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  1. I have just finished the Mediation appointment of which the result has been that they are going to pay me back £240 which is the worth of the laptop that I sold. I stuck to my guns and declined Parcel2Go's offer of £160 and then £200. This just shows to any others out there dealing with this issue is that these courier companies are not willing to go to court. I was willing, because I had the evidence and was confident in my case. So it's a game of bluffing. I probably could have got my £25 court fee back but I just forgot to mention that when the mediator asked me what I
  2. Well, the update is that I will have a mediation with Parcel2Go on the 4th of April. I'm optimistic of the outcome, however if they do not offer the cost of the laptop back to me it will go to court. I still don't think they will let it go that far - ie they'll settle the claim. But lets see what happens! Thanks for all the help, Nick
  3. Even then, what happened broke their own T&Cs as the courier did not use 'reasonable care and skill'. On the first delivery attempt the courier left a note saying 'unsafe to leave parcel'. Then when they delivered it, they just left it in the front garden which is pretty blatantly not carefully or skillfully.
  4. Yes, it seems reasonable to give it a go and see what happens. I don't have to settle if they want to fob me off with a bad offer. I would very happily accept the debt amount minus interest plus court fee. Cheers
  5. Is it worth checking 'Yes' to mediation? I have read BankFodder's post on mediation in small claims and it seems as though it is not favourable.
  6. This is the defence that Parcel2Go has submitted, they say that the parcel could not be located which is wrong because I have this screenshot of a message from the courier. MCOL screen has been updated to say that the court has sent a 'DQ' to Parcel2Go. I'm not sure if I should be doing anything yet or what? Any advice? Thanks P.S (What does "A bar was put in place for Parcel2Go.com" mean?) A bar was put in place for Parcel2Go.com on 23/02/2018 Parcel2Go.com filed a defence on 23/02/2018 at 11:02:01 DQ sent to Parcel2Go.com on 26/02/2018
  7. Well, I’ve received a letter from the court saying they’ve acknowledged the claim. So, will be waiting on a defence. I guess now would be a good time to start writing my skeleton argument and bundle. Can anyone link some templates and maybe bullet point the main points in a skeleton argument. Thanks a lot!
  8. Well, so far I've not heard a peep out of Parcel2Go.com. The court letter I have says they have until 11th of February to reply. What happens after that?
  9. OK! I have filed the claim with MCOL today, lets see what happens! Thanks for all the help, I will post more information when it is necessary.
  10. ] This is the correspondence. I've replied saying that I know I'm entitled to reimbursement for my lost item. I will follow up through a small claim.
  11. Well I've had an email from Parcel2Go. No surprises here. "We’re writing to inform you that we’ve received your recent request for a refund regarding your recent order .......... The refund requested is for the amount of £4.99." Seems like they think it's a joke...
  12. Thanks all for you replies, I will get back to you when I submit the MCOL claim. Cheers
  13. The packaging did not cost anything as it already had a box. When you say contract reference number, do you mean the parcel2go number? How should I calculate the interest if I want to claim it up to the settlement of it? Thanks
  14. The letter arrived to Parcel2Go's HQ on the 8th of January. I am looking at creating a claim now with MoneyClaim, as I can save it and submit when the time comes. Do you think this is an adequate statement for what I am claiming and why - "On 6th December I contracted Parcel2Go.com to deliver a 'HP 15-ay080na Laptop' worth £240.00. In breach of the contract they failed to deliver and the parcel is now lost or stolen. I wish to claim the cost of Postage and the contents of the parcel, plus interest. Postage - £4.99 Contents - £240.00 Interest - £244.99*
  15. To Parcel2Go 2.doc I have used Parcel2Go before yes. But I have only been sending one or two laptops every 1-2 months for less than a year, so not that frequent. I do not have an eBay shop or anything - and I don't make enough to pay taxes on top of eBay fees so I don't think it's a "business". I think I've attached the letter I sent to Parcel2Go just recently.
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