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  1. I today received a letter fro m Lowell saying Npower had told them I owed £160.00 when I changed suppliers,no such debt exists,I paid Npower everything when I closed the account. I am concerned that Npower sent false information about me and wondered whether I could sue them for compensation;
  2. No it's not resolved, they have given me the run around of course giving me every excuse going, so I am going to sue them and also sue them for stress and anxiety caused These people don't care about the upset they cause, this has really upset me and I have lost sleep over it worrying. My husband is not well and we didn't need this on top.
  3. I did set it all out on here before and I was asked to upload clearer copies so I gave up. You did kindly reply before to me. I will look the court up.
  4. Thank you so much for your reply. I want to do it by the post please not online.
  5. I am going to sue Parcel2go, which court should I send the paperwork to please?
  6. I noticed somewhere that there was a standard letter for Parcel2Go saying about the contract was to deliver item and insurance was not necessary. It was a letter to go to the court and I can not find it, I would be ever so grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thankyou
  7. I attach a copy of an email the Argos solicitor sent to me, I sent this to parcel2go and they still say I need to prove it. It is laughable. I can assure you a donation will be coming your way if I can sue these sods.
  8. NO, I keep asking for it, the poor solicitor at argos assures me they have checked cctv and it has not been delivered. I have threatened to sue Parcel2go but they don't seem bothered.
  9. Thankyou very much Andy for your help. The problem is parcel2go insist they have delivered a laptop and argos say they haven't received it. parcel2go want argos to prove they haven't received it, but parcel2go won't prove they have delivered it. I am nearly £500.00 out of pocket, with argos and parcel2go blaming each other. What shall I do please
  10. Please advise Parcel2Go have lost a laptop I was returning to Argos for a full refund, They have lead me a merry dance with lots of excuses and won't compensate. What now please?
  11. Am I right in the fact that the attestation clause "This is a consumer credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974" should be added to make it legal?
  12. I attach a copy of a gym membership agreement, can I get out of it or have I just got to pay up please. clacton council leisure centre .pdf
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