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Found 13 results

  1. please can some one help me I've checked my credit report today and there is a default notice on my report from welsh water dated 13-1-16 for £2602 the debt in question is from a previous address after a phone call to welsh water its due between 25-2-14 to 12-2-18 which is today. i MOVED out of this address august 2015 my husband set up a new water bill for the new address but as he called he did it in his name. welsh water are refusing to accept that i am not liable for this debt, they said as i didn't tell them i had moved the correct way then I'm liable f
  2. Hi, I've been trying to despute my water bill with Welsh Water as I feel I'm being over charged. In a recent conversation with a representative I was told that my property was on the lowest tariff I am still paying more than my neighbors & friends in much bigger properties. I pay £32.00 per month but my neighbors are paying between £18.00 & £22.00 per month. Is there a higher complaints procedure I can go through to get myself heard as so far I've been met by unsatisfactory excuses as to why I pay more. Thank you for your time.
  3. I'm after some advice if possible. in my stupidity I haven't being paying my water charges. about 4 weeks ago I received a letter from the county court for welsh water charges from 2016-2017. My wife immediately opened a new account from 18th Nov and has made a monthly payment. I replied to the court with a part admission for the charges from April 2016 to Nov 16 as my wife had opened an account and was making regular payments, I also supplied the new account number However I have received a response from welsh water that they have denied my claim for part admissi
  4. Android Pay ( same as Apple Pay ) went live for RBOS on 13/9/16. However what they don't tell you is that this is only for Scottish customers. Loyal customers in England, Wales and NI are not eligible. How bad is that to single of a huge amount of customers because of where they live. There is a word for it and thought this bank was above this... They need to clearly state on their website that they only support customers in Scotland. I feel really let down by this bank... time to change..
  5. What can I do? When I first moved here last year, I gathered the landlord had passed my details on to the water company like they did for gas and electricity. Back in Jan, I had a letter from Welsh Water addressed to the occupier/owner which pretty much said that they believe the property to be empty and if so could I contact them and ask them to cut off the water to prevent leaks if a pipe burst. I did the right thing and got in touch with them, said the date I moved in and explained that my landlord clearly didn't pass my details onto them. For my honest
  6. I had an intention to default notice from welsh water today for the amount of £548 which is this years water rates. After calling them, it appears this is now a standard letter as they are back dating payments made to experian since 2012. I had an outstanding amount of £31 from a CCJ (Which I paid 2 days after it was issued). I have since checked my file and indeed there is now an entry from welsh water and I have missed payments from 2012 to last month on that account , and my main account is fine. (as I have been paying by direct debit ever since) apparently the £548 is setup
  7. Hi everyone, Havent had to post here for a while now, but this website proved invaluable to me when being persued by Lovell and Co. Here's my new dilemma! In process of selling my home and purchasing new one. Mortgage advisor called me in to inform me there is now a problem with my application. Had previously been approved last year when started looking for new property. I hadn't checked Experian for a while as I knew my credit rating was 974 and classed as excellent. I know how important credit files are, having had bad credit many many years ago, taking me years to even get a basic ba
  8. Hello, Looking for some advice if possible. I have got in a real mess with Welsh Water and they have reduced the water pressure in my house. I now have no hot water and not enough pressure to refill my toilet which is upstairs. A few years ago, when I ended up as the only person living in my house I switched to a water meter. I was paying on DD and all was rosey. Suddenly, somehow a bill for just under £1000 turned up. I just couldn't understand it. It turns out my water meter was feeding not only my house by my next door neighbours house!. Welsh Water came r
  9. I received a letter from the county court in Northampton that Welsh Water had decided to take a CCJ against me for over £2000 without warning. I have been away and I only have until Saturday 7th to respond to the CCJ. I lost my job a while back and trying to get another was hard to do and I ended up further in debt and my bank cancelled all my DD to stop me getting more bank charges. I do have just started a new job but it's poorly paid and long hours. With other debts I can't afford this. I hope to defend it. Any advice would be helpful
  10. I have just recieved a county court claim dated 01/09/14 from Welsh Water for water charges and sewerage charges for the period 01/04/14 to 31/03/15. The amount being claimed is £558.12 plus court fee £60 and solicitors costs £70. I made a payment of £288.12 on the date the county court claim was issued not knowing that Welsh Water had issued the claim. This payment represents more then the 5 months charges I actually owe Welsh Water. My question is are Welsh Water legally allowed to issue a county court claim for water and services I have not yet recieved and if not how do I formulate a
  11. Hi, I am reclaiming PPI on my Natwest classic credit card and i'm trying to find the template letters in order to do this, so if someone could let me know where to find them I would be most greatful thank you WG.
  12. Welsh water have since been awarded a CCJ against me for unpaid water rates which I had a dispute over. My question is this, my origonal water bill was £2,800 and they have been awarded a CCJ for £3,400 the rest was legal charges or fees as they like to call them I phoned them and agreed to pay £3000 immiediatly to bring the case to an end, as you can imagine they refused point blank and have done so from the start. Am I within my rights to ask for a detailed run down of there costs and recipts so I can reduce the so called charges elements to there claim. I am more than willin
  13. I am having major issues with welsh water at present. I have recived court papers from nottingham that are taking me to court for unpaid water bills. This is where things get a little dicy and need some help please. I am a single person, living along for the past 10 years and welsh water have had me on the unmetered water and sewrage bill through whole of this time. However on 3 occations I have requested a meter be fitted "On there Advice" thus reducing my bill by a third however they have still not come to fit it after trying numerous times. I paid them £300 off one bill
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