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  1. Sorry about being covert on this one but i didn't know if the seller would be able to follow this or cause me more problems. Here's what happened: I bought a shirt off Etsy and after buying, the seller took funds after 7 days. He followed this with an email suggesting the shirt had been dispatched from within the UK. 1 week later it still hadn't arrived so i followed this up with the seller. He became abusive and started to make libellous statements (i was a known [EDIT] on ebay and with Paypal) - he was sounding and getting quite desperate and i was
  2. The market place hasnt done anything wrong just yet as far as I can see but still some hurdles to jump before this is sorted out. Btw Still not recieved the item.
  3. I have recently made a purchase from a web based market place. The product was sold by a UK based company and was initially advertised along with an unique individual number (the original products by the original manufacturer were limited to < 5000 but they sold out within hours of going on sale.) Payment for the order was taken at the time the order was placed. Payment was via Amex through Paypal. Following the receipt notification, I was sent an email that the order had been dispatched (from the UK store), however a further enquiry a week later was sent, This
  4. A few weeks ago i recieved an email from a business that i'd used about 10-12 years ago. I have had no business with them since. The email contained an attachment that looked like a document i needed to see. I attempted to open the document but it wouldn't open (on my phone). I replied to the email and asked what the attachement was about. The response was that it had been sent in error and i shouldn't open the attachment (too late). I was quite angry about this for 2 reasons: i'd been sent a potential virus or other software that could of caused lots of problems wih my phone an
  5. We booked flights quite a few months ago from Liverpool to Amsterdam (there were 4 of us). A few days before our planned departure, we received an email of EasyJet to inform us that our flight could be subject to delay or cancellation due to air traffic control strikes in France. However, we arrived at Liverpool airport at approx. 03:30 for a 06:00 flight departure. On arrival at Liverpool, we then saw an email off EasyJet that had arrived approx. 03:00 saying our flight had been cancelled due to air traffic control strike. We were offered a refund or options of Bristol or London for flights (
  6. Heating is communal. It's a 2009 property and she has been in since they were built. Not sure how to get hold of a copy of the builders guarantee tho'
  7. My mum lives in a retirement village of approx 90 units. Roughly 30% are privately owned, 30% are jointly owner/renter and 30% are local authority. My mum pays for a monthly maintenance contract that covers security, maintenance and common ares (corridors/lounges and tv room etc. My mum has had laminate flooring laid throughout the apartment to allow easier access for wheelchairs. A few months ago, one of the radiators in her apartment leaked and caused damage to the laminate flooring. It was due to poor quality rather than any impact damage. The housing company said the repair should com
  8. Thanks for that guys. The lease company have informed us that the info they provided were the hirer details NOT the driver name (which has been issued on the original PCN!!). collect, keep and ignore ALL their correspondence until they send a Court Letter?
  9. After sending BW Legal a letter telling them i don't intend to supply the name of the driver. I also requested proof that our leasing company had provided the name of the driver. We asked them the usual: 1 Is this land part of the Airport as defined in the byelaws? Yes or No. 2 What type of car park is it? 3 What contravention gives a cause of action? 4 Who contravened your rules? 5 Who you are pursuing? 6 How is the £160 made up? We've also stated that would be our final response and that we would be happy to defend a court claim. To which we've received no responses
  10. So, when/How can i right this off an completely forget about it?
  11. Had nothing off P.E. but wouldn't expect anything either as it would cost them at least the cost of a stamp. My letter came off the court. I believe it will cost them even more to go back to court with the case.
  12. OK. Here's the story. We received the PCN and someone put together an appeal for us. That appeal (to POPLA) failed. I then started asking for help on several sites, including this one. The first response i received, and it turned out to be good, was from the other site so that's where i based my defence from. I came on here looking for reference info to similar cases so that i could build as strong a defence as possible. P.E. did the expected and sent loads of 'scary' documents but i was prepared to take a stand against them. Like I've said i wanted (and found), lots of
  13. Our date is court with P.E. has been 'stuck' due to them not paying the hearing fees on time. The hearing date has now been vacated. Thanks for help/info and advice from this (and other Social Media) info pages.
  14. So, is there any point in telling BW to stop sending letters (because in responding to them, they are wasting my time)?
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