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  1. Hi, I have an ebay and paypal account which are both blocked and can no longer be unblocked. I have requested for both accounts to be deactivated and my details removed as i can still login to both accounts. Both ebay and paypal have stated they cannot remove my details or deactivate the accounts, but the accounts are blocked and i cannot use them. I was just looking to see if anyone has any advice for me in regards to whether the above is correct from ebay and paypal?
  2. I buy and sell used spin bikes, I was approached by a customer who I had sold spin bikes to previously, they were expanding their spin classes and wanted to know if I had a particular brand of bike, I didn't have that brand at the time so I told the customer that I would be getting more in within 2-3 weeks for £150 each. I called a few of the companies who supply me but they never had any I searched eBay. I found a seller who had an auction ending that day for 10 bikes of the brand the customer wanted all in good working order, bidding was started at 99p, there was no reserve and no bids but there was a 'Buy it Now' option of £1000. (10 bikes of this brand sell for £1500) I contacted the customer back to tell them I had 10 coming and they agreed to buy them all for £1500 On the day of the auction I bid £1000 with 5 mins to go, I ended up winning the auction with a bid of £280, less than an hour after the auction had ended the seller messaged me to say "sorry I thought I had cancelled the auction, the bikes were damaged and disposed of" He then cancelled the auction, there was nothing I could do but report him to eBay and leave the relevant feedback. I called a few other companies that supply used spin bikes but nobody had any of the bikes the customer wanted, unfortunately, I had to inform the customer that I could no longer supply the bikes so they went elsewhere. Weeks later I was contacted by an eBay user who had seen my feedback, they said they were interested in the bikes but forgot to bid, a day after the auction they contacted the seller to say if the buyer doesn't complete they would be interested in purchasing for £850, I was saddened to hear that the seller messaged them back the same day to say the bikes were still available, they even went to view the bikes at the sellers gym that he owns. I've seen all of the messages between the seller and the eBay user so the seller can't deny that he made a false statement to me and then tried to sell at a higher price. What I would like to know is can I sue the seller for breach of contract and seek damages for expectation loss/loss of bargain, £1500 less my winning bid and collection cost etc? If I can sue him for breach of contract, do I sue him as an individual or sue his company as he was using a private eBay sellers account at the time to list the bikes? Thanks in advance
  3. "See you in court" were among my last words during the most recent conversation with the eBay call centre in April 2011. Way back on the 17th of February 2011 I ordered a Macbook Pro which cost £570 from an eBay user who was later removed from their system for being a suspicious seller. The seller received five negative feedbacks in two weeks for attempting to con other eBay members. On the 22nd of February I received a very poorly drafted letter from the seller stating I will not receive the Macbook Pro, and the seller advised me to open an “item not received” case with eBay. The seller tracked this letter through Royal Mail and provided the tracking number to eBay to suggest the Macbook Pro had been delivered, when in fact the tracking number corresponds to the letter and not the Macbook. Having spent nearly ten thousand pounds on eBay in January and February of 2011, as well as being the director of an online consumer electronics store, I was well aware that this letter seemed very suspicious and I did not open an “item not received” case as this would have won in the sellers favour by default. I immediately contacted the UK police and reported this matter to them, who responded with a crime reference number. Shortly after contacting the police, I reported the matter to eBay on the telephone and an “item not as described” case was opened. At this stage, I was assured that I was covered by eBay buyer Protection and I would get my money back. To cut a long story short, eBay decided to close the case in the seller’s favour, despite having removed the suspicious seller from their system. They obviously did not take into account my 100% positive account with over 400 feedbacks on high value items. After appealing the case and contacting the customer service department numerous times, I was continually faced with “we need a police report from your local police station” before they refund my money and if I do not produce this within 3 days, my case will be closed permanently. Having already contacted the police, I was happy to attend my local police station with all the evidence, but was disappointed to find that as part of police policy, they would not write a letter or produce a police report for what is a ‘civil’ matter. The only documentation they could possibly provide was a print out of the police reference which takes 40+ days and wasn’t really what eBay requested. The police informed me that the CAD reference they provided should be sufficient for a reputable business to check the details and in fact EBay were requesting something I could not possibly obtain which is a matter for trading standards. The case was closed by eBay and it became apparent that I was getting further and further away from claiming my money back. As a last attempt, on the 13th of April 2011 I decided to write a letter to both the Dublin and Richmond offices explaining the situation. Needless to say, I received no reply. EBay now have £570 of my money and are effectively refusing to give it back. I am not quite sure how they can get away with doing this. On Tuesday the 3rd of May, nearly three months after ordering the Macbook, I submitted a Money Claim Online through the HM Courts and Tribunals Service using the Richmond EBay address. After researching online, I anticipate that eBay will most probably ignore the court papers. Ultimately this means I would ‘win’ over the next 14 days by default judgement. I understand that eBay will then receive a letter from the court stating that they have lost. They will most likely respond to this by claiming not to have received any paperwork from the court and the default judgement will be set aside. A court hearing date will most likely be set in my local court where I will be given the opportunity to show the clear evidence. I will update the forum when I have any further details.
  4. Hi, I have run an eBay shop for over 15 years now and just had this happen to me: A company purchased a 10kg Netgear switch in September. Opens a case as they have changed has mind and returns item. Item never arrives, the tracking number shows delivered, spoke to eBay twice before the dead line and told them this and got the normal brick wall approach. Buyer then escalates the case and gets his money back. Raise a claim with ebay and Royal Mail. My local post woman finds the item, the buyer had sent it to another address, brought it to me this morning and it is a letter not the 10kg item I was expecting. Ebay's fraud team are looking into this. The return address on the letter is a youth group in London that as I can see has nothing to do with the company that brought the item. In total it has taken up at least 3 hours of my time trying to get this sorted. I am going to report this to Action Fraud as well, tempted to start court action for my time. Rant over JJ
  5. Hi and thanks again for the forum. I purchased a BRAND NEW Tower T17005 Low Fat Health Air Fryer 3.2L Black 3 year guarantee From Hemsworth Hardware on the 19 February 2017. Just recently the unit started to make an horrific grinding sound. I contacted the seller and he said he would speak with the supplier (like he/she is not the supplier). Since then the seller has ignored my emails. Question is - do I pursue this or am I wasting my time given that the unit is over 12 months old ? Thanks in advance.
  6. Please offer me some advice if any body has any experience or expertise. My problem is that I bought a chandelier from Chinese seller on ebay on 4/12/17. I received message soon after I would receive parcel between 4-11 January 18 but was not given any tracking number. Parcel did not arrive by 11th January. I assumed because of new year there would be delivery delays. By 20th still no parcel. On 21/1/18 I raised an issue with the seller. He sent me a message that supposedly Parcel Force had attempted to deliver four times, the last time being on 20/1/18. There was no delivery note ever. On 22/1/18 i contacted Parcel Force by phone and they told me there was no evidence of any delivery attempt to my post code. However seller insisted, and supplied a tracking number which effectively showed one attempted delivery before parcel being sent back to china. At that stage seller wanted to refund my money £167 ( minus postage fee £57). I did not agree intially and raised a complaint at ebay resolution centre. After many emails between me and Ebay, the latter stuck to their guns that the seller had supposedly kept to their part of the baragin and therefore Ebay could not compel the seller to refund anything at all. That effectively meant the seller gets to keep their chandelier which they confirmed that they received back and the whole of my money. Ebay finds this 'reasonable' apparently. Since then I have contacted seller again to accept their intiall offer of some refund but now they are ignsoring my emails. I am disgusted by Ebay. Kindly help me recover my money. Abdel
  7. I bought an item on Ebay, which the seller claimed had only been used 1 time and was in excellent condition, the only reason why i bought the item. The item arrived damaged, i requested a return as item not as decribed and arrived damaged. Seller refused to accept a return, instead she blamed me for the damage, saying i had caused the damaged and had swapped item and the pictures I had shown of the damage were fake. Seller claimed she has a witness who saw her send the item in mint condition, but i told her it arrived damaged with a dent/chipped, with scratches etc and obviously not used the 1 time as seller claimed. Anway the seller then made a threat take me to smalls court (when she had my money and sent me a damaged item) and is still refusing to take the item back and still blaming me and now claims she can get a witness statement to say she sent the item in mint condition - if thats the case as seller claims, why it did arrived damaged!! In the email exchange with the seller, she is trying to make herself look the victim in all of this. The item is of over £250 Raised return request on Ebay, but seller is blaming me for the damage, how crazy is that, she sent an item not as described, anway time to escalate to Ebay and get Ebay involved because the seller is not admitting the item i received is damaged, even after showing pictures and still blaming me, what do I tell Ebay when I escalate item not as decribed, arrived damaged, seller not accepting responsibility, blaming me for the damage? As for the sellers witness statement to say she sent the item in mint condition, that doesn't count because my pictures show the damage, please please help
  8. Hi, I have received a letter from solicitors regarding 8 metres of fabric that I sold on eBay and Etsy claiming that I import and sell counterfeit products. I bought this fabric online to make curtains and then changed my mind and decided to sell them myself... They're asking for over £2,000 and the total selling price of the fabric was £250... I don't know what to do! Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
  9. I got in a convo with a potential buyer of a product after a number of messages we decided to take the sale outside of ebay, it's for about £xxx (hundreds)... It's a little naughty I know and the safeguards are here for a reason but that is not my point. He has over 3000 pos reviews and I myself am genuine. He wants to send money via paypal frineds and family for £xxx. Then I box up goods and post. The worry is he could get the goods and dispute it and get money back.. Should I ask him for some paper work or a signed document that concretes things.. They are records you see, very rare ones. So anything could happen.
  10. Hi I purchased a sofa on eBay from an actual company, as opposed to a private seller. I paid using a credit card, but as it was on eBay, it went through PayPal. I entered my card number directly, rather than using it as a funding source, if that makes sense. I.e. it was a direct purchase with my card rather than PayPal being used as a staged wallet. I make this distinction because I wanted to know whether this gives me any section 75 rights. So anyway the sofa broke after 3 months. The wood supporting the legs broke so the legs went up inside the base.. Although it was only £150, an item should be fit for purpose and not break so soon, especially as the item description said 'high quality materials used'. I contacted the seller but they wanted nothing to do with it, insisting that I should have noticed the defect earlier. As it was over 30 days, they claim I had accepted the item and could not return it. I supplied photographic evidence but they said that someone must have exerted excessive force on it. This is untrue, we have only sat on it normally and not even used it as a sofa bed which it does convert to. So I opened a dispute with PayPal. They heard my side of the story and I asked if they required either the photographs or the correspondence between myself and the seller as proof, but they said not yet, they would request it if they needed it. The next thing that happened is the seller responded to the case (I didn't get to see their response) then PayPal ruled in their favour without me being able to offer any counter argument or evidence. I need to know what I can do next. Should I contact my credit card company? Info on MoneySavingExpert suggests that using PayPal prevents you from claiming under section 75 but it doesn't draw any distinction between PayPal as a wallet and PayPal as a gateway service. I was hoping that using my card directly may help. What other options are available? My wife was successful in using the government Money Claim service so I may do that if the credit card avenue is not viable. The eBay returns process doesn't seem to cover any scenario after 30 days. The company is Furniture In Fashion if that helps or rings any bells with anyone. Any advice welcome! Thanks Burton
  11. Hello, I usually hang around on the rental section, but Mrs Carpet cleaner is having and ebay problem, it is this.. She bought 2 jewellery rings from a seller based in UK, she duly received a small parcel and it only had 1 ring in it, as this was a few days early from the expected delivery date she waited before getting in touch. On the expected delivery day she got in touch with the seller, and said that she had received 1 ring, but the parcel had nothing else in it except for a small plastic bag (empty) and that the parcel had not been ripped or opened. She promptly received a message back telling her that she must have dropped the ring and to look properly... Also that they have CCTV and record all packing of envelopes and can prove that the parcel was complete (utter bullpoo I think) .... Now Mrs carpet cleaner is not stupid, she knows what arrived... and wrote back and told them so.. they then threatened her that Royal mail take a dim view of people accusing them of losing items in the post. Mrs CC then reported the item as not received and has to wait 8 days before going any further with it.. BUT today we received a letter to be signed for from our usually jolly postie... A bit sticker on the front in bold print states: Signature required Mrs CC (full name given here) is claiming that items were stolen from her post in December.... What the hell can we do about all this?? Cheers, sorry it is a bit long winded...
  12. Hi all, Bit of a strange one...maybe. I have been repairing on and off for many years - around 10 years + primarily laptops and mobile phones. I have bought an item of eBay primarily on the basis that it COULD fix an issue with a laptop but if it did not, I would send it back and this was the agreement with the seller. During fitting of the board, I felt the socket for the wireless antenna was not as tight as it should be but it was too late as I had now plugged in the cable. Fast forward an hour, it turned out the board did not fix the issue and in actual fact, the laptop would most likely be written off - I let the seller know this. On removing the board, the loose socket did indeed give way and came off. Problem now is quite obviously, the seller is refusing to accept the board back. I have not gone through the returns process and it is all verbal. Where does one stand in a situation like this? On one hand, there is no way that socket should fall off - And I can prove this by simply getting a wireless card or board and plugging in/out the antenna. They're made to handle this and in my test case, I was heavy handed too just to prove a point. There are two sockets and the other one is fine- the original board also has been in and out of the system multiple times and the sockets are fine. My view is it was not soldered on properly to start with and the installation simply ensured it would snap off. Even if it was soldered on, there clearly is not enough strength to hold it down so would have come off either way. Thoughts? Board itself has the wifi onboard and is for a small laptop - board being around the £400 mark and so no small matter Thanks in advance!
  13. I'm in a bit of a pickle and am hoping someone can help me work out how to get around this: I bought my partner an Apple laptop via eBay three years ago. All seemed above board, but I collected in person and the seller insisted I pay cash as they didn't want to risk a Paypal chargeback - fair enough, I thought. At the time, they assured me they would send me a copy of the original Apple sale receipt and I asked several times. The seller then stopped responding to my messages. Not an issue, I thought, since I had the laptop and didn't think the proof of purchase would be an issue. To prevent the laptop being used if stolen, we put a firmware password on the laptop - this is a low-level password that effectively locks the Mac altogether if the hard disk is changed, which makes it very difficult for thieves to use the laptop if they steal it and try to wipe the hard drive. Six months later in 2015, we realised that we had forgotten the password. We took the laptop to Apple and, after e-mailing every bit of correspondence I had had from the eBay sale and with the seller of the laptop, a nice chap at Apple Ireland authorised my local Apple repair shop to reset the firmware password. Thinking we were out of the woods, my partner put a new password on the machine, wrote it down safely in a book, and that was that. Fast forward to two weeks ago, and we have realised that we have once again forgotten the password, and, having moved house, have lost the book. However, this time, Apple have refused to reset the password, because we don't have the original sale receipt for the laptop. Apple have said that, since we don't have the original proof of purchase, we will have to pay around £500 to have a new main board (the logic board) replaced. My instinct in this matter is that, having proven once beyond reasonable doubt that we are the legitimate owners of the laptop, a reasonable person would believe that we are still the rightful owners of the laptop, and Apple should remove the password. If somebody could help, we would be most grateful (in fact, if you can help us get Apple to authorise this password removal, I will send you £50 and a crate of beer/cider/wine/fizzy pop of your choice) Thanks ever so much! Alex
  14. I am struggling to close PayPal and EBay accounts of my late Husband. Using the contact us forms doesn't appear to produce any contact from either of them. Has anyone had experience of closing these accounts - thank you.
  15. Hi everyone, I am hoping for some advice here. Last November (15th), I bought a Samsung S7 Edge dual SIM (non -EU model, it seems to be a Middle east model) mobile phone from progadgetsuk - registered business store on eBay. This was listed with 1 year warranty and new device and came in promptly , after I made the payment using PayPal. When the package came, everything seemed genuine and the phone worked perfectly 3 days ago it suddenly heated up and would NOT come on again .. neither charges up, nor does the display screen turn on. I remember clearly raising a query on item listing page where the seller had confirmed that any repairs would be handled by him directly with SAMSUNG under the warranty period. I have contacted the seller for the last 3 days continuously with no response. eBAy have no facility to report this item as it has passed their deadline of 30 days for some reason their customer service stated that I should contact the seller directly. Surprisingly eBAy DOES not provide me an option to report the seller or make any comment on the item listing ( from my history) which can affect the seller's credibility rating in any way. Since I paid for this using my paypal account, I opened a dispute resolution case with paypal, but their reply was that they CANNOT do anything about cases which fall beyond the 180 day mark. I have tried contacting SAMSUNG directly as well , they say the following: SAMSUNG UK - This is a non- EU model and hence they WILL NOT repair it. SAMSUNG (GULF/ Middle east) - They are saying that the 1 year warranty has expired ... though I bought the phone from the seller only on 15th November. I have now run out of ideas as to what should be my next step and would be grateful for any advise that consumers like me might have faced. Many thanks for your patient reading.
  16. Hello! I have won a bid on eBay for a heavy, bulky item and in the listing the seller stated: "· Please only bid if you have a big van to transport · Have at least 2 really strong people to carry, preferred 3 strong people. As it is extremely heavy. o IF this two points are not met, I will not give access to the property, as I don’t want anyone dragging the bed out of it by damaging my floor boards. I won the bid, paid instantly by Paypal, as stated in the listing and THEN the seller said they didn't accept PayPal but would only accept cash on collection. It's a 2.5 hour drive away and based on the seller's threat to refuse entry I wanted to hire a professional and insured firm to collect, the seller suggested I bank transfer payment and refunded my PayPal payment. I hired a firm, having spent a good deal of time getting the ones with the best customer feedback who could meet the sellers requirements of "after 6.30pm during the week or weekend collection" and the movers stated they are insured but did not state for what exactly. I paid by bank transfer just now and the seller has contacted me saying "Please them know. if they do scratch my wallpaper, they have to pay or get this sorted" Grrrr - if this item wasn't quite rare and such a bargain, I'd tell the seller to shove it and buy elsewhere but to save things from becoming a massive pain in the rear for me - what can I do to ensure that if the couriers do cause damage I don't have to deal with this seller to get it sorted? Who is liable if they cause any damage? I have sent the courier the eBay listing AND contacted the manufacturer of the item to find out the weights of each of the elements of this big and bulky item if it does, who would the seller have to sue, me or the courier? Thanks in advance for your help JunieJ
  17. It would seem to be official - if not properly announced Buy an item or win an auction on ebay and the seller (and apparently buyer) can just 'cancel the order' up to 30 days after the win, and even after a buyer pays... So you win an auction * Seller doesn't like the final bid * Seller just cancels the order with some half baked 'reason' like item is lost or damaged * EBAY automatically send you a seller has cancelled with the only responses being an automatic refund if paid through paypal, or say the payer has refunded. There is mention buried in the t&C's that a seller gets a penalty mark if they do it too often, but customers cant see them. What I seem to have discovered so far working with a member of my family on this issue follows YOU SHOULD CONFIRM ALL THESE ISSUES YOURSELF AS I MAY BE MISTAKEN AND EBAY MAY WELL CHANGE THEM AT NO NOTICE - ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY So what seems to be the case is: You win an auction item - the seller (or buyer) can just 'cancel order' up to 30 days after the end of the auction, even if you've paid The seller does NOT HAVE TO CONTACT YOU OR GET YOUR AGREEMENT The EBAY system will automatically send you an email telling you the seller has cancelled your order - it gives you no real options to argue. NOTE: This seems to hide the fact that the seller may NOT GET THEIR FEES REFUNDED if you just dont respond to this Email. Effectively any response means you agree with the cancellation as far as I can see. Our decision is - not to respond to the Email Trying to get a complain option just sends you around the two liner Ebay help system. - at least if we dont accept the email (by not responding) the seller may still have to pay any fees, - accepting the cancellation seems to mean they get their fees back and may mean they dont get their due penalty flag. Ebay also remove all your usual places to leave negative feedback - BUT IT CAN STILL BE DONE and as soon as they cancel. Apparently buyers can do the same. I have no experience of that. Seems to make the auction site rather pointless as it holds no-one to the assumed agreements. I'm no legal expert but perhaps these practices breach trading standards? Hopefully an expert can offer an educated and informed opinion? https://ocsnext.ebay.com/ocs/sr?query=1482&topicName=Report+an+issue+with+a+seller&st=6&levelHierarchy=2a6a4 "Seller no longer wants to sell or ship the item If you paid for the item, the seller must refund the full amount within 10 business days. If you don't receive the refund on time, report it to us so we can help you resolve the issue." (Trouble with this is it seems impossible or at least extremely difficult to report it) Hers a load of ebay threads on it happening http://community.ebay.com/t5/tag/cancel/tg-p/board-id/bidding-buying-ac
  18. I had a bit of a battle as I think I narrowly missed being a victim of the 'refund spoof' but because I fought hard and won my appeal against the buyer who initially opened and won a 'Returns Case', I successfully got it reversed and they sent me the following message and I'm not sure how to interpret: ""We've reviewed your concerns and have reversed the outcome of the case. You don't need to take any additional action to reimburse eBay for the refund paid to the buyer, and eBay will make no further attempts to seek reimbursement from you. Because we decided in your favor, this case, any feedback left, and all detailed seller ratings left, will not affect your seller performance. In addition, any feedback left for this transaction will be removed. If you have other questions, please contact us. You can reach us by going to the eBay website and clicking "Help & Contact" in the upper right corner and then selecting "Contact eBay." Thanks, eBay""" Exactly what do they mean by their first line as they did actually return back to my account funds equal to the value of the sale - and if they are not coming back to me for reimbursement, who is going to pay the buyer who has since returned the item to the delivery company for insurance reasons but only AFTER ebay reversed it's decision against them? And if ebay isn't going to come back to me to take the refund and I can't refund because the option has gone since they've closed the case, How comes the buyer's out of pocket as this doesn't sit well with me either All really confusing. Although to be fair to ebay and the buyer - the buyer was acting rather 'oddily' as if they knew exactly how to play the Refund spoof and thankfully I followed the advice of others and checked with ebay at every aspect and I believe ebay did say they would be investigating the buyer further as they felt something was not right either. If anyone could shed some light on how ebay works once a Returns Case has been reversed and what their first line actually means, I'd be less confused Thanks in advance.
  19. hI, What I need is the current registered address for eBay (UK) Limited, I tried taking them thru MoneyClaimOnline a couple of years back but they never responded to the court papers served upon them, I'm presuming that I provided the wrong address, now I have two cases to serve upon them so if someone can confirm their current registered address. So far, from Google, I have four different addresses: eBay (UK) Ltd, Carmelite, 50 Victoria Embankment, Blackfriars, London EC4Y 0DX Whittaker House, 2 Whittaker Avenue, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1EH Ebay (UK) Ltd, Hotham House, 1 Heron Square, Richmond, SurreyTW9 1EJ 5 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3TW
  20. Hi all, Although I'm not a UK citizen (I'm Dutch) I have done a lot of business through Ebay UK over the past years, mainly offering classic car parts for sale for which the market is better at your end. All went well, 100% positive feedback, until a few months ago when a buyer claimed no to have received the item I sent off to him. As I had no reason to doubt his honesty I trried to work out a solution, eventually sending a replacement item. During the time the matter was pending, I contacted Ebay Holland (a bit easier for me language wise) to discuss who was to foot the bill for the loss. Like Ebay UK they claim rather loudly on their site that they 'guarantee that the buyer gets him item or his money back'. The people I mailed at Ebay Holland kept on denying any responsibilty, saying the matter should be solved by reasoning between buyer and seller. Eventually I gave up as I got the same reply every time, although in different words. What I want to do now is to contact Ebay UK, preferably someone a bit higher up the tree, and ask what is to be done. After all, they give guarantees to the buyer, not me, I'm just trying to be helpful to the buyer. I have tried to contact Ebay through the website, but couldn't find a proper link, I'm just been shoved about between topics that I don't think are relevant. So, if anyone can help me with an address, email, street or what have you, I will follow this up. I intent to start of politely, as the matter is new to them, but as said, don't know how to get in touch. Thanks, Marcel
  21. I am very annoyed with EBay, although I guess I only have myself to blame for not checking things for myself. I am having a clear out of my craft space - knitting wool - beads - magazines. My first gripe.. I listed loads of knitting wool - on the Buy it Now format and sold pretty much most of it before I had even finished listing. I was left with 3 skeins. I decided to re list those using the auction format. All my listings have the message that I will only accept PayPal and for only UK buyers to bid. I also clicked on all the countries I would not sell to including Europe The other day I noticed that the 3 skeins of wool had sold - I must not post out until payment received and a Global Priority Shipping reference was given... ! Righto, not a lot I can do about it now - Payment has been received and I don't have to foot the bill for the international postage - EBay do something clever behind the scenes with that. However, why did this sale go through... did the buyer not see my message and how / why did my shipping preferences revert to having to opt out again ? My 2nd gripe I had a buyer win on 3 items and pay by PayPal - I then received notice that they had purchased another item but used PayPal to send an e-cheque. I was told not to send the item paid for with the e-cheque until it had cleared - that it could take 5-7 days. Buyer paid for the 3 separate items 2 days afterwards with the PayPal system - I made the package up with all FOUR items and posted it off - I didn't believe for one moment that the e-cheque would not clear.. well it hasn't, sigh !! again my fault and of course I am not covered by PayPal. I have sent message to buyer asking her to make the payment for the other item by PayPal.
  22. Hi, Just after some clarification that I am perfectly entitled to follow my current path over this issue. I sold an IPad on eBay for £95 back in February, the buyer then told me it was damaged when it arrived. It was in perfect condition when I sent it, so I could only suggest that was damaged in transit. I asked the buyer to return it to me, so I could claim against Royal Mail for the damage & I would issue a refund, all pretty straightforward so far. The buyer contacted me saying the Ipad was packed & ready to be returned & would I issue a refund, seeing as PayPal had prevented me from taking the funds anyway, I issued the refund & asked the buyer to return the item straight away. A week passed & nothing arrived, when I contacted the buyer again he said he didn't have the IPad, he had 'given it away to a charity shop', as ebay sent him an email saying he could keep it! Naturally, I was incredulous at his behaviour, I issued a Letter Before Action & logged a claim against him on MCOL for £125. He has refused to admit responsibility, has refused to settle & will not give me the name of the 'charity shop' he 'donated' my IPad to. I am now taking this matter to court, but he is now claiming I will be liable for his transport costs as he lives in Spain! I am quite prepared to see this through to the bitter end, but I just wanted some assurance that I don't end up on the wrong side of a hefty bill. Thanks in advance for any help & advice. Chris
  23. Hi all, I sold a very expensive figurine on eBay and sent the item to the seller very well packed first class next day. Two days later the seller requested a full refund stating the item had been damaged in transit. I requested photos of the damage which showed the packing box (shipper) squashed on one corner, the box inside with the figurine inside appeared to have a cut along the corner running up the side of the box. When I received the item back the damage to the box of the figurine appeared inconsistent with the damage shown to the box that housed the figurine. What I mean bear with me on this, The shipping box was squashed on one corner, however the figurines box had no sign of being squashed and looked like it had been cut. The figurine box was wrapped in bubble wrap at least 5 or 6 times and I am guessing when the buyer tried to remove the bubble wrap say with scissors he has cut the box. Do I have any right to claim the buyer has damaged the item and will eBay see the obvious inconsistency? I have the photos he originally sent as do eBay!
  24. It would appear that Ebay is to start charging 20% VAT on fees when it changes it corporate structure later this year. Sellers with a turnover under £85,000 will not be affected. https://tamebay.com/2017/05/ebay-uk-spring-2017-seller-release-ebay-to-charge-vat-on-fees.html
  25. Regarding Ebay. I purchased an item from an American seller. The total cost of the item including postage came to £31. I got a card through the door today from royal mail asking me to pay a customs charge of £14.10. When I looked at royal mail customs online it clearly states on there that goods purchased below £135 would be exempt from customs duty. What should I do!?
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