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  1. are you suggesting i do not know how to manage my credit? i thought you were here to help...i have no problems managing my credit...it was only one late payment because my illness was so bad at the time..
  2. but if i do.. and apply for lower interest one... will that mean an immediate rejection?
  3. just applied today. was successful. no it is actually called Aquis. not received yet
  4. hi, my query is..this.. .can i cancel a credit card after applying? the reason being i chose the wrong one with higher interest. .i chose vanquis instead of Aquis.. . called vanquis but was told they could not change it. ..i am thinking if i do change it ...or cancel it. ..this could have an impact on my credit file. ..can anyone please advise?
  5. Equifax shows yellow, and before was green..and i get a "fair" credit rating..and "ok"...not exactly where i was
  6. thanks for replies, always much appreciated.. the calendar section has marker for feby. i received another call from b.c. today.. they are trying to ascertain the reason for late payment.. she is going to review it again based on what i am telling her over the phone.. i told her i can get medical proof for illness..she replied, perhaps later they might require that. it tells me , they can remove it... based on the reason..this is a onetime late payment marker..otherwise my files are totally clean of problems, but this ofcourse is making an impact on my credibility.
  7. Can anyone help? i finally got my credit record straight.. and then in february due to my S.A.D... i missed a payment on 2 credit cards.. i got on the phone as soon as i could to get it sorted.. but at the time i was unable to do much.. because i was ill and sleeping a lot and i live alone.. its difficult to describe unless one suffers from this.. now to my horror after explaining everything , i found 2 late payment markers in that month one for each card respectively.. i am told this will stay on my file for 7 years...
  8. do have an old mobile i use, about 6 years and has sound recorder yes i can use that... but having bother getting a charger .. suffice to say today, im not set up for it
  9. no, cant afford those things .. i pare everything down to the bone as they say
  10. i just called them requesting a call back but the phone cut off.. then i remembered i need to record it... but at present i have nothing i can record it on...so any use in calling?
  11. and can they register a default on cred record at any time? while i am in dispute with them
  12. ok thanks, as mentioned they are asking for 2007-2014..2014 was 4 year ago... can they still charge a portion of this period? or are they breaking the rules entirely?
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