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  1. cheers madamefluff, yes - theyve emailed me a number of times and still just say the penalty remains. I've emailed them 5 times explaining that my Doctor has requested they quash the penalty . ..even in his letter it says i am an exeptional case and he wouldnt normally write a letter ...i've also explained other things that show i have an exeptional reason and havent acted without carelessness. It was a HC2 form i had. I dont think they do remove the penalty in exeptional cases. ..i reckon they just say that and pursue everyone which is why i need to know what to do once the deadline is up as its obvious they arent going to quash the penalty. I've done everythign i can to sort it out with them but they wont budge - so i have to accept what they intend to do . ..what that is i do not know? the only thing i do know for certain is that i wont be able to buy my medications for my conditions. ...which adds to the worry and will now be a viscious circle as the last time i had a bout of my illness i couldnt walk/sleep for 4 days and nights. ...which then means i dont get paid...... .at least when i had the exemption i didnt have to worry about paying for multiple meds
  2. ok,...thanks. i know i owe the money,..but thats not what i need advice about. if paying the 'penalty' was an option i wouldnt be asking what would happen if i dont....the fact remains that i havent got the money to pay for any prescriptions let alone a penalty - my Doctor knows this as i've showed him the proof hence why he wrote a letter stating i simply cannot afford the money and advised the NHS not to pursue and to drop the penalty because of my conditions. all im asking about .. is... what will happen now (court/bailiffs/debt collection agencies) and is there anything i can do to limit the impact of this(how to get the nhs business authority to drop the penalty/court advice/how to avoid the debt collection aganceys/have i commented a criminal offence)???? any help/facts/guides is appreciated
  3. thanks bazooka boo I wasnt too sure of the procedure - i was thinking it was a fine which got me worried... i've been trying to find out what i can do (if i've googled correctly) to 'put them off' pursuing this and if this is going to cause me much grief if i dont pay.... 1. i can send a cheque (that will bounce as i havent any cash in account) with 'payment under duress' and they write the job off as too much hassle. 2. let it go to court and attend to tell them my circumstances. so am i correct in thinking that this 'penalty' is not a fine as such and it wont go to court and get me a ccj? is it a civil matter and not a criminal offence? is it like just a company trying to get me to pay a bill - can they really do anything thats going to mess my credit record as I have never had bad debt and always paid all my debts up. if i get letters from debt collection firms - should i just ignore them???? thanks for any other help.
  4. hello all, to cut a long story short - i had a hc1 form for being exempt from nhs charges (free prescriptions) due to low income.... .the last time i got a prescription the hc1 had run out and i was not aware. .i ticked the 'exempt' box on prescription and now have had a letter from the NHS Business Authority saying i have to pay a penalty charge notice of £50. i cant afford the prescriptions let alone a penalty - I've emailed them as the letter says if you can show you didnt act with carelessness they will remove the penalty - I also sent a letter from my Doctors saying I couldnt affford the penalty and he advised them not to pursue and remove the penalty but they wont. What I want to know is will bailiffs come to collect the penalty or will it have to go to court first? If it goes to court I will attend with my doctors note and proof I'm on a low income etc. I live in a room at my Dads house...will the bailiffs be able to enter his house? thanks for any help/advice.
  5. thanks citizen b bankfodder - i've found the t&c's on their site but this is for a newer card (not the same as the one my girlfriend got) but still doesnt say theres a 'dormant' fee. heres the link: http://www.membersaccounts.com/links/titanium/termsandconditions/termscond.pdf
  6. hello all, my girlfriend applied for a prepaid credit card last september - i read the t&c's for her and it said the card had no fee's per month. she loaded £32 on it and a further £4.95 for the cost of issuing the card. she couldnt use it at stores as they kept saying it was invalid... .i phoned cashplus and they said it had the £32. tried it online at various times and it kept saying it was invalid. I found out you could check the account online so i logged on at the beginning of the month for the first time to find out whats been happening.... ..2 things: 1.the card hadnt been activated - so i activated it. 2. they took out 3 payments of £4.95 a time for a dormancy fee...this is not mentioned in the t&c's. I phoned them today and asked them what a 'dormany fee' is ....they said if the card is dormant between transactions for a long time they charge a fee... ...I asked is this on an active card. ..they said yes.. ...I said so as the card was NOT activated until the start of the month can you refund the 3 x £4.95 as the card wasnt active or dormant - they flat out refused. What can I do as they know they shouldnt be charging charges on a card that isnt active yet.? TIA.
  7. hi all, long story short: i sold an item on ebay listed as 'for parts not working' as it was broken. buyer didnt like it so they wanted to return it, the reason was that it was 'broken'!. ebay case found in the buyers favour and it was sent by collect+ couriers to be returned to me. i never received the parcel, i phoned collect+ and they said it is with a neighbour but no signature. i've asked the neighbours and no one has it. i've phoned ebay 26 times (no exaggeration) over 2 weeks at work during my lunch hour - on one occasion i was on hold for 55miutes!....on the first call ebay contacted collect+ and verified that i havent had my item back...so now each time i phone them they say they will cancel the 'reimbursement fee' that i 'owe' them from my account...i have received messages/ebay stating this but the fee hasnt actually been removed...hence why i have had to phone back 25 times...all i get is the same thing "sorry it is an admin error and we will now remove it"....it doesnt happen and i keep getting emails to pay the fee. i know they are just blagging me. what can i do? thanks for any help.
  8. a quick update, had a letter back saying: "having reviewed the details of the case and based on the documentation provided, under visa chargeback rules we have no rights to dispute the transaction. unfortunately there is no dispute for quality of service under the chargeback scheme.we therefore cannot continue with this case unless you can provide written confirmation from the merchant within the last 60 days that a refund is due." is this a fob-you-off letter and should i go to the FOS?. thanks for any help.
  9. brilliant - thanks very much Klandestine....thats just the info/confirmation i was after
  10. hello all, long story short - just came back from a holiday from hell... .paid for a week on a caravan holiday park with my post office credit card (mastercard),.. . the caravans roof leaked and caused a flood - had to be put in a different caravan which the heating didnt work and the oven didnt work. Not a nice holiday for the kids and a few other things that wasnt as advertised like the outdoor pool was shut for the whole week we was there (no mention of this at booking) so couldnt use that and some other facilities. I've emailed the company requesting a partial refund but no reply ...hardly surprising .. ..virtually the same response to our complaints whilst at the park. ...so I contacted my credit card company and they said to do a chargeback first as it is more likely and quicker that i'll get money back.... Is this true or just being fobbed off by the credit card staff? I just really need to know whether to do chargeback or go for the section 75? Whats best and which one will give better results? thanks all.
  11. yeah i read that it said 'may' take us to court etc and we 'may' send to a collection agency. do i just ignore it?
  12. hello all, this may be a long story lol i cancelled ALL my 79 year old mother in laws services from virgin on 31st march (phone and tv). after the 30days cancellation period i cancelled the direct debit. virgin left the phone line on and are still sending bills because the direct dibit failed and is charging late payment fees. i phoned them on 13th may and said theyve made an error and are still billing her , they said they'd stop and sort it - they didnt. just incase they made more errors i sent a letter explaining to head office. no letter/call to acknowledge receipt of the letter i sent. the other day she received a letter saying that bailiffs/court action etc is going to follow unless she pays. ive phoned them 4 times in the last 2 days which has resulted me in coming on these forums because they are just sending me round in circles. ..nothing is getting resolved and on one occasion they just disconnected me. i found out that the error they made was they left the phone line on incase she wanted to 'port' the number (which she didnt) and because of this error this is why they are sending the bill each month and are saying we didnt cancel when we did. headache is an understatement. what can we do except go to court/wait for the bailiffs? what is the procedure? any help is gratefully appreciated.
  13. Yep, I make you right wiseajak. They are legally promoting fraud - I think I'll give consumer direct a ring although they will prob tell me to write a letter.....which will be worthless as I've been researching and apparently as ebay are based in Luxembourg you cant take them to the small claims court It's a vicious circle where ebay always end up as the winner when they're in the wrong - its doing my head in!
  14. Thanks, not really worth it for the sum involved or the time either i've been doing some homework on ebay & paypal and a lot of people have to start using 'stealth' accounts as if you try to open another ebay account it will get associated with the original one (ip address/actual adress/cookies/name/bank details etc) and then you run the risk of having both accounts permanently suspended. Ideally ebay should hold their hands up to what they've done wrong and sort the problem out...but as they cant be bothered and I want to sort this out the proper and legal way...surely there is something that can be done?? It would be so easy if they said "ok - we messed up so we'll cancel this unauthorised payment we're going to take (aka steal) from you" even as a good will gesture so I can continue to use the account....but I know this isnt going to happen thanks
  15. Hello, thanks for replies. The 'appeal' went as I suspected - they have said that their decision remains and didnt even mention about the buyer having to return my property, so this is technically theft and theres nothing I can do about it! raydetinu - yes I did respond to the dispute and you have more than 3 days to respond. wiseajak - cheers card cancelled - they wont get anything but then I wont be able to use the account now Is there any way I can get this payment cancelled due to the item not being returned so I can carry on using the account - is there any legal way/person to contact??? any help is appreciated,thanks all.
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