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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, Bit of a strange one...maybe. I have been repairing on and off for many years - around 10 years + primarily laptops and mobile phones. I have bought an item of eBay primarily on the basis that it COULD fix an issue with a laptop but if it did not, I would send it back and this was the agreement with the seller. During fitting of the board, I felt the socket for the wireless antenna was not as tight as it should be but it was too late as I had now plugged in the cable. Fast forward an hour, it turned out the board did not fix the issue and in actual fact, the laptop would most likely be written off - I let the seller know this. On removing the board, the loose socket did indeed give way and came off. Problem now is quite obviously, the seller is refusing to accept the board back. I have not gone through the returns process and it is all verbal. Where does one stand in a situation like this? On one hand, there is no way that socket should fall off - And I can prove this by simply getting a wireless card or board and plugging in/out the antenna. They're made to handle this and in my test case, I was heavy handed too just to prove a point. There are two sockets and the other one is fine- the original board also has been in and out of the system multiple times and the sockets are fine. My view is it was not soldered on properly to start with and the installation simply ensured it would snap off. Even if it was soldered on, there clearly is not enough strength to hold it down so would have come off either way. Thoughts? Board itself has the wifi onboard and is for a small laptop - board being around the £400 mark and so no small matter Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi there, Hopefully this wont be as issue and I will have a job in 3-4 weeks (it looks promising, but not set in stone). Here's my question though. My wife and I are on a joint ESA claim. She is the main claimant, so as far as the government are concerned I don't exist (I have to have her ask for interviews at the JC for me, and she has to be there in person to hear everything I say, and I'm allowed no help with education, travel, back to work payments or anything) Part of our claim has led to my wife being on the Work Component of ESA. She's not found work, due to her stress and anxiety attacks, along with a knee surgery that went wrong (apparently it shouldn't have been done at all) that has left her barely able to walk without intense pain. The work group are aware of her situation, and have been helpful in putting her in touch with cognitive therapists, but their reports have always been of the "a long way to go" variety with regards to work. It's a shame, because if my wife was in work and not me, we'd get the back to work £40 a week bonus for a year, which would open up more options as to what job we could take, because we'd not need the same standard wage to make sure we cover all living costs. As it is, I've already been told by the Job Centre to turn down one job because their better off report said I'd be £50 a month worse off. I'm rambling a bit now, sorry. Basically, her ESA work component ends in 2 months time whether she is in work or not. But what happens then? Does she go to another one? does she go to the Support group of ESA? does ESA end all together? or does it go back to basic ESA and we lose £60 a fortnight (which will leave us really strapped for cash, until creditors adjust and accept lower payments once more)? We just want to know, so we can start preparing should I not get this job I'm kind of relying on. Thanks for the help
  3. Hi all, Whilst this matter is being sorted, I am concerned about the length of time, and the sequence of events by the retailer. About 18 months ago, I rebuilt my desktop computer. Most of the components came from SCAN International – obviously spending quite some cash. Not long after, the graphic card failed. I contacted SCAN who persuaded me to contact the manufacturer (nVidia/EVGA) [not even SCANs wholesaler/supplier]. Reluctantly I did this to save time, but it cost me money to return the item to Germany etc. 1/ About a fortnight ago, one of the 1Tb HDD’s (Seagate) failed, and I contacted SCAN again. They were insisting that I contact Seagate. It is still under warranty. This time I held fast and told them that as my contract is with them, it’s up to them to sort it out. After several emails, they eventually said that if I send it to them, they will return it to Seagate “on my behalf”. Obviously they expect me to wait for Seagate to comment/replace etc. Apparently; SCAN no longer sell Seagate gear. I think I’m right in saying that I have One contract – which is with SCAN. SCAN have TWO contracts. One with me and one with Seagate – and the two shouldn’t meet ? SCAN have received my original drive today, & found that it is indeed faulty. As my contract is with SCAN – shouldn’t they just replace the item,,,,, regardless of what they do with the returned one, and regardless of their contract with Seagate - & be pretty quick about it ? 2/ Separate issue: When a faulty item is returned under warranty, is it right that: i) any replacement is a refurbished item – not new, ii) any warranty on the replacement, is only as long as is left on the original ? thanks all. F
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