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  1. Ahh right ok so leave them as they are, just overwrap them - then i guess the customer still sees the branding
  2. So....for example, I'm looking at swizells love hearts and polo mints - i buy them in bulk, i leave the foils on, add my own paper wrapper with for instance names and date of a wedding but aslong as I advertise as 'love hearts' and 'polos' - that's ok? Obviously i can't rename the product as 'personalised candy buttons' or 'sarahs amazing mints' lol!! Aslong as customers know the brand then all is good?! Thanks guys, appreciated very much
  3. It is for business, and they are available wholesale, i would advertise as the brand they actually are but just personalised. Not unpackaging them, still in original foils, just with a paper personalised wrapper around (ie over the original brand wrapper) - very confusing to say the least! Totally with the character etc copyright but confused with the sweets side of things
  4. Can anyone tell me - as google is getting my head in a spin! Can i purchase branded sweets and place a personalised wrapper on them to sell? Hundreds of companies sell them but is it ok?
  5. So it's totally legal for them to come to my home and threaten to lock me up but it's totally illegal for me to actually speak!! Great!!
  6. Just paid the amount we are behind today. ...i am outraged at the way they can threaten court and imprisonment, thinking of sueing them myself for distress to me and my family, it really is horrendous they think they can have this power over people, disgusted! Plenty of emails sent but whilst they cause stress to me over the weekend they arent at work so hope to hear back from them tomorrow!!
  7. A legal way of not paying for watching tv??!! It is appalling they can inflict such power for the sake of £37 per quarter when we watch about 3 hours of tv in total per week!!
  8. Is that or is that not a bit crazy considering defaulting on any payments means i clearly have no money so how would i afford a fine!!! I have emailed the court and the debt people and citizens advice to rant at them! Unnaceptable to send me a summons 4 months after a visit
  9. So it's a matter of a fine or not a fine depending on if i win or not???? Grrrrrrrr how much £120?
  10. We had a licence but missed several payments so they cancel it i guess and you start again....that day the man set up a new direct debit for us and we have a licence from that day most definitely
  11. And they left it 4 months to send me the summons?!
  12. No idea, this was 4 months ago, i thought it was sorted now! Assume my last missed payment has triggered the summons! :/
  13. Since he visited we have paid 2 payments and missed 1. Before that we were struggling financially and had a payment card but got behind.
  14. But i obviously didnt have a licence that day hence them setting up new DD....so not sure if i should be pleading guilty and wether this summons is just because i missed last months payment, it would help if they were a little clearer, no wonder people get stressed out with them!
  15. So can i plead not guilty via post and just write all the details in there, whats the outcome likely to be in any case, the £120 fine? Really confused by it all to be honest!
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