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  1. I not being scrooge or anything your granddaughter and boyfriend if they have any income they should be paying a proportion of it to you , I mean think of the the other bills electric gas water food do either pay anything to the upkeep of the house
  2. have you allowed for emergencies in your I & E its better to offer £15 than £30 if that really puts you on the edge
  3. no you also send them a letter saying contact only via mail and they have to respect that no you are giving them a nominal amount while you try to organize your finances when you have finished your income and expenditure then you offer them a a mount each month and that's all they get , national deby helpline has a good I & E I have used that quite a lot it does all your calculations for you , also its in the format thay everyone has agreed to . As to the phone calls when I went for the 3 months I paid the first £1 a month while the letter were in the post , all this shows is you are not running away from your debts but need time to sort something out . On another note is there a relative that could possibly lend you a lump sum to make a full and final settlement , so creditors will go for that I had two that settled the rest are on £1 a month at the moment
  4. you didn't mention whether your wages are paid into a account controlled by one of your creditors , if it is open a parachute account or they could use the money to offset against their debt . I would offer them all one a month for 3 months saying you are trying to organise your finances and make a income and expense to see what money you have left over and then divide it pro rota against your creditors , also ask for a freeze on interest and charges
  5. well done for taking the first step , one of the problems is finding what works for you . How I did it was I use losegnzes alongside cigarette but gratly reduced and then I found after a few weeks I stopped with the cigerettes and then you try to get off the lozegnes . however sinc eyou are vaping you are still smoking so not gaining anything by vaping . Have you had a word with your GP or looks for the NHS stop smoking clinic near you I now your housebound but maybe your GP could help good luck
  6. never call always write so you have a paper trial. they can issue a default because even though you are in a payment plan you are not paying the higher amount you are contracted for . also I have gone though this as well they do seem to be issueing defaults now on the 3rd month or they did on all of mine
  7. I had one of these I think a while back , but I had already cleared the account so got a nice check for a couple of hundred quid
  8. and make sure the other person contributes
  9. actually I would not say its a ethical thing , what about merit and that's as far as I will go with this
  10. someone has too much time on their hands
  11. ok here we go again . timothy evans was pardoned because he was convicted of the wrong murder , he waqs convicted of his babies murder which Christy did do , howver the inquirely made a conclusion that evans probably killed the wife , but since he cannot have a fair trial he was pardoned. Derek Bently was convicted under the joint enterprise law which meant that if you went out to rob someone with someone else and they shot and killed someone you could be held equally quilty . funnily in the 1930's there was a very similar case and both were hanged hanratty was confirmed as the killer through dna evidence that obviously was not available at the time . if people want to form a really good opion I would ask that tier read the biography of albert Pierrepoint since he came to some very interesting conclusions . finally you should not be in the situation where people are held for decades under the death sentence as for wether I am for or against it I must admit I use to be against it but now I am edging towards pro death penalty
  12. well thought I would give a update I have returned to limited duties at the beginning of the month and I am slowly working my way up to a full shift while waiting for occupational health . so fingers crossed its going well at the moment
  13. can you amend your feedback in ebay to say after 6 months it cracked also about their lack of action over your complaint . but keep it factual
  14. I would say not a lot since any compensation you would get would have 6 years use deducted from it as a starting point
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