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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Is a TRO a 'Traffic Rule Order' ? I would like to search the register to see what they have as the restriction in that location so I can see it matches the sign - whilst I contemplate what I am to do about this. In the meantime, it would seem that the council have decided that their parking restrictions are too restrictive and have put a sign up indicating a variance to the parking allowed. Now allowing: 1) loading for commercial vehicles 6 am to noon - 2) No Stopping except Taxis between noon and 6 am 3) Shared use of the bay - Good vehicles for loading 6 am to noon Limited waiting between noon and 6 am This puts me and a number of other suppliers at an immediate disadvantage if we use our 4x4 or estate cars for delivery. This I feel penalises and restricts small businesses - unless I am missing something?? HELP !. I don't think I have any choice but to take this all the way otherwise I can not deliver safely to this client at the moment unless I take our van which is 1) not cost effective and 2) its often not available. I have 28 days from 16th Augusts to respond to the Notice to owner. ALL HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED
  2. Hi I wonder if any of you lovely people can help me? I was making a substantial delivery to a restaurant in Beverly ( Catering/janitorial supplies). I was in my 4x4 as the van was delivering elsewhere. The bay did have a restriction of 'goods vehicles only' but i did not see that. The traffic warden agreed that she could see i was making a substantial delivery but said that i was using the wrong type of vehicle and issued a ticket. I appealed the ticket giving the copy of the delivery note and explaining that the goods are too heavy and many to park in the multi story and walk with them. They have rejected my appeal. I am not happy about this and feel this is restrictive to their tenants and their suppliers. My concern is that I will need to make future deliveries in my car … how will I do this without getting a ticket or knackering my back by parking in the multi story? Does anyone have any advise or similar situations?
  3. A mate in a company liveried van was attempting to deliver a parcel to an address, where a bailiff was hammering the door, the bailiff wanted to take the parcel, courier refused as he said bailiff was not adressee, bailiff asked couriers name, he refused, told courier would be done for obstruction and wrote down van registration number, what are the chances of plod following this up The bailiff frightened the excrement out of him he ran back to the van put the parcel in and drove off after leaving a calling card? I told him no chance parcel technically is not owned by occupier until signed for.
  4. Hi everyone, My dad got a PCN on the 26/08/2015 for being parked in a permit space without displaying a permit when dropping of a package for his company. I know its a penalty charge and the chances are slim but would like to try and challenge it. I'll upload a copy of the PCN to this post. Thanks Andrew
  5. I have lived in my current property for just over 2 years now, and have experienced several problems with my parcels being delivered to an incorrect address. I live on a Close and my parcels keep being delivered to the Road version. I have also had various issues when trying to retrieve said parcels myself, as the resident either denies having received anything, or is not in, when I call. (I am not accusing anyone of anything, and it would be virtually impossible to prove anything anyway) I thought this issue had been resolved, by having my parcels 'signed for' but no, the courier left a parcel with the incorrect address's neighbour, who signed for it. This is very frustrating, and very stressful.. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated..
  6. I've been a customer with PH for over 6 months with a perfect payment record and I decided to add a Galaxy S4 phone to my account. I signed for it and paid the first weekly amount and was told I would get the phone within 14 days. Its now over 2 weeks later, I've paid 3 payments for it and still no sign of the phone. Whenever I ask the staff in the Nottingham branch I just get blank looks and get told that there are no phones in stock, and that I need to wait another 3 or 4 weeks. They even tried to fob me off with a Galaxy tablet instead, but I said I was desperately needing a phone. I don't have good credit so this is basically the only way I can afford to get a decent phone at the moment. I've sent an email to PH customer service but I'm not hopeful that they will even acknowledge my complaint. I just want my phone, that I've already started paying for!
  7. Hello, I am having some problems with o2 for broadband packages. Firstly, I received a phone call from o2 when i registered an interest in broadband. The sales rep took me through the steps and i agreed to the works package as it was sold as the best package and unlimited broadband. An engineer came round to setup the line and get me connected. I subsequently found that i am getting around 2MB connection when I am paying for 16MB. I am also being charged for a New line to be fitted when there is no new line. I am also being charged for additional phone services which I did not want, need or specify when on the phone to the representative. I have requested that I be put down to the All rounder package which o2 havent sorted out yet. They are also saying that I cannot change packages to cut out the additional phone charges which i am not even using. I am also supposed to receive a static IP address which I have not received I now have a bill for £86 (with discounts) . There is apparently a one month happiness guarantee which might help me here but I have no idea how to use it. Any help is much appreciated. I am getting a bit tired of how these companies can "offload" the cost to the customer of such things that are already being paid for in the line rental! also the fact that I am using 1/8 of what I am paying for in bandwidth. Are there any regulations I can state to o2 which will help my cause?
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