280 updated 1/4/18 There are no other debts there. Am I to assume that they have dropped off? Cabot took over the Halifax debt, but both are listed as a default. If i were to offer Halifax an offer, in full and final settlement, agreed in writing, would that remove the default? If so, how long would it take? Many thanks
  4. Good afternoon all, I'm sure you're all busy so I will keep this as short as possible. Was a VM customer for 8 odd years. Had to cancel their services last year as my Ex and I separated and I was moving to a new place. Account was in my name, so I phoned to cancel it. Phone call lasted about 10 minutes as they tried to get me to shift it to the new address etc. They explicitely said "there is no further charges to pay" on the phone. (I have it recorded as an .m4a file.) In fact, we were due a refund. A week or two later, I get a letter (at my new address!) asking me to pay a £23 cancellation charge. I wrote them a letter explaining both the phone call, and my annoyance at them chasing the additional charge when we'd been good customers for 8 years. I got another chaser a few days later, and expected the letter hadn't been processed yet, and then nothing.... After not getting any correspondance, I assumed it was done. It was £23, and I thought it would all be sorted. Last week, i'm at the bank applying for a loan, and I am denied and told to check out Experian. Three strikes from Virgin Media over the late payment of £23. The rest of the credit report is absolutely sweet. Credit score tarnished by their mistake and incompetence. Any advice on how best to rectify this, and if I should pursue any further action? All the best, D
  5. Just seeing if anyone has been using Totallymoney for credit scoring, i have looked today and find no history relating to an old Motormile account nor any old defaults my score was 523 of 710 and listed as fair. Also checked my wife as well and found no defaults nor any debts and score of 603 of 710 so a little better. Any reviews on how good Totallymoney would be great
  6. About two months ago I closed a Halifax current account. I held the account for five years but never used it at all. My credit report has now reduced my credit rating from good to very poor due to closing the Halifax current account. I am completely confused and puzzled. Can anyone explain how this comes about please?
  7. I wanted to take out a loan for £3800 around two years back. because I knew I would be rejected because of my poor credit rating, I asked a relative. Since then, I've paid off ALL of the balance, through my relatives bank account, i.e., I send her the money, she pays the finance company etc. Now since I have a) myself paid ALL the balance and b) have statements proving where the money went (from me>her>finance company), is there any way I could use this to better my score, like in a big way?
  8. In 2008, I entered a DMP, never missed a payment, and still making monthly payments. Prior to entering a DMP, I received a CCJ and a charging order (for outstanding personal loans - consolidation loans issued by what was then Northern Rock. Forward to 2017, following interview, I've received an offer of promotion, this is based on successful Scottish disclosure & credit reference. Not concerned about Scottish disclosure, however, I am concerned about credit reference. I know nothing about credit reference or credit score, hence why I've never applied for my own. Given it was 9 years ago the CCJ & charging order was issued, and I'm still in a DMP, will this show on my credit report? Also, do I have to provide my credit reference to my new employer, or do they do a credit search, if so, is my credit history likely to affect my offer of employment?
  9. Hi, I am in the process of trying to source a mortgage however the fact that I have historic defaults on my credit files from telecom companies is causing me problems. These are all with Lowell and range from 4 years to 5 years old. What's the best way of dealing with this to ultimately get the defaults removed off my credit file within the next 3 months due to wanting to take advantage of a "right to buy" offer we have. Obviously I am NOT saying that I don't want to pay these however if its best to go down the "final settlement" route as long as the default is removed etc than I am happy to look at that? Some of the defaults I genuinely don't have a clue what they are and would protest against them if time was not against me. any help would be gratefully received. Many Thanks Scott
  10. Hi, I've been trying to despute my water bill with Welsh Water as I feel I'm being over charged. In a recent conversation with a representative I was told that my property was on the lowest tariff I am still paying more than my neighbors & friends in much bigger properties. I pay £32.00 per month but my neighbors are paying between £18.00 & £22.00 per month. Is there a higher complaints procedure I can go through to get myself heard as so far I've been met by unsatisfactory excuses as to why I pay more. Thank you for your time.
  11. I moved into a new rental property 5 weeks ago. When I moved in I realised it was a pre-pay meter. I hadn't had one before and immediately called to ask to change to a DD account. I was told I would have to wait a month then have a credit check and then if approved move off. I called today to start that process and whilst I was on the phone the customer service rep performed an Experian credit check and told me I failed and I could not apply again for another 60 days. I logged onto Experian to see my report which is a 989 score out of a possible 999 - an almost perfect excellent rating. It shows a 989 because a couple of months ago I took out a small loan out but I am paying that off as I should and I hope to clear it early in a few months. The only other thing I can think of is it had not updated my electoral register information despite my council telling me on the phone today I am definitely on their list and they have said Experian should update their records this week. So I called British Gas again to enquire further why I had failed their check and they refuse to tell me....well in fact I was told they themselves do not know because she said it was all down to algorithms. Yes computer says no. So, can anyone let me know if British Gas demand a 999 scoring for Experian? And why the do I have to wait 60 days if all it is my electoral registration data had not updated as quickly as it should have? I mean...is that even legal that they force us wait so long? It seems to me just a flimsy excuse to extract more money out of me because of a previous tenant's failure to pay on time. Agh....
  12. Cabot Financial (Europe) Limited have left a footprint on my credit search file that says 'Customer Management' id like to know if this is going to be visible to lenders or if this particular search would be only visible to myself? It came about as i called them and asked the outstanding balance on a very old debt. There is no evidence of them within my file as this particular arranged payment fell of the credit report 2 years ago so it is only this particular search now. Thanks
  13. So, I was an irresponsible student who racked up some defaults for a small amount of 2500 I am in a position to settle these debts now, but many of them are very close to being statute barred, my main query is, if I was to settle these debt, how long until I would expect to see an improvement in my credit file?
  14. Hi All, I have a default on my account from PRA group. I have noticed the default dates do not match up and the information they have placed on my credit report. I believe this was related to quick quid. PRA GROUP (UK) LIMITED Pay Day loans Default £0 This account has been defaulted If you have incorrect details on your report contact PRA GROUP (UK) LIMITED Account started 27/04/2011 Default Date 29/08/2011 Default Satisfaction Date 18/01/2014 Default Balance £174 Partial Settlement Start date 01/08/2014 I didn't speak to these guys in 2014 I am sure of it so I have no idea where they got the settlement dates from? they said I settled the account in 2014? But I doubt I would of left this debt for 2 and a half years. So my question is will this be removed from my score in April 2017? or does it stay on from the settlement date 01/08/2014 I have also noticed it does not appear as a default on my equifax report it just simply states settled. and can I challenge the default they have placed on my account due to wrong information and dates? I assume they have to prove the debt and provide payment dates etc? any help appreciated.
  15. Hi l am just wondering if anybody can help me. This is situation l have had a mortgage since 2007 and was fully employed. My problem started in 2013 when l defaulted l had financial difficulties as l was in between jobs this led to me defaulting on a credit card from Lloyds tsb which l had since 2005 the case was sent to the debtors but l have since paid it off, and also had a store card with next which l had defaulted in the same year but l have also paid it off and settled with them. And l also have one late payment on my mortgage since 2007 when l took out the mortgage. I have since paid off most of my credit and store and closed the accounts and now left with one credit card and store card which l am keeping to try and build my credit score. When l look on Noodle which credit reference website my credit score is 525 which is poor. I am now fully employed and back on my feet is there anyway l can improve my credit score as l have paid off outstanding debts as l am looking to get a new mortgage soon and l can not afford to wait for 6 years for my credit score to improve.
  16. I recently phoned vodafone to settle an old account which is showing as defaulted in 2014, I don't have any paper work and asked them to check the account details based on all my previous post codes as I no longer know this telephone number as it is from an account opened in 2011. The person couldn't find the account details and confirmed that they have no record or account details for this debt even though every month its showing as a default on my credit file. I requested to speak to the department responsible for sending this information to credit ref agency but was told this is not an option. Can I add a notice of correction because I've attempted to pay off the debt but vodafone are refusing to accept payment or can't find the account details to settle this debt?
  17. It started with a letter from Restons the other day saying they wanted payment of under £1000 for a debt which I believe to be statue barred. The letter said if I didn't pay I would get taken to court for a CCJ and would request monthly payments. If the court does not allow this, the full amount is required forthwith including any accruing interest, fees and costs. If I don't pay by a set date their client may be prepared to accept installments and return the expenditure and income form by the previously mentioned date. They also draw my attention to the fact the client says I can clear the debt at a specially discounted settlement figure and if interested I should call them. Can they offer the discount rate because they purchased it cheap in the same letter as threatening a CCJ? As I said I believe this to be statute barred. I was a full time carer for my mother for over 10 years and several existing student debts fell by the wayside. Something made me sign up to the 30 day free trial with Equifax just now. I see Cabot have stuck a default on my account and say it defaulted in 2010 - I thought it was longer ago than that. It know what it was for - a credit card. Stopped caring and moved in 2012 and became very ill, which I am still suffering now. It seems this big default Cabot put on my credit file in 2011 was defaulted in 2010. I thought this was further back that this. I have had about 4 DCA contact me re this debt since moving here, none of which have even mentioned getting a CCJ which makes me wonder if this IS statute barred? Advice on this would be useful please. Secondly, whilst searching my file I find a CCJ issued in 2013 at my old address by I do not know who????? Advice on this is very much appreciated as I believe it would definately be statute barred. The previous Restons issue was the latest issued credit card I had at that address. Once I could deal with these things but since becoming ill I really need some advice on this please. As it stands I have one CCJ lasting til 2019 at a previous address and one possibly about to be issued. I don't work due to my illness, so they are barking up the wrong tree here. Just as an after thought reading about Cabot - The letter states it is Cabot Financial (UK) Limited v Me and the letter opens: "We are instructed by our client Cabot Financial (Marlin) Limited, appointed by your creditor Cabot Financial (UK) Limited..." The credit card was not with Cabot originally, obviously, but I now see that Cabot have changed their name on my Equifax file to: Credit Card from Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd (I) Get me up to speed - is this correct or is something going on here that is not quite right?
  18. Hi, i wonder if anybody can give me some advice.. I have just gone through a credit reference check to rent a house, i have done this before without any issue and even had a mortgage approved so my finances are good (988 score on experian!) . I work full time and have always paid my bills, i have no overdraft or credit cards. The letting agent flagged up a CCJ on my account from 07/06/2013 which was filed by Npower for £2,185. I moved out of this property on 01/03/2012 after only living there for 12 months. I worked 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and for the last 3 months i barely spent anytime there as i met my current partner. During the first 6 months i was sent a bill for almost a £1000 from Npower for my electricity. I immediately rang Npower as this 1 bedroom under dwelling which i was barely in could not realistically cost that much for electricity. My mum paid less for a 4 bedroom house over a year. They agreed this seemed high and agreed to send out an engineer to look at the meter. It was agreed that the meter did have a problem and the engineer agreed also that the house could never use that much electricity with the amount of electrical items i had and that i was one person there with a very busy job. The outcome was that they were going to remove the meter and put in a pre-paid meter. a few days later they changed the meter, i recieved a pre-pay card. I rang Npower and as far as they were concerned the problem had been sorted i paid a more realistic bill of a couple of hundred pounds and I continued using the pre-paid meter which cost me £10-15 per week for the amount i was there and i continued with this for the remaining 9 months without any correspondence from npower. In 2012 i moved in with my partner and have done since. Now I have found out that Npower actually filed a CCJ for the amount of £2,185 for this address. I have no paperwork as i cleared out old paperwork after relocating to the south. I have never recieved a letter about a CCJ or any arrears. Can anyone give me advice? I am not prepared to pay this extortionate amount. Thanks
  19. Hi all My first post. My son banks with NatWest and as done so since he was 16 (Now 22) he went overdrawn by £0.58 back in April this year. He had not used his account since then as he wasn't working just studying hard before going to University. Anyway long story short 3 weeks ago we went into the branch to change his account for a Student Account as he needed an overdraft facility and his normal account had no overdraft facility. This is when we found out he had gone £0.58 O/D and since April had put charges on his account totalling £146.00 so as you can guess shocked was an understatement They have now withdrew the charges as a matter of "Good Will" however they will give him a Student Account with No Overdraft. We also have found out they have marked his Credit Rating, this as stopped him opening a Student Account with any other bank. They also REFUSE to remove his mark from the Credit Rederance Agency. My question 1 can they do this? If so how can we get his file clean so he can get an Overdraft as he is going to need it while at University. Sorry for the long post but any help advice really would help my Son Thank you all in advance
  20. I'm sure I saw it on here but can't find it. My partner had a letter from Welcome Finance (MKDP) saying she owed over £4,0000. It was statute barred which, with the help of the Ombudsman, they eventually agreed. However, we just saw that the 'debt' appears on her Experian credit score! Is this legal? We've just emailed the Ombudsman again to ask advice on how to get this b/s off of her credit score.
  21. Hi Seems a common complaint but just thought I'd add my voice and seek advice. Stop me if you've heard this one. My fiancee left her vodafone contract early due to extortionate billing and general incompetence. She payed the agreed settlement figure. Then vodafone billed her for another small payment. Around £30. She then entered into a dispute with them over this extra payment. She was unaware that vodafone had registered a default with the credit reference agency until she tried to get credit. She complained to vodafone. No joy. In the end she agreed to pay the amount on the condition that the default would be removed from her credit history. Vodafone agreed to this. She payed. Her credit history remains unchanged. I have taken over dealing with this as it has got to a stage where it is causing her serious emotional distress. I contacted the CEO Office. They asked for some details. I provided them. I received no response. I contacted the CEO office again and stated that if they did not intend to resolve the situation i would require transcripts of any conversations they had with my fiancee. No response. Then they phoned my fiancee and said that they would have to fill out a form and send it to the credit reference agency. They said it is the credit reference agency's responsibility to rectify the situation. That's the story so far. I cant believe it! Her credit score is way higher than mine. It's 990 plus! But because of this thing with vodafone we cant do anything that requires money. We cant travel, buy a car, remortgage either of our houses jointly, get married, or even open a new bank account as we discovered today! I hope I've been doing the right things to try and get this sorted out but i don't really know. I thought that if you asked for transcripts they would have to provide them under freedom of information or something? It's a whole new experience. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  22. https://www.clearscore.com/?gclid=CI7ZqNXNzscCFUbkwgodrcsM7A Just seen this advertised Seems it is connected some way to carphonewarehouse What is the catch?? Comments people??
  23. Hello, I have 2 current defaults on my credit file (both of which are being appealed). Both are from April 2010, and both debts become SB in August of this year. I am in contact with both debtors with the 3 letter process and nervously awaiting any action they may take before August. My question is regarding the affect these old defaults have. My noddle credit rating still say 1 out of 5 despite the fact I have no other problems and an up to date bank account and mobile phone contract, and on electoral role etc. What would happen after the 6 years, will these defaults disappear off my credit file, or do I have to request to have them removed. Could these 5 year old defaults be the reason my credit rating is so low? Thanks Everyone.
  24. Hi I have been trying to build my credit rating back up and I have been succeeding. It had even moved back up to the "good" rating on Experian. Anyway I am now in a position where I could open a savings account and actually put money away. I decided to open an instant access savings account with Nat West, so no overdraft, not a current account but to my surprise they did a credit search that has left a footnote on my credit score and knocked my score back down to "fair" So it seems that by wanting to be a customer and hand money over to them I have now paid the price by my credit report being damaged. Is this usual for opening a savings account?
  25. Hello, can anyone help? I had an old telephone bill with BT that I was originally paying £1 a month to clear. I agreed to pay the full amount on the 08/11/14 but when I telephoned the company I had made this agreement with they had already sent it back to BT and then BT have sold it onto another debt recovery agency which has now effected my credit score. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks
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