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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I August I went to a local camera shops and brought a Sony camera. In the shop it was advertised at £239, when I went to pay it came up at £279 I asked why this was and was informed that the price advertised was with a £40 cash back that I had to claim back from Sony after 30 days. When the 30 days had passed tried claiming the cash back and the camera was not listed. Spoke to the shop and they are not doing anything about this, sent them a formal complaint saying I was not happy about the service I received and have not heard nothing back. I paid via my credit card. Is there a way or seeing what a web site was displaying a couple of months ago, to see if they had the camera advertised then with the wrong information. Thanks JJ
  2. Hello all A couple of months back, I saw an advert on Ebay for an Epson Stylus 4880 printer. The advert had a 'Buy it Now' price of £120 and was 'collection in person only'. As the seller was located nearly 200 miles away I contacted the seller through Ebay and asked if he'd be prepared to send the printer via courier at my cost and arrangement, he agreed. I paid the 'Buy it Now' price of £120 via PayPal and made arrangements with a courier company to collect and deliver the Epson Stylus 4880 printer at an additional cost of £90. The printer arrived but when I unpacked it I discovered it wasn't an Epson Stylus 4880 but an earlier 4800 model. These sell on Ebay for around £80 and is a completely different printer - it doesn't accept the cartridges I have for the 4880 (I already have 3 of the 4880 printers) I contacted the seller who accepted his mistake and offered to refund my £120 purchase price and leave the printer with me. He started the refund process. This was acceptable to me although I'd spent an additional £90 for delivery of a printer I didn't really want. Several days later I received a PayPal message stating the seller had cancelled the refund of £120 unless I returned the printer at my cost. This was totally unacceptable to me as I'd receive just £120 refund and be out of pocket for 2 x £90 courier fees, all this due to the advertiser's mistake. I started an Ebay claim but was informed I wasn't covered as the advert was 'collection in person only'. I have considered taking legal action and did send a 'Letter Before Action' by recorded mail. I've heard nothing since! What would be my legal position/options? Would I be able to claim: 1. The purchase (Buy it Now) price of £120 2. The cost of courier delivery to me £90 3. Costs, legal & others? Many thanks for reading this. Regards John
  3. I bought a Jacket from 'Trespass' of Glasgow online advertised for £24.99. When I received it it had a price tag on it of £19.99. I contacted Trespass who said they would investigate. I sent them a photo of jacket with price tag attached. I have had various emails stalling, asking for photo again etc. Do I have any legal rights here to claim the £5 difference?
  4. I have just signed forms to purchased a used car from a dealership and have paid a small deposit. Returning home I have found the exact same car (can see the registration plate) for cheaper on the dealer’s website and advertised even cheaper on Auto Trader. At the dealership I went through price negotiations with the dealer and he said that he has reduced the original price by a few hundred, but even the final price we settled on is higher than the online sites. The dealer told me there was no way he could go any lower Do I have a case to complain and do they need to honour the online price?
  5. Hi guys Bit of a dilemma.....I would appreciate any help/support or reference to case law/employment law. I have been employed in a role for the last year at £50k per annum I have found out through management accounts my predassessor was on £65k before he left Job role and associated responsibilities are the same (if not more now!) Organisational procedure insists that the org will pay median rate as a starting point for all benchmarked role Challenged HR to explain why the £15k anomaly. Requested to see evidence of re-benchmarked salary and also requested confirmation as to whether I am on the media anchor point. HR response was that' they could not find benchmarking data (albeit I said could this be because you never did one?) HR also unable to confirm whether i am I the media rate. My suspicions are that the salary reduced for nk good reason and the revised salary was plucked out air. Where can I go with this? What can I do if I have been underpaid for so long? Thanks in anticipation Abs
  6. Seperate question totally different issue; how long can a job be left advertised - just curious if no expiry date for applications - I assume can be short or as long as anyone likes; then decisions to be made on who needs to be seen; size of firm take them longer - how long should I wait before I assume not heard; as I know after a while I wouldn't; just trying to get a learning curve here - one for example 3 weeks ago; very small firm so I guess they'll need time to decide, staff sickness before another person decides
  7. Hi Guys, Looking for your opinions on a really stressful situation I've found myself in. Any comments appreciated! I visited a used car dealership interested in a specific car. The dealer told me if I wanted it, it would be fully serviced and would have a new MOT before I took it away. The dealer provided me with a paper print off with the same details showing. I did purchase the car a week later the service light came on. I called the dealer and was told "the garage must have forgotten to reset it, bring the car in and I'll take it up to them for you". I thought this unusual as it was the dealers stamp in the book and not the garage he said had forgotten. a few days later I visited the dealer and he wanted me to leave the car with him, I insisted I came too and we drove to a mechanics garage. Although I couldn't hear what was being said, it looked like the mechanic was refusing to turn the light off initially, but eventually he came and did so, after a long conversation with the dealer. The next day it still didnt feel right to me, I visited the mechanic and he told me he had not done a service on the car at all ever, and had only carried out an MOT. I went to the dealership and the dealer became quite angry and shouty, telling me he never said he'd service it fully, and had changed the oil, which in his opinion is an 'engine service'. The advertisement clearly states 'full MOT and service before the car is driven away". He clearly falsely advertised the car and has now even had the service light reset, knowing he hadn't had a service done at all! If a dealer will act like this and the mechanic he uses is willing to reset service lights without doing the work, I'm worried if even the MOT was carried out properly! Where do I stand legally on this? What options do I have? Thank you!!
  8. Hi there, I'm about to book a holiday with a company I have used many times before, and this is in fact my fourth trip with them. I do like this company, so don't wish to appear to be putting them in a bad light. Nevertheless, I believe they are not honouring their discounting system. I will explain the situation below - I am simply asking to know what my discount for the trip should be and why. As I've mentioned, this is my fourth trip, and as such, I qualify for a customer loyalty discount (see the info below). There will be two people being booked together on this trip with myself making the actual booking: Me (fourth time booking) My girlfriend (first time booking) My question is, how much discount off the total cost of the trip should there be in this scenario? Please consider your thoughts before reading mine below - I will post mine as an additional post for impartiality. Many thanks, Adrian
  9. Just gone past my three month trial with my work and they have advertised my job, the good news is there is no written contract between us. I have been employed as a van driver working from 8am- til sometimes 8pm which i know is illegal. Last two days i have been having stupid arguments with the bosses. Day 1 Web servers gone done, so the company not getting thier emails (btw i have been working on some of the companies web sites) Apparently after a massive row, they appologised and realized it was not my fault Day 2 Van broke down i got recovered by the AA and they offered to drop me home. whlie van was being repaired. I explained every step of the way to the boss and then i get accused of wasting time as i came home and didnt wait for the van to be repaired where as i was told it would be a next day repair, they dont have a back up. I knew the repair woud not take a few hours as the boss thought it would. Anyhow looking around today for another job and hey presto my job being advertised. Never mind i have injured my back while at work lifting, and i was sti told i had to do my work. Looking for all the advice you can supply me with what to do? thanks in advance
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