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  1. Hi there , Just a quick question i need help with guys , i have been a customer of perfect homes for 5 years and had a few items off them and most of them are paid off , i have currently 3 items left with them and 2 are nearly paid off , my question is with the final item , if i decide i do not want it anymore , and i refuse to pay for it , and i have told them i do not want it and to come and pick it up , can they actually do anything ? The reason i ask is the 3rd item is a 2ND HAND TV they sold me over a 4 yr period they charged me £3843, it was
  2. Hope I’m posting in the right place. I’ll try not to ramble too much. In April I ordered a bed frame and mattress from Perfect Home. The delivery men came and delivered the mattress and the frame in the box. They told me they’re not meant to leave it in the packaging but they would if I wasn’t ready to put it together. They left it in the box in my hallway. After disposing of my old bed I opened the box to see that only the headboard and footboard were in there. I called them the same day to tell them that there was no slats or sides to the bed. They apologised and said it had never happ
  3. Hello everybody I hope that you can offer me some help with the issues that I am having with Perfecthome. Back in December I took out finance with Perfecthome for a mobile telephone which was stupidly expensive. At the time I was in full time employment and managed to maintain the weekly payments until my hours was reduced in January which caused me to struggle making the agreed payments. As expected I started to get bombarded with texts asking me to contact them to discuss my account which I did and I ended up entering in to several repayment plans which again I struggled with.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to Consumer Action and would like some help please. I currently have some items with Perfect Home and have paid over half off or more on them. Unfortunately last week my employer reduced my hours from 40 to 32.5 per week. I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation and has managed to reduce their payments to Perfect Home as I don't want to return items that I have paid a lot of money on. I have proof of my reduction in hours but I find this company very difficult to deal with. The manager at the store is quite arrogant and hard to deal with
  5. im new and im so hoping someone could help me , im 38 year old woman and im actually scared everytime the door knocks or the phone rings , i lost my mother through breast cancer last week , i didnt pay ANY bills in fact i even got an £80 penalty because my direct debit didnt go through for tax on my car ! so i obviously didnt contact anyone but these people at perfect homes oh my , they were ringing around 12 times a day (my brother took my mobile off me as i was in a mess) well i finally plucked up the courage to ring them today and i explained that id lost my mother and
  6. Anyone got advice how to deal with perfect home
  7. Hi There I have 3 iphones that I purchased from Perfect Homes and they are all over 12 months into an agreement that is for 24 months. I have recently lost a lot of income per week due to the benefits change as I am on ESA Support and PIP. Question is if I am unable to pay can they repossess the phones or block them, and how would I go on about getting them on a smaller weekly/Monthly payment? I,m not saying I don't want to pay but we can only pay what we can afford. The amount due per week is £52.00 Thanks in advance
  8. Hi. My first post here. I had a browse on the perfect home site and checked out the price of something I'm interested in. I came to the part where it mentions about id, and at this point I decided not to bother as I mainly operate paperless. an hour or so passes by and I receive a call from them saying they noticed I hadn't purchased anything to which I explain the paperless problem. The polite lady began explaining that I can take pics of my digital proofs and upload them to the site and do it that way. I decided fill out an application, made my first payment, and was
  9. I moved into a new rental property 5 weeks ago. When I moved in I realised it was a pre-pay meter. I hadn't had one before and immediately called to ask to change to a DD account. I was told I would have to wait a month then have a credit check and then if approved move off. I called today to start that process and whilst I was on the phone the customer service rep performed an Experian credit check and told me I failed and I could not apply again for another 60 days. I logged onto Experian to see my report which is a 989 score out of a possible 999 - an almost perfect excellent rating
  10. Hello my first time posting here so i hope i have posted in the right place ect. Basically i have been with perfect homes since 2012 and never had any problems, probably because we had never missed any payments. Until earlier this year when i was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder,which has been a very hard and stressful time for me and my family. So i have 2 problems with perfect homes that i would like some advice about 1) i have named my partner on my account and put a password on my account that only me and my partner know, i have done this due to my mental health at times i a
  11. Hello there... Need a bit of guidance regarding my father. He had some things Perfect Homes in Wolverhampton. Account lovely and smooth. They along with other people allowed him to carry on hence him getting into debt. Now my father is slow. He went to school for children with certain needs. My father is easily coaxed, frightened and easily manipulated into things. I have to keep bailing him out. That is if I find out what he has been up too. He is a lovely man regardless... My father had that many debts I didn't know about - so one firm told him to go
  12. I now see Perfect Homes is doing similar to Brighthouse with this new PerfectCare they have brought out. I wonder if the FCA will be looking into this company also.
  13. Do PH change the agreement number when they re write out a 2nd agreement. I'm asking this as my original agreement had all the insurance etc on and when I had this all taken off and they gave me a different agreement copy. now when I pay weekly and receive my receipt I can't tell what agreement is for what as the numbers on receipt are different to that of my original agreement which means I can't work out whats what and when an item finishes by own reckoning.
  14. Another example of improper recovery of goods from the customer's home - Financial Ombudsman awarded a full refund of all payments, and £300 for the distress caused.
  15. Hi I have recently joined your forum after reading some of the horror stories about Perfect Home. I took out a credit agreement in June 2013 for a suite, everything was going fine until September 2014 when my finances were all over the place. I have had the hundreds of phone calls (not exaggerated) and the bully boys on the door. I sent an email to them through their website asking for a complete breakdown of amounts paid amounts due and what payments were for. I was told when I took out the agreement that the coverplus was compulsory. I got my
  16. Hi People. I am wanting to know if you fail to let Perfect Home know of your new address how far to they go in searching for you and tracking you down and what will happened when they find you. I am asking as I am worried about a family member because she can longer afford payments and is moving to a smaller property but says she is not giving the items back as they are a rip off. will they contact police bah bah. Thanks
  17. I decided to ring customer services asking when a certain agreement finished which was taken out on the 10 Feb 2014 for 2 Samsung Tablets. Original agreement was 104 £1007.76 this was changed in summer of 14 when I took out my own insurance so reducing the amount and wks to 84 at £9.68 and total amount payable £813.12. Lady told me on the phone that my payments end in 2016 which is completely wrong as I reckoned it up and it should finish Sep this yr. she states I never started paying until July 14 which was when this new agreement was written up reducing my amount payable. I questioned
  18. Hi I started an agreement with perfect homes 17 Sep 2013 for a Samsung mobile. now my agreement states total amount payable £657.60 over 80weeks. today I receive an annual statement from them through the post which says opening balance £1,012.80 and remaining balance £290.90 Now I know when I first started I had to take all insurance etc. I did get my own insurance which I showed them. what I can't understand is how does my agreement show £657.90 and they are saying that huge amount on a statement. advice really needed please.
  19. Hi looking for email address for Temple Finance so can forward email regarding arrears caused by there store failing to inform me that they had cancelled my Debit Card continuous authority due to their system being changed They took payments from money that had accrued from a slight overpayment and then allowed the account to go 2 weeks into arrears before making any contact They require a new arrangement to be set up and need to have the card swiped to set it up, however, due to work commitments have been unable to get in store and have asked them to send me details f
  20. Hi folks, today I had a visit from Temple Finance who I now know are Perfect Homes. I will try and keeps this short but informative; I lost my job a few months ago and we were in arrears with Perfect Homes, they harrassed me for weeks even after I spoke to them saying I can make a payment of X amount on X day they flat out refused the payment and continued to add charges. The prices they were demanding were outragously inflated from what we knew we owed I challenged them on this and got them to send paper copies out, we found out we had be
  21. Please Help. I sold my soul to the devil 4 yrs ago when I purchased a Tumble Dryer from Perfect Home!! Believe me I was under no illusion as to their sky high interest rates ect but I had no other alternative as couldn't afford to buy one outright. Since then I have had 5 agreements with them (2 have been paid 3 ongoing). My problem is this: A month before Xmas my cooker broke so having no alternative I once again turned to Perfect Home. All was ok until I missed a payment last week! My weekly repayments are £42 so I now owe £104! This being 2 wks payme
  22. Hi I was wondering if anybody knows how i go about handing furniture back to perfect home please Reason is i am financially no longer able to keep up regular payments with them for goods i received in March 2013 I telephoned my local store stating i can not keep up full payments for the items i have on HP only to be what i can say is bullied and sort of intimidated into lending cash to pay them that weeks payment. Thing is i now am in my 10 day of arrears and im worried they will turn up and take goods away. I have explained that i am unable to keep up fu
  23. Hi I wonder if anybody can give me some information on Perfect home... I stupidly took out a couple of items with them at the start of last year and wish i did not i have been paying a rude amount of money to them ever since i am fully up to date with all payments but do not own cover plus but want to know if i am within my rights to hand the items back as i am financially not able to keep up with the payments anymore and would much rather return the goods than to stay in debt and possibly run up a ccj for non payment any information will be a help thank you
  24. Please Help..! I opened a account with perfect homes just before christmas 2013 for a new settee as i wasnt able to afford a new settee straight out right. I was meant to pay £32 + pence a week but only got paid fortnightly (benefit payment.) i paid £70 + pence every fortnight which included the late fee. Which they moaned at because the payment was a week late (but always paid the full 2 weeks payment!) At the time of getting the sofa we was in a position to pay as we was receiving my partners DLA. Since then our DLA has been stopped due to it changing to PIP
  25. i had a tv and 2 laptops off these the tv blew and then i dropped the laptops downstairs into a state of total destruction. when i rang and told them they said they didnt belive me and that the police were going to be notified for theft as deception
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