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  1. I have heard alot of bad by them a family friend of mine had sony vaio go 'missing' before so it doesn't surprise me that this could happen, and I wish I didn't have to use them but its whom DHL had passed the parcel onto so it was way out of my control I ordered online via 1 store and it was transferred between couriers. I shall be contacting both the supplier and yodel again this evening despite it being my birthday celebrations weekend which is just more hassle on my part. The parcel we're talking about was a £75 box of goods, okay it might not seem like that much but to me, being stripped for cash as it is, it was a big deal ordering it and now it's worse because I'm out of pocket with nothing to show for it. As for small claims court wouldn't that be far more hassle than it's worth? I've never really experienced anything like this so I'm a bit out of my depth so the help you're giving me is fantastic. But I digressed from the fact that wouldn't it cost more money to take them to court than the parcel was? I do intend to write to them formally via letter or E-mail but for now I just want straight forward and quick response from them on their chat service which is ran by uneducated morons by the way I've been treated. And about the card company how could they help in this ordeal as all they did was transfer payment, I still want my parcel. Infact I need it! but what could they do to help my cause? Would they push for a refund or a like the supplier launch an investigation? Again in advance thank you for any help Sam
  2. Edit ** I don't see why it would be so difficult to see what my signature is. Surely under data protection act they cannot transfer that data to anyone else without my consent but I'm asking for something that should be legally my signature on a legal document of delivery. Yet, I would have to jump through hoops and protocol to get it which I find rather ridiculous that I cannot directly be sent what should be my own signature to find out whom may have signed for it.
  3. Hello there, I am looking for some advice on what I can do about Yodel a courier service having my parcel 'Disappear' To elaborate I ordered a few items from BodyBuild.com which is an American based company and they had said it should be delivered in 4-10 days something along those lines and gave me tracking details instantly very efficient service. After a few days I was tracking my parcel through DHL as they had the parcel to see it was moving it's way throughout the States and finally was brought into the Uk and delivered to a Southampton service centre. From there Yodel took over, here's where it all goes wrong. I take the morning off of work to receive my parcel, no drama I can do that easily, but to my astonishment the tracking had said that the parcel had been delivered at 10am. I had no knock, no card nor did my dogs even bark which is exactly what they do when the front door is knocked on. Nothing, I thought it's maybe the driver sending it through to say it's 'en route. I left it a few more hours, still nothing. My neighbours are a friendly bunch and the second they get a parcel of ours they always bring it over but neither of them had, and I still hadn't even received a card explaining where my parcel has gone, I contacted Yodel's 24/7 chat service asking them where it was and they claimed it was signed for and delivered which shocked me instantly as I still didn't have my parcel yet, somehow it's been signed for. Instantly I was advised to contact Bodybuild to dispute the delivery and again helpful as ever said that they would process a claim/ lost parcel investigation to find out where indeed my parcel has gone. This all happened on the 11th of October, I know it's only been a week but still the parcel was fairly expensive so it's annoying to say the least. after this week I had some advice from a friend who's a very knowledgeable businessman and knows literally everything about anything to do with business, and he said I should request to see the signature that's attached to the delivery as then I can confirm it's not mine and they would have it stored electronically I thought that this would be straight forward 24/7 chat ask them to see it yet, I'm not allowed. No matter how I asked for what reason they kept blocking me saying I would have to contact the supplier who wouldn't even have my signature. As they didn't directly send the package. and after a good 30 mins questioning how it went missing between Southampton and Basingstoke the woman on the other end presumably became as impatient and hostile as I was so she kept repeating the same things over and over being extra blunt to try and get me to stop hassling them. I was wondering what I can do as a consumer that has fell prey to such negligence, as it's pathetic really. Personally I believe the driver has signed for it themselves it's all too easy for them to get away with it but what can I do to help my case? how can I get what's mine and am i entitled to anything because of the sheer lack of customer service and poor business service? Thanks for any help Sam
  4. I understand that kind of thats why I was asking I didn't know under what circumstances slander and deformation can have a role in my defence. As im frankly quite annoyed that someone could have the audacity to go about telling everyone im the reason their life at work will be harder as I wanted some un necessary time off. I was simply wondering if thats the parameters to it. Clearly its just someone being extremely un professional trying to get my colleagues to go against me as such as its my fault. I dont know. Hopefully once I have had my tests and gotten tje results we can come to a solution.
  5. The only defamation I thought that had occured was the fact someone had told staff and people who we see regularly at work that I was effectively throwing a sicky and like tried to imply that I'm as silly as it sounds not a man about it. They have undermined my reputation/ name by telling staff and others that I wasn't being a man about the situation and took any reason to go off ill (and apparantly no reason)l. Which when your first shift back you have a few people mocking you saying 'you woman' ect. you kinda get the jist of it, it has kind of felt rather pathetic and childish the more I think about it. That a manager could be so immature as to pass that message onto people. Then again I may be wrong it could be a colleague that heard the message / misheard it and passed it on. For all I know it could just be hearsay, I'm going to question it tonight as to why people are saying these things. And where they came from. As with attendance I'm going to resolve that with my tests at the hospital as they could tell me I have diabetes or any other kind of underlying health issue that if I'm not maintaining could be causing the illness. As for procedures they are identical really but in employer terms to ACAS they run in the same manner ect. But I've never been told I can appeal. I mean for all I know this may all blow over as a simple verbal/ written again of which I can work through once I understand why my body seems to hate me. Sam -
  6. I understand I have had alot of time off and I agree I need to change it, I've explained to my workplace that I think perhaps work is contributing to my not so 'wellbeing' and they really didn't have anything to say of the matter. It's why I'm going to try and get tests done to see if there is anything underlying. It doesn't seem as if there is any leniance against actual illness vs 'Oh I just feel unwell' I've never called in for a sicky before it's against my work ethic I try my hardest every time I work and it seems as if they take me for granted. Alongside the defamation, if I can use that term. And so far I've never been given the right to appeal. I didn't know I could and it was only when I read the ACAS guidelines. So I personally would have appealed agaisnt the last meeting as I had been sent home from work 1 shift from being violently sick with the Noro, and then they proceeded to give me a disciplinary over that as it hit a trigger although they had sent me home and told me not to come in. Also do I have a case with the slander? like if it is to become any worse any slander/ libel and deformation is incorrect and un professional right? So can I question why this is and has happened? and what are my rights with this issue? Sam-
  7. Uhmm the exact number I would guess will be around 50 days? as I had 4 weeks off due to a broken thumb which as well was signed off along other sicknesses. And it's 3 sicknesses in 12 weeks, 4 occasions in 52 weeks or 2 seperate occasions in 14 days, and I have hit the 4 occasions I am aware but it seems they don;t believe I have had genuine excuses?, and I'm currently awaiting a date back from the hospital to confirm a day to go in and have tests done as I can't explain why I have been so ill soo often since I started, so they understand I'm having these tests to ensure there are no underlying health issues. And even then the 50 days wouldn't always be working days as my schedual changes week by week so I probably only missed 30 days work. I understnad it's alot I'm trying my hardest to solve it but I just don't see how it's fair that I can face disciplinary action when I've always got a legitimate reason, and or note from the doctor. I feel as if they think I got my own pad at home ready to sign myself off whenever I want. And this goes along with the slander I'm hearing that someone and it has to have been a manager as they're the only people that were informed of my illness that I was faking it. And alot of staff and non staff were probing me with the question so surely thats defamation aswell? Let me know what you think. Sam -
  8. So at my workplace as with many others we have strict trigger points for non attendance and absence. Which rightly I appreciate as it's to ensure employees aren't going sick for a hangover or to go to a do or whatever. But nowhere is there any lenience for an employee who has genuinely been ill. Since I began working at my workplace I have had a lot of sickness(Possibly brought on by work in the 16 months) all backed up with medication and antibiotics I had proven I'd been given and in 2 cases now a doctors unfit to work form. Yet my employer doesn't see this as a reason to be off... I even had other colleagues asking me after I had returned to work having handed in my sick note, why I had time off when I wasn't ill and this has come from a managers mouth to the employees. Is this allowed, is a manager allowed to say on a presumption that when I had called in originally that I wasn't ill and throwing a 'sicky'? But carrying on with the current matter. I have just returned to work after having 8 days off and that being 6 working days due to having a bad chest infection that rendered me unable to do anything as I had severe trouble breathing and was coughing up blood, so respectively my doctor signed me off for a week. I have returned to be told by 1 manager that another manager is going to have a word with me tomorrow informing me that a letter will be sent home for a disciplinary hearing again. As said, I've been ill before and have had this meeting and I was shocked that they could do this, not knowing if this is allowed as I was legally signed off as unfit for work. If they do give me a disciplinary whether it's informal, written, verbal warning perhaps even dismissal as that's what this company is like (Our staff turnover is around 50%). What is the procedures over this kind of action I recently read up on ACAS's rules for disciplinary ect, and I found it interesting that to any disciplinary we have a right to appeal, which as of yet from 2 separate meetings was never told I could, I was never informed I can appeal to a disciplinary, is that grounds of which I can appeal to them now? or is a tribune more valid now? Let me know what you think guys as I'm sure somehow they 48Hour relief period between letter being delivered and the meeting occurring as standard policy will go out the window and they'll try and get my in either tonight on shift or tomorrow. Sam -
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