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Found 4 results

  1. Sending some Christmas presents, I booked a Next Day delivery with Parcel2Go on Thu 21 Dec. I put the item in an InPost locker for collection, but it wasn't picked up by the courier until Wed 27 Dec. The presents finally arrived Thu 28 Dec, a full week after I posted. Xmas happened in the middle extending the delay somewhat, but still the courier was technically 2 working days late in even collecting the parcel which was advertised and sold to me as Next Day delivery. I've asked P2G twice for a refund, but they say they don't guarantee delivery so aren't obliged to. They wouldn't refund even as a gesture of goodwill (I am, or was, a regular customer). Elsewhere I've read that as long as a parcel is delivered within 31 days it is not considered late. Can I somehow get a refund under false advertising/trades description (or similar) for this 'Next Day' charade?
  2. Good evening, I have a problem with a Hermes collection which is making me very worried and upset. I arranged for a parcel to be collected, the courier finally turned up and my husband saw the courier collect the parcel but on checking in the safe place there was no card. My parcel hasn't been received by SimplyBe so they made enquires with Hermes who deny there was a driver in the area on the day my parcel was collected. They have advised that I am liable for the value of the goods. What do I do? Is my issue against the courier or SimplyBe? I have read how awful Hermes are with numerous posts of missing parcels, fraudulently signed deliveries. Any helped would be appreciated. Thank you
  3. I sold an item on ebay, marked as collection only, and my buyer chose to send a courier to collect. I agreed to this to facilitate the sale - yes, everyone has told me this was a mistake. Buyer made all the arrangements, using Shiply - that was her mistake! Courier duly collected the item - a hand-carved coffee table sold for £250 - but has never delivered and will not return emails, texts or phone calls. In short, he has gone AWOL and taken my table with him. Ebay, of course, have taken £250 off me again and given it back to the buyer. Neither of us has the table. So how do I recover the goods? My buyer seems either unable or unwilling to trawl through her emails to find her booking confirmation, but in the meantime I have found his name (though I suspect it is false), email address, phone number, a copy of his terms and conditions, the city he is based in, and I have his van make and registration. What I don't have is an address, or my table, or £250 Can any one advise me on my next move.
  4. Sorry if I post this in the wrong forum. 4 years ago I relocated to Asia. For this reason I sold my car and cancelled my insurance. I left £1600 on my Barclay's bank account. In December 2011 I attempted to transfer £44.000 from Asia to my bank account, but the transfer failed. I couldn't figure out why. I relocated back to UK in February only to find out that my account had been defaulted and closed. After some investigation it turned out that Tesco car insurance had opened a new direct debit against my account to insure a car I no longer owned. The £1600 had been spent on this. As a result of this the £1600 was gone, and when the overdraft wasn't paid the account was closed. My Experian credit report was struck by a defaulted account with Barclays. The amount is £315 The dept has since been "sold" to a company by the name "Lowell Portfolio". Lowell didn't have my address since I was living in Asia, but that didn't stop them to register a defaulted account with Experian. The defaulted amount is £316. Lowell has also registered one more defaulted account with Experian, this amount is for £913 After talking with Lowell, I have announced my willingness to pay the incorrect alleged dept if they agree to remove the defaulted account from Experian, but they refuse to do this. I have also agreed to pay if they are able to provide details of the dept in question, but so far they have not been able to provide ANY details that shows exactly HOW this alleged dept occurred. I don't have any financial difficulties or problems paying this dept, but I feel bad about paying something I shouldn't, especially since I am being penalised for it in my credit report. Should I pursue this legally? How do I do that?
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