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Found 16 results

  1. Good Morning everyone, My situation is quite complex so please bear with me and any help and uggestions would be greatly appreciated, i will start with a brief statement as to how this all started 15 years ago and then onto the problems i am now facing. In 2003 i applied to remortgage and take equity from my home, i was turned down, i checked my credit reports to see that i had several defaults and a CCJ from Barclays on my acc, after a few years i managed to get all of this sorted with apology letters from Barclays. In 2013 i was again chased for debts that did not belong to me, i tried every avenue possible to get this mistake sorted for a second time but eventually i ended up going to the newspapers and the FOS who then sorted out the problem with Lloyds and Experian with a pathetic £250 compensation, even though id spent 10 times this on phone calls and writing letters/emails etc . Now in 2018 this has all happened again, i have checked my report from all 3 CRAs and Call Credit and Experian are showing defaults, CCJ, addresses i have never lived at, they have even changed my electoral roll entry without any instruction by myself or legal documents to do this. All of this wrong information is for a person with the same first and last name as me and also the same date of birth, however this other person has a middle name and i do not. I received a letter from 02 on the 19th of March chasing a debt for this other person, i immediately checked my credit report, and there it was, 02 had already linked me and the debt/account to my address without doing any checks whatsoever to see if i was the correct person, i DONT have an account with 02. There is then the other accounts from 6 other companies in default that i have never had accounts with and a CCJ which i dont even know what it is for , i just know none of these belong to me as ive never missed a payment on anything or had any dealings with these companies. I have disputed all of this with Call Credit but they refuse to remove all of this wrong information, i have not spoke to any of the companies involved as from past experience they will not speak to me due to data protection when i say i am not the person they seek, but they also dont resolve the problem either, i have since joined checkmyfile and they are trying to sort things out with call credit , but say i have to sort out this mess with Experian myself. I am seeking advice as to what to do next, to be honest the companies reporting all of this wrong information in my eyes need to pay, i am busy renovating my home and considering an extension as my wife is 8 months pregnant but i am now reluctant to apply for any loans/remortgage etc as i know i will be turned down, and as you can expect for this to happen a 3rd time my stress levels have went through the roof. Companies listing defaults on my report who i have no dealings with at all and ruining my credit report because of there incompetence to check they have the correct person are: Lloyds Bank (again) Lowell Vanquis Bank Capital One Hoist Portfolio Home retail group 02 ( who reported and made the link with callcredit , even though this serial debtor has paid his bill now, so is not showing as a default, but its now to late as they have done the damage) Thank you kindly to anyone that can help. Luco19
  2. Bought car on evening of the 7th December. Car insured at dealership. Attempted to tax at dealership but website wouldn't allow. Drove car to gf's home and tried online unsuccessfully again a few times but thought must be a site issue. 8th left car parked and commuted to work. Tried website but still not able called DVLA number and attempted to pay online. Was told i would have fill out information at post office. Finished work after post office closed. Had leave gf's house early next day for 2 week holiday before Post office opened. Returned to UK on 24th late afternoon to find car clamped with local council enforcement insignia and clamping company information but no explanation of reason. All telephone numbers went to voice mail. Paid clamping fine through online service. Rang every number and organisation i could throughout night. No one could explain reason or remove clamp. Stuck alone in gf's house - she was with family on other side of country- No food, freezing and missed all family Xmas duties with my grandparents who are 90+ years old and whom i am a carer of due to no trains running. Car remained clamped until 29th! Took visit to Local county enforcement office and then long wait and conversation with Local Council to determine DVLA had issued clamp. 6 Weeks later received further fine from DVLA. Written long letter to explain situation, circumstances and overly distressing punishment for £30 tax i had on numerous occasions tried to pay. Fully expect to get generic letter saying it was my fault. If so intend on going to court or arbitration. Does anyone have any advice or experience of court process?
  3. Thank for taking the time to read. The story below involves a serious case of Builder Breach of Contract/Fraud and Malcicious Damage. The location is East Cheshire. In May 2012 we employed the services of an Architect to design major extension plans for an existing bungalow. These were approved by the LPA in July 2012. By this time we had also employed a Structural Eng and Building control surveyor, all were local to the build. We were recommended a builder by our Architect firm after meeting numerous other builders and we decided to go with the Architects recommend. A contract of fixed price quote was agreed/drafted outling the works/plans/specifications/work programmed/payment schedules etc.... the build time was 26 weeks at a total cost of £193,000. The building works commenced early December 2012. Fast forwarding to April 2013. The builder without reason had walked off site, became uncontactable, left personal possession's on site. Now behind schedule and overpayments made for incomplete works (long story). He had left the property only 30% complete has been paid £85,000, £55,000 remaining, the balance to be paid to window company and personal allowance toward fixtures and fittings. May 2013, the builder was sighted working on his own property with the sub contractor's that were working on our site, still failing to make contact with us. Architect was not paid to oversee the works but as they were associated (recommended and proven business associates) with the builder we felt it their duty to liase, they washed their hands of the situation. With the builder now being away from site for inexcess of 21 days we eventually received an email stating he would not be returning to complete the works. Early one morning he removed his personal possessions, our paid for materials and left the property looking like a war zone. We have agreed to his termination and now hold him in repudiation (breach of contract). Unfortunately he hides behind a Limited company with NIL assest's. Further to this, we have since gained reports from the building surveyor who has written a report condemning the works undertaken by the builder. Also noted that the builder made nil contact with the surveyor for the past 3 months whilst major building works had taken place. To top it off we have now had a visit from an LPA Enforcement Officer suggesting "development in its entirety is unauthorised and in breach of planning control. Due to the builder having deviated from the approved plans without consent. I shan't go into detail of the deviations, but they are of massive consequence, both materially and financially. The builder has not only commited Fraud by taking monies for not completing works and suppling materials for which were agreed, but he is also in breach of contract by terminating the fixed price quote and agreement/contract of his own will. Along with now leaving the property in an unauthorised state by the LPA. The property was left unsafe, unsecure and parts of the roof are exposed to the elements thus causing major water ingress. It's now totally unihabitable, unsellable and unmortgageable. As mentioned, because the builder (Director) hides behind a worthless Limited Company I have been advised suing the company could be a waste of money. Right now, our lives are in tatter's, we are probably inexcess of £100,000 out of pocket (amount necessary to make right the wrong's and complete the extra to complete the project with another builder) and have a "cease work order" over the property by the LPA. We are not chasing sympathy just want to make people aware to be very very careful when it comes to major building works even if it's a builder from a recommend. As it stands we have all but lost strength to carry on let alone the retribution I want with the builder. If anybody with similar severe case of builder fraud/breach of contract has any input it would be greatly appreciated. Various documents/paperwork/reports/photographs/proof of payments, emails/text dialogue etc... is all available as proof against the builder. Oh, the builder under a different company name is currently seeking planning permission to open a Children's Play Centre and this is in association with the same Architects, the Electrician he used on our site, the builder's wife and their Accountant. The Accountant for whom we have since found out was the owner of a property which the builder showed us his previous work before we agreed a contract for him to work on ours. This was not divulged to us at the time. It has also come to light that the same builder commited similar offences back in 2006 under a different company name (Directors - builders wife and same Accountant) which has since been struck off/dissolved. As it stands, as of this date we are in a massive mess and are not sure how we are going to get out of it. To me the law is an "ass". Trader's can hide behind a worthless Limited Company and the innocent client/customer has zero recourse with regard justice against these criminal's. We do not have thousand's of £££ available to sue as whatever we have left need's to be put back into making this "war zone" of a property hopefully one day habitable. Thank you for taking the time to read.
  4. I am after some help with fighting TELETEXT Holidays. Basically I purchased a holiday and nothing was as advertised on their website, it cost us a great deal more money to provide the essentials whilst on the holiday and pretty much ruined our experience. I have sent in complaints and attached my emails and theirs in an attachment to this. They seem to have come to the end of the line with their compensation offers of a measly just under £200 for a £2000 holiday. If someone would be so kind as to read the emails to see my chances and then direct me on my first steps to court proceedings I would be truly grateful. I can donate to the page also. Regards Complaints to Teletext Emails.pdf
  5. Hi all, After many long years, I am finally free from most of my problem debts and had expected my rating to improve dramatically. However despite this, it is still showing very poor on Noddle, Checkmyfile et al. I spoken with Checkmyfile for their view and think i know what the issue is. I lived in flat from Dec 2007 to April 2012 where most of my issues racked up - lost job, British Gas meant i stopped paying certain things to keep them off my back - stupid i know, but when backed into a corner not knowing the way out, i just acted. i finally moved from that address, provided a forwarding address and settled final bills. Fast forward to now, and i have found the following: - British Gas are still reporting two accounts at my old address with a late payment marker - These have been reported as late payment since 2012 - no default - According to the CRA, they are reported like active accounts - The gas account was settled at the time. These are two electricity accounts! - The late payment markers are the main reason for my very poor rating - all other accounts are in good shape! I've tried to contact BG four times in the past week with no joy. Only once did i speak with someone who said the accounts were so old, they didn't store any information on them. They did however show two electricity accounts that were in arrears to the tune of £243 and £262!! I was adamant that i had paid to which he said, there is no record of this and i would need to prove it. I've changed banks twice since 2012!! They have never called, emailed or sent a bill out to either the old address (which incidentally i still own but rent out, and has been leased since i left. The new tenant even changed to E-On) or the forwarding address i provided (my in-laws). I am confused by the fact that they have never added a default notice to my file or made contact. What is most worrying however is that I paid and settled the accounts but they have no record! BG made my life a misery and despite being away from them for years, they are still affecting me. My wife and I have tried to remortgage only to be refused - this is the reason!! The remortgage is critical as she is now on maternity leave with no income - I am supporting all three of us and the mortgage payments will go up from January. It gets better - I have a role in financial services and have worked hard to get into a senior position - a poor rating is not compatible with this role and means that my job is in jeopardy! We're now sick with worry at the worst possible time of year... Actions taken so far are: - I have sent a Section 10 DPA notice telling them they cannot share my personal information. Don't know if this will stop further damage. I have noted in this letter that their actions are unwarranted and are affecting not only myself but my wife, who was never linked to that address or these accounts. - Have also sent a complaint letter by email and post demanding they close accounts, clear balances and remove adverse credit file information. Has anyone else come across something like this themselves? Any advice as to how i can finally rid myself of these HELP! Thanks, Matt
  6. On Monday of this week I was in a meeting at work with about 20 or so colleagues. One of them had only just joined the company and was staying over in Manchester (head office) as he was based in the London office. Unfortunately during the meeting this colleague had an epileptic fit, falling off his chair and banging his head. Our office first aider was on in the room in seconds, and asked for coats / jackets to be placed under his head to prevent him from injuring himself further. As my suit jacket was on top, it ended up being covered in blood. Later that day I took the jacket to Timpsons to be dry cleaned, however they refused to take it as the blood hadn't fully dried, so returned it again on Wednesday. Yesterday I picked it up to find that most of the blood / saliva was still on the suit. Timpsons have offered to re-clean the jacket, however say that there's no guarantee it will come out. I wasn't to bothered about the cost of cleaning the suit - A couple of pound is nothing compared to the guy having a fit and injuring himself, however I am a little bit more concerened if the jacket is ruined, seeing though it cost almost £200 only 3 months ago. My question is, if the jacket / suit is ruined, who's responsible for replacing it? I don't want to come across as cold hearted, however I also don't want to be massively out of pocket. Is it My employer - They specify that you must wear a suit to work. The culture dictates that this is a nice suit and the phrase "look like your going to a wedding is often banded about. It was my work's first aider who placed the jackets under my colleagues head, as well as the presentation video (put together by the marketing team) without no warning of flashing lights which seemed to set his fit off. My colleague - He was staying at head office for a week and didn't bring his epilepsy medication. He knew that he was prone to fits (as he said the following day) but didn't speak up when told we were going to watch some videos on the projector. Me - That's life. Things happen beyond our control and I have to live with it. As I say, I don't want to come across as harsh. I'm not particularly fussed paying £10 to have the jacket cleaned. I just don't want to be £200 out of pocket (more if the suit is no longer sold as the trousers would be useless without a jacket) when it wasn't my fault. I'm going to wait until I get the jacket back from the cleaners for the second time before raising the issue with work. Also, if you were in this position (had your clothing ruined) or my colleagues position regarding the ruining of someones suit what would you do? Thanks in advance Scott
  7. It was with some annoyance that I discovered that Cirque Du Soleil's head office is in Luxembourg. After having our show (Amaluna at Royal Albert Hall) ruined by double-booking of my seats at Valentine's Day (of all days - myself and my date were appalled) I have decided to go after them for a full refund of the £150 I paid under the Goods and Services Act 1982. We basically missed the first 15-20 minutes due to their bungling of our tickets and jilting us into inferior side seats. I emailed them at their 'customer services' email (info@ ....) and have not had a reply. Like as if that's an actual customer service email address. there is no other contact for customer services. Another sneaky way to get out of dealing with annoyed customers. Mainly it's the principle. They think they can go and create some dummy office in Luxembourg and try and sneak people out of their consumer rights here in the UK, well they can think again. I have never claimed refunds from businesses based outside the UK but I imagine the process is similar, send letter asking for refund...wait 3 weeks, send final warning (however on this occasion I have already emailed them so they don't get another warning)....apply for European Payment Order....send bailiffs into the London venue if they do not pay with possible shut down of show due to health and safety because the bailiff took the show props and show equipment to recover costs. Anyway, I have written them a letter as of today which will be posted to their Luxembourg address: 16 Avenue Pasteur L-2310 Luxembourg Grand Duchy of Luxembourg I will give them 3 weeks from today before making my application for a European Payment Order and then possibly get to send the bailiffs in to Royal Albert Hall. Does this sound reasonable?!
  8. I recently phoned vodafone to settle an old account which is showing as defaulted in 2014, I don't have any paper work and asked them to check the account details based on all my previous post codes as I no longer know this telephone number as it is from an account opened in 2011. The person couldn't find the account details and confirmed that they have no record or account details for this debt even though every month its showing as a default on my credit file. I requested to speak to the department responsible for sending this information to credit ref agency but was told this is not an option. Can I add a notice of correction because I've attempted to pay off the debt but vodafone are refusing to accept payment or can't find the account details to settle this debt?
  9. Hi everyone I'm having a battle with my meat company and am not getting anywhere. They are refusing to accept responsibility and won't refund me for the cost of the ruined meat and are holding on to my credit balance when I cancelled the account one month ago and whilst I am convinced I am in the right I don't know that I am. What happened was that during the summer the courier left my meat order with neighbours that I am not very friendly with and on that occasion they signed for the meat and promptly went out for the rest of the day. After that I asked the meat company to please ensure my meat was never left with those particular neighbours. In addition the company ask for a safe place to be designated. I have a wonderfully safe place in my rear garden shed, which is completely hidden from the street, and the company claim to honour your chosen 'safe place' but all of this year FedEx have only once bothered to go to my garden shed and have persisted in leaving it with those neighbours. I started only booking in a delivery when I knew I could wait at home all day but last month my work was postponed by a week and I was left with no choice than to not be at home. On this day FedEx delivered my predominantly fish and chicken order to those blacklisted neighbours and then FedEx did not leave me a delivery note to tell me that is where it was. I emailed the company at 7pm to say I had not had the expected delivery and the next morning I had to call the office again as they had not responded. They then told me that the meat had been left with those blacklisted neighbours and as I was working an hour away from home I could not go to the neighbours until the evening when I got home - which was 7pm again. I went to the neighbours house and they had kept my meat in the living room for some 30 hours and the room was like a furnace it was so hot. All the meat had defrosted. £91 worth. The neighbours knew it was meat but clearly didn't feel any responsibility for it even though they had signed for it. Ultimately I hold the meat company responsible because they knew I did not want my meat being left at that house. They are saying that they can't be responsible for their courier, they say that on their website. But I think its unlawful because I provided a safe place with excellent instructions (and they also say on their website that they will leave it at any safe place of my choosing and so being out need never be a problem!) which they ignored. I specifically requested that my meat never be left with these particular neighbours because of previous problems and they told me on the phone that they understood this but have done nothing to stop it happening again. I have told them I was not left a note and FedEx is saying they did! I have been sending them regular emails over the month and last week I wrote to them to tell them that if it was not resolved, and me fully refunded by 1 January 2016 they I would complain to the Consumer Ombudsman. Even if they don't want to refund me the meat, surely they should have returned the £90 that I was in credit by in my account before I closed it? Please can anyone advise if the Ombudsman is the way to go and if I should feel entitled to a full refund? Thank you
  10. Hi Please can anyone help with this? A brand new red checked shirt was washed following the label instructions at 40 degrees and the red dye has run into several other garments dyeing them pink/red to the point that they are potentially ruined. Can anyone provide advise on how to approach the store to claim for the cost of the damaged clothes? Thanks for any help?
  11. I've taken my 1.5 year old sheepskin jacket to the American Dry Cleaning Company early in February. The lady who served me encouraged me to bring as many items as I could to take advantage of the discount they had in the shop. She also offered to become the member of the dry cleaners so i could get a further discount on dry cleaning service, which I did. She could not find the classification for my jacket leather type in the system and put the normal leather jacket instead of sheepskin in the system and on the receipt. There was a lot of other paper work and she filled in a lot of different forms and asked me to sign lots of them. She said it was just some formality and she needed me to sign it so she can send the items to the specialist for dry-cleaning. When I raised a question about the quality of their service for sheepskin type of leather she said that they send it off to the specialist and he is really good and they never had any issues with him and I should not worry. I've taken her word on that and left my jacket with them. Few weeks later it came back shrunk few sizes, lost color and shine, with disintegrated belt hooks and faded trimming on the button holes and around the edges. It looked horrible! I've refused to accept it and it was sent back to the specialist for investigation and repair. When it was returned few weeks later, it was in not much better condition and I've decided to file for the compensation. The shop assistant filled in the form and sent it to the head office. After not hearing from them for few weeks I called them and was told that it’s being assessed by the specialist and they will come back to me in few days time. I called a week later and was told that it's been repaired again and apparently looks amazing and I should go and collect it from the local shop in the next day. This is not what I was expecting as the jacket was already repaired once and I didn't accept it. Anyway, when I went to the shop to take a look, it turned out they forgot to send it. It's been 2 months since I've left my jacket for cleaning and it's almost April now, the timing it completely unreasonable and the jacket is ruined as far as I am concerned. I had a chat with the customer service person and also with the shop manager who completely refused to compensate me and said that he will only refund the cost of the cleaning, nothing else. He said that I've signed the form where I was warned about the risks and this relieves them of any responsibility for compensation. I've tried to explain that I was not given any copies of such document, and the shop assistant didn't explain in full detail what the forms I was signing were for. I was left under impression it was just to describe what type jacket it was as they had no sheepskin classification in their system and to describe the condition of the item. I feel like complete idiot for being duped like this as the lady who served me seemed so genuine and told me that I have nothing to worry about and the leather specialist they are working with is really good and never had any issues. Today I called the TSA (trading association) for help and they said that this particular company is not their member hence they can't help me. It's very strange as the company's website mentioned that they follow TSA service guidelines, etc... To make things worse, I also don't have a receipt for the jacket as it was bought for cash in a boutique shop abroad almost 1.5 years ago. I paid almost 1500 pounds for it but it never crossed my mind to keep the receipt for such long time. Please help me with some advice; I really don't know what to do now! Shall I go to the small claims court or try to write or talk to any other consumer rights organizations. I don't really know what my rights are in this case. Can I get at least some of the cost of the jacket? My heart bleeds to see that so much money was wasted. I've been saving for a year to buy a jacket like this and didn't get much time to wear it, and now I'll have to buy a new jacket (not as nice and definitely not as expensive) for the next winter. Thank you, Inna
  12. Hi I really need your help I have a £500 deposit and the landlady had said I have left the mattress in a disgusting condition which I have not it was not in the best of shape when I moved in...I have disputed it with her and she has said she will leave £200 in my account from the £500 deposit...the mattress was thin and rubbish and not even a memory foam which I have seen from £169 from top shops....Just get most of my money back I offered to get her a mattress....what are my rights/what can I do.... Thanks
  13. Hey Guys, Major advice needed, I have had my fingers really burnt at a National garage after an oil and filter service. We took the car in after having no problems at this garage previously, car had the oil and filter changed and was given back to me. I hadn't even driven off the forecourt and the oil pressure warning came on. Took it straight back and was told not to worry as it was full of oil, again back out and light was still on. Took it back and was then told don't worry they'll speak to Audi in the morning as it must be a sensor that needs resetting. Took the car off the forecourt again and got 1/2 mile down the road and the engine died and would not restart. Had the RAC come out to recover the car home. Called the garage in the morning and they came out and changed the filter, The mechanic admitted that the oil filter was "loose in the housing" and the new one was fitted in the car. The oil pressure light immediately extinguished but now i'm left with an engine that's knocking itself into tomorrow and a whining turbo. I called the garage and they denied everything stating the fault must have been there when the car arrived and if we wanted anything done we would need an independent garage to look at it and state that it was the fault of National. I then called into head office and they sent the senior mechanic up to look at the car. Computer was plugged in showing that everything was operating as it should but we found on the invoice that the wrong oil filter had been booked out. The senior mechanic called the guy who fitted the filter and he admitted the car was not knocking when it came in and there was no lights on the dashboard. He thought that the filter that was originally fitted did not engage the pressure valve at the bottom of the engine and stopped oil circulating around. That filter has now obviously vanished. They've now asked for an independent report but have authorized work of up to £500?? My garage said he can only really comment on the cars condition now but believes it needs a new top end rebuild and a turbo. They have been good with us but also very grey when its coming to the nitty gritty of sending to the dealers under insurance. What the hell do I do???? Thanks Dan
  14. Hello, my story starts that I've opened barclays account few years ago, but didn't used until 3 weeks ago when I've decided to use barclays account for my holidays. so I went to my branch, asked to resend me my pin which I forgot long time ago, apparently at that moment they didn't have my new address, so changed my address as well, plus put 700 pounds to my account for holidays. Holidays started ok, went to France for a week, so had to pay just for camping, it went through. After went to Lithuania where all problems started. Tried to pay with my barclays card and my card was rejected, so called them from abroad, of course call price was high and had a useless chat with them for 1.5h, they just told me my account is closed, why? - didn't answered. so I've explained them that they leaving me on the street without shelter and food, but they said sorry, that they cannot do anything and I have to come to branch when ill be in UK and then I can collect all my money. so question would be: is it possible to claim, get money back for phone calls (should be around 100 pounds) and as well moral or other damage they made for my holidays? thank you in advance!!
  15. Hi All, Some advice please, I have a loan with these people and have been paying it since 2008 and will probably continue to pay for the rest of my life with there crazy unreasonable and somewhat illusive way there interest works. Anyway, despite that gripe I am now worried that they are destroying my credit score. I missed a payment in 2008 since then every month despite not missing any further I have a 4 on each month of equifax, this has gone on since 2008. I also arranged with them for part payment and a freeze on interest - this also went on my credit score as missed payments (they didnt even freeze my interest like they said they would, luckily I noticed and they had no choice but to refund me for the 6 months - £2000 interest they credited me back) What can I do??? Grrr - absolute vultures why oh why in this modern age arnt these people being properly governed.
  16. Hi everyone, Thank you for all the posts and advice on other threads - I have read through them diligently over the last 5 hours, but I am still terrified and feeling downright ridiculous and am more concerned with the 'integrity screening' repercussions from future potential employers. I was in TKMaxx earlier and removed a face bronzer from it's packet and repeated that action with a nail varnish before putting them both in my bag. I was stopped outside the shop by security and escorted to the back office where I admitted to the theft, returned the items which amounted to about £12, offered to pay for them which was declined and was asked for ID. I presented my passport and student ID card and was warned to expect an RLP letter to my home address. I signed the form banning me from entry into all TKMaxx and Homesense stores. I am a 23 year old female student, recently on antidepressants (no excuse, but feel like I am totally losing touch with myself and my principles) and this is the first time this has ever happened. In my panic I volunteered my student ID card as I had no proof of address and they noted down my university name and registration number. After studying for so many years and having student debt up to my eyeballs I am now horrified at the thought that Cireco and associated integrity screening databases could render all my hardwork (and debt) useless because of this frikking awful incident. For all of you who have been very helpful on other posts and are in the know (scarlettpimpernel, 2grumpy, dx, honeybee and the rest), I would so appreaciate having your advice on the following: 1) I understand that Asda, Superdrug, Tesco, Iceland and Boots have access to Cireco's "dishonest database" however can anyone tell me which other non-retail clients RLP have? On their website they mention communications and finance companies as part of their client group. 2) I am in the process of my graduate applications which will include those to law firms (painfully ironic) for grad schemes, government and civil service fast track schemes and grad schemes within the EU, UN and domestic politics. Apparently my name will be on the "dishonesty database" for 6 years so I am almost convinced at the moment that my idiotic actions will have cost me employment in the future due to screening in recruitment processes. I appreciate that this is a dramatic assumption, however I know I will be subject to high-screening for the roles as trainee lawyer, MP staff etc. Does anyone with law/civil service/RLP background know how much of my career I have actually sacrificed? 3) Considering that my priority is my career and therefore not wanting to draw attention to my name on the database, I think I will pay the fine. I understand 99.999% of you will think this completely unnecessary, but I do not want to be remembered or risk anything more that could damage my future any further. Therefore, my question is once I have paid the fine/contribution/office xmas drinks, will RLP come running back for more money? To be completely honest, even though I don't really have the money I can borrow it from my partner and my guilt/shame will be slightly eased by paying for it and not having to worry about my parents opening countless letters from RLP while I am at uni. (I gave them my home address in my panic - so so stupid.) 4) After volunteering my university info and registration number, could RLP notify my university or use that information against me in any way in the future regarding screenings, asking for more money etc? 5) I have a part-time job in a boutique clothes shop and I very much enjoy the work and am a loyal, honest employee. Could TKMaxx/ RLP notify my work place of this incident? Lastly, (and thank you very much for reading this far), I understand this is not a criminal affair but anything that stands against my name could be very damaging, so anyone in a similar situation or with any knowledge about the scope or effect of integrity screening processes for future employment as a lawyer or civil servant, please please please come to my rescue. I am too ashamed to tell my parents - it's not how I was raised. Many Thanks Jerry
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