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  1. Please advise Parcel2Go have lost a laptop I was returning to Argos for a full refund, They have lead me a merry dance with lots of excuses and won't compensate. What now please?
  2. Hi, before Christmas I sent a laptop through Parcel2Go. I did not buy insurance because I usually think it's a waste of time dealing with claims if something goes wrong - and it has never gone wrong. Until now. They lost the parcel which I had to open a claim for, after which they found the parcel to my relief. Hermes who was the carrier, then tried to attempt delivery to the recipient and found that they were out (I have been in communication with the person I sold the laptop to the whole time). Hermes left a note ( I have a picture of this note) saying it w
  3. Hi All, I'm here for some advice, I recently purchased a bike frame from eBay and arranged for a courier to collect it, as it was a collection only item. The parcel arrived on the specified date but the frame has suffered irreparable damage and is unusable. The frame is no longer available so is not easily replaced without significant additional financial outlay on my part. I purchased insurance cover and have been offered the following two settlement options: 1.) Approx. 70% of the purchase price and I keep the frame, or 2.) 100% of the purchase price and I
  4. Hello! I have won a bid on eBay for a heavy, bulky item and in the listing the seller stated: "· Please only bid if you have a big van to transport · Have at least 2 really strong people to carry, preferred 3 strong people. As it is extremely heavy. o IF this two points are not met, I will not give access to the property, as I don’t want anyone dragging the bed out of it by damaging my floor boards. I won the bid, paid instantly by Paypal, as stated in the listing and THEN the seller said they didn't accept PayPal but would only accept cash on collection.
  5. Hi, and thanks for your organisation! 6 weeks ago I ordered a PayPal card reader for use on the market (I'm a part-time trader). Here is the order info; Seller information PayPal Payments Pte Ltd +44 8003589448 Invoice ID 131723 Note to PayPal Payments Pte Ltd Order: 131723 Purchase details PayPal Chip card reader£37.50 Tax£7.50 Total£45.00 The number +44 8003589448 mentioned above is the one that tells me my claim has been dismissed. I didn't receive it, so I made a PayPal claim. They dismissed it, as the courier had delivered it. However, it was
  6. A mate in a company liveried van was attempting to deliver a parcel to an address, where a bailiff was hammering the door, the bailiff wanted to take the parcel, courier refused as he said bailiff was not adressee, bailiff asked couriers name, he refused, told courier would be done for obstruction and wrote down van registration number, what are the chances of plod following this up The bailiff frightened the excrement out of him he ran back to the van put the parcel in and drove off after leaving a calling card? I told him no chance parcel
  7. Hi folks I was wondering if I may get some advise from you guys, if possible. I bought a Dell desktop PC direct from Dell around 6 months back, but it was delivered damaged by Dell's local courier, I called Dell to come and collect the damaged desktop for a replacement. it took them ages, almost a phone call to Dell everyday for more than 2 weeks, to respond and finally I called and told them to collect the units and provide a full refund. Dell finally arrange collection last month, 5months after I first contacted them, from their side and the desktop
  8. Good day! i would like to ask for an advise. Lately, my laptop is having a hardware issue, and it is still under warranty. So I have contacted the Laptop Company (MSI) about it and they have arranged to have it collected from my home to have it checked and repaired. MSI's service provider contacted me that they are the one who are going to check the laptop and they have arranged a courier (DPD UK) to collect it. My laptop was collected 2 days after by the DPD UK, and it was properly package as instructed to be sent to the Repair Center. 8 days after, thinking that my laptop is getting fix
  9. Hi everyone I'm having a battle with my meat company and am not getting anywhere. They are refusing to accept responsibility and won't refund me for the cost of the ruined meat and are holding on to my credit balance when I cancelled the account one month ago and whilst I am convinced I am in the right I don't know that I am. What happened was that during the summer the courier left my meat order with neighbours that I am not very friendly with and on that occasion they signed for the meat and promptly went out for the rest of the day. After that I asked the meat company to p
  10. 3-4 weeks ago I sold an integrated amplifier (Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 6500) in a perfect working/cosmetic condition via ebay (130 pounds). Unfortunately it was damaged in transit as those guys from Hermes probably decided to play basketball with my item at their depot. "Very sad to say it looks like it has been thrown around in transit. The top of the case is loose on the right hand side, and the 'gap' between the lower chromed panel and the top panel (on the front) has a 2mm gap at the left and a 6mm gap at the right. Additionally one of the side corners is bent as though it
  11. I sold an item on ebay, marked as collection only, and my buyer chose to send a courier to collect. I agreed to this to facilitate the sale - yes, everyone has told me this was a mistake. Buyer made all the arrangements, using Shiply - that was her mistake! Courier duly collected the item - a hand-carved coffee table sold for £250 - but has never delivered and will not return emails, texts or phone calls. In short, he has gone AWOL and taken my table with him. Ebay, of course, have taken £250 off me again and given it back to the buyer. Neither of us has the table. So how do I recov
  12. hi all, long story short: i sold an item on ebay listed as 'for parts not working' as it was broken. buyer didnt like it so they wanted to return it, the reason was that it was 'broken'!. ebay case found in the buyers favour and it was sent by collect+ couriers to be returned to me. i never received the parcel, i phoned collect+ and they said it is with a neighbour but no signature. i've asked the neighbours and no one has it. i've phoned ebay 26 times (no exaggeration) over 2 weeks at work during my lunch hour - on one occasion i was on hold for 55miutes!....on the first cal
  13. Hi, I order a bike collection from a courier. The bike wasn't dellivered but I only notice 15 days latter (because the delliver was to be in a friends home in UK) The courier told me they lost the bike and they are looking for it. They also told me that I should made the claim until 7 days after the dellivery date. They have this info on their terms and conditions. Is this 7 days period to claim valid or the comon law override this terms? Thanks, and sorry for my bad english.
  14. I’ve been researching into ‘typical’ courier terms and conditions, with a particular interest in liability clauses. I’ve long been of the opinion the majority constitute unfair contracts and a shirking of responsibilities at the expense of consumer rights. What annoys me more than anything is the tendency for couriers to imply consumers require (and should pay for) additional insurance against loss, theft and damage. In my opinion if any of these eventualities occur it is as a result of negligence and (or) failure of the supplier to exercise reasonable care and skill. It i
  15. Hi, I purchased a wrought iron second hand bed surround from Ebay. I live in Orkney I arranged my courier AJG parcels to collect the item from Leeds and deliver it to me. They used another courier APC to collect the item and deliver it to their Inverness depot. It arrived there damaged. AJG delivered it to me and I signed for it and it was signed for as damaged. The driver told me to ring AJG in Inverness. I have just rung them they have told me that APC do not cover second hand items and so I have no claim. I was not informed this when I arranged for the collection and was not aware tha
  16. Hello there, I am looking for some advice on what I can do about Yodel a courier service having my parcel 'Disappear' To elaborate I ordered a few items from BodyBuild.com which is an American based company and they had said it should be delivered in 4-10 days something along those lines and gave me tracking details instantly very efficient service. After a few days I was tracking my parcel through DHL as they had the parcel to see it was moving it's way throughout the States and finally was brought into the Uk and delivered to a Southampton service centre. From th
  17. 3 Months ago I ordered 2 backpacks , wont say from whom as its not their fault although they refuse to take any responsibility for the rubbish courier they use. Had been working away from home for a week and came home to find a ticket from Myhermes saying parcel in wheelie bin ( a practice frowned upon by every other courier I use) well no parcel in bin , either stolen or the bin man just got an early xmas pressie , after 3 months , ( yes I was informed that Myhermes would take 90 days to investigate) I received an e-mail today saying I had left a note on the door telling the driver to le
  18. Hoping someone can help! Expecting a parcel delivery and was out today, got home to find note through door from courier stating 'item at back door' How is this possible when there is a 5 foot double bolted gate stopping anyone getting to the rear of our home. Went to investigate and they have forced entry. The gates were put in place a few weeks ago after moving here to stop our dog getting out and to also stop people coming round the back of our house!! They are nothing fancy but good enough for what we required. Now surely, fair enough the courier tries the latch and cannot
  19. Quite a short one today. I had a computer monitor that I sold on ebay and needed to send it via a courier and after using ParcelHero a lot, I decided to see if they would take it as I know a lot of courier companies get funny about taking items with a liquid crystal display such as a monitor or TV. It was a Friday I sold the item and I know that Parcelforce take them but it meant going to the post office to drop it off or waiting until the Monday for them to collect it and due to its size, I wanted to get it sent asap so I called ParcelHero to double check that they have no problem s
  20. This is a speculative question, and I'm sure I've seen a post covering it but I just can't find it. I'm incredibly irritated by the fact that it is now common place for couriers to charge an additional insurance premium to protect against theft/loss/damage to the goods you post. Often this insurance is more than the actual delivery charge! They are asking you to take out insurance to cover their own negligence! Surely if they lose, damage or an employee steals it this is a matter for them to take up with their own insurance not for me to claim on my own! This be a breach of contract
  21. Apologies if something similar has been mentioned already, I've searched and found no similar situations mentioned previously. Moving home to an unfurnished place so needed a sofa. My other half saw one she liked on eBay and we used deliveryquotecompare to arrange a courier to collect from the seller and deliver to our new place. Checked reviews and made sure the courier had GIT insurance before accepting a quote. Arranged to collect and move the sofa. It arrived with a small tear on the rear near the floor which not really visible wasn't too big a deal. However, the courier succeed
  22. I've used ParcelMonkey a few times recently; most recently I was arranging a return for the boss and PM came out cheapest on their bulk rate. No great surprise there, but what did pique my interest was the definition of 'perishable items' in their T&Cs -- as well as their no-compensation and prohibited items list. In their T&Cs (parcelmonkey.co.uk/terms-and-conditions) it reads (emphasis added): I couldn't believe it when I read that they'd defined designer clothing, apparel and accessories - over £250 in value, no less - as a perishable item! How is this justifiab
  23. Hi I try to present the case in a nutshell as it has been running for a while now: I booked a shipment at the beginning of July through a courier booking agent. Carrier was UPS. I declared its value correctly - approx £1120 at the time of shipping (due to exchange rate) and purchased additional insurance cover of up to £1500 when I booked the shipment. I followed the shipping agents packing advice guidelines 100% (bubblewrap around the item, fixing the item in a large corrugated cardboard box and filling the remainder with poly chips and other suitable packing material). The item
  24. Hi people, I am wondering if I can get some advice on what to do? I booked interparcel to collect sample dresses (I am a seamstress) for a client of mine and deliver them the next day before 12. They did not deliver the item and it took them until today to tell me that the couriers (TNT) have supposedly searched their depot and declared it lost. It was checked into the depot and given that it has bright purple packaging, I fail to see how it can have been misplaced. Just wondering what to do as I did not purchase enhanced cover, although I did declare the item worth £400, which is sh
  25. you got to love postal companies , been in all day wating for a packet got my delivery slot waited checked halfway through on the companies website . You guessed it they attempted delivery subsequently i managed to get someone to talk to and they contacted the driver who said they put a docket through a glass door . thats funny sinc ei live in a grade II listed cottage could'nt put a glass door in if i wanted to . Anyone think the courier wanted to finish early today but now hes got to come out again and deliver it
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