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  1. We booked flights quite a few months ago from Liverpool to Amsterdam (there were 4 of us). A few days before our planned departure, we received an email of EasyJet to inform us that our flight could be subject to delay or cancellation due to air traffic control strikes in France. However, we arrived at Liverpool airport at approx. 03:30 for a 06:00 flight departure. On arrival at Liverpool, we then saw an email off EasyJet that had arrived approx. 03:00 saying our flight had been cancelled due to air traffic control strike. We were offered a refund or options of Bristol or London for flights (each being well over 3 hours drive away). We refused those options and decided to check out Skyscanner since we had pre-booked accommodation. We found flights from Doncaster for 15:00 that same day, returning Monday. Although arriving in Holland and returning to the UK at much later times, those flights suited us so we drove (2 hours/100 miles) to Doncaster. We then had to pay for parking (at last minute prices!! and we lost time at work on the Monday we returned to the UK (late evening instead of early morning). Are EasyJet supposed to compensate us or just provide a refund for their flight tickets? I’m not sure if air traffic control strike constitutes 'extraordinary circumstances' which is something i believe many airlines hide behind. Thanks for any help/advice or info.
  2. Heating is communal. It's a 2009 property and she has been in since they were built. Not sure how to get hold of a copy of the builders guarantee tho'
  3. My mum lives in a retirement village of approx 90 units. Roughly 30% are privately owned, 30% are jointly owner/renter and 30% are local authority. My mum pays for a monthly maintenance contract that covers security, maintenance and common ares (corridors/lounges and tv room etc. My mum has had laminate flooring laid throughout the apartment to allow easier access for wheelchairs. A few months ago, one of the radiators in her apartment leaked and caused damage to the laminate flooring. It was due to poor quality rather than any impact damage. The housing company said the repair should come off her own insurance. Another leak has now occurred, this time from poorly fitted pipes in the bathroom. The leak from this has also caused damage to the laminate flooring. I believe that these leak should be paid for by the housing company insurance rather than my mums since the interface between my mums property and that of the housing company would be the radiator valve or the sink unit. If my mum wanted to change the radiator for a decorative radiator of her choice, i 'm sure she would not be allowed to since it would be interfering with the heating system for the whole building. Please can anyone advise on what course of action to take? Thanks for any help or info provided.
  4. Thanks for that guys. The lease company have informed us that the info they provided were the hirer details NOT the driver name (which has been issued on the original PCN!!). collect, keep and ignore ALL their correspondence until they send a Court Letter?
  5. After sending BW Legal a letter telling them i don't intend to supply the name of the driver. I also requested proof that our leasing company had provided the name of the driver. We asked them the usual: 1 Is this land part of the Airport as defined in the byelaws? Yes or No. 2 What type of car park is it? 3 What contravention gives a cause of action? 4 Who contravened your rules? 5 Who you are pursuing? 6 How is the £160 made up? We've also stated that would be our final response and that we would be happy to defend a court claim. To which we've received no responses other than an invite to pay a discounted offer. Any suggestions on what to do next? I'm happy to ignore and wait for court letters but i don't want to put myself into a dodgy situation regarding the legal correct 'thing to do' All info/advice really appreciated and i hope i've followed protocol in starting this as a new thread.
  6. So, when/How can i right this off an completely forget about it?
  7. Had nothing off P.E. but wouldn't expect anything either as it would cost them at least the cost of a stamp. My letter came off the court. I believe it will cost them even more to go back to court with the case.
  8. OK. Here's the story. We received the PCN and someone put together an appeal for us. That appeal (to POPLA) failed. I then started asking for help on several sites, including this one. The first response i received, and it turned out to be good, was from the other site so that's where i based my defence from. I came on here looking for reference info to similar cases so that i could build as strong a defence as possible. P.E. did the expected and sent loads of 'scary' documents but i was prepared to take a stand against them. Like I've said i wanted (and found), lots of reference info on this and other sites before i submitted my 'Defence Pack' I sincerely hope I've not upset anyone with asking a few questions on here because i really respect and appreciate what you guys do. So, hopefully, you guys will now be able to add to your ref material on P.E. that they do take people to the door step of the courts and then don't pay the court fees. I'd not come across that scenario before. If you think i may have info useful to you please let me know and i'd be happy to share.
  9. Our date is court with P.E. has been 'stuck' due to them not paying the hearing fees on time. The hearing date has now been vacated. Thanks for help/info and advice from this (and other Social Media) info pages.
  10. So, is there any point in telling BW to stop sending letters (because in responding to them, they are wasting my time)?
  11. Yes, but who does own the land for the car park. How can I find out, without doubt.
  12. Has anyone established who owns the Adelphi car park and if P.E. have rights to apply penalty charges there?
  13. Guys, Thanks for your help and advice on this. For a nice change, the manufacturers have agreed to play ball and to swap the machine for a new one. The only cost to us is going to be the fitting and removal costs. Thanks Chipper64
  14. It wasn't second hand. We bought it new off a local guy who has a repair business and he also supplies/fits new equipment. We've used him for years so quite trust worthy. It cost about £300
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