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  1. I wondered what was going on with Asset watch being replaced with Assetwatch. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have been left rather confused by an ebay transaction recently. I have been ebay-ing for 10 years or more. Basically I won a samsung galaxy s6 edge+ spares and repairs. It had screen burn. I knew samsung would fix it under warranty and they have done. That is not issue as such. The ebay seller I got it from is a on-line cash generator type pawn shop. My hubby didn't realise that at time of bidding. I asked the seller if he'd done a Checkmend report before I paid for the phone but after I'd won it. He said 'No'. I paid for the phone and did my own Checkmend report the day I received it. The Checkmend report revealed a red Asset Watch marker. For those who don't know what a Asset Watch marker is, it means that the phone may be owned by a company and may be under a Hire Purchase agreement. The company who own the phone is Brighthouse (Checkmend contacted them on my behalf). Brighthouse's Fraud department has been in contact with me and have told me that I don't need to return the phone to them, at this time. I know that potentially that the phone could be become blocked in the future and if that happens, the Ebay seller will accept it back and I will get a refund. I am certain that the phone was not stolen and given to the Ebay pawn-broker. I guess that person who had it under Brighthouse HP agreement pawned it for cash. I am thinking should I keep phone or not ? I have done nothing wrong. I don't mind giving up the phone but Brighthouse are giving me no information. I have clearly asked Brighthouse fraud team under what circumstances would need to occur, for them to ask the phone to be returned ? I am still within the 30 days for Ebay protection and 180 days for Paypal protection. The tricky thing is that would require me to return the phone to the seller, which Brighthouse may not like as they own the phone. I don't know what to do ? Advice please. Thanks x
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