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  1. Hello all A couple of months back, I saw an advert on Ebay for an Epson Stylus 4880 printer. The advert had a 'Buy it Now' price of £120 and was 'collection in person only'. As the seller was located nearly 200 miles away I contacted the seller through Ebay and asked if he'd be prepared to send the printer via courier at my cost and arrangement, he agreed. I paid the 'Buy it Now' price of £120 via PayPal and made arrangements with a courier company to collect and deliver the Epson Stylus 4880 printer at an additional cost of £90. The printer arrived but when I unpacked it I
  2. I was another victim of their SD antics. I turned up in court, they didn't bother. The judge set aside. My link: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?154886-Capquest-Statutory-Demand-for-Bankruptcy! Thanks
  3. Thanks for this information. I'll read it carefully when I get back from work. Cheers John
  4. Hopefully, before others get swindled by this company, they'll do a search first and read these posts.
  5. We've all witnessed the absolute inadequacy of the FSA = The banking crisis, and now we're all feeling the pain having propped them up with taxpayers money. And the banks still call the tune and the governement are powerless. They still pay out obscene bonuses - they're nothing butdeleted. Wenworth just prey on the vulnerable and stack up even more misery. Deleted. They have one single motivation - GREED at anyone's expense but theirs.
  6. I won't pull any punches - I utterly despise banks, all of them. I have great sympathy for the staff who work for them, as it's not their fault. Only one thing motivates bank bosses and that's greed and it doesn't matter who, or what, stands in their way! They wreck lives, wreck businesses, wreck the economy and wreck families.
  7. Has anyone spoken to a HUMAN BEING at the Halifax lately? This is getting beyond a joke - all this automated telephone system is just SH*T. Can anyone recommend a bank that employs people rather than robots, people one can actually talk to in English? I've had a guts full of the Halifax and just want to move to another bank that knows what customer service is.
  8. Wentworth Finance bombard people, some of them financially vulnerable, with marketing email. My partner receives a constant flow of email offering loans from Wentworth or their partner firms. In short, they disgust me.
  9. WoW, didn't get any notifications of posts made to this thread!! I've taken a bit of a breather since all the bl**dy hastle I had from HFO. The latest is that they sacked the person responsible and made a £100 donation to the charity of my children's choice. I did complete and submit forms N244 but got no response from the court. It was only recently that I got around to ringing the court to find out what was going on - they had no record of the forms being received. I guess I completed them incorrectly anyway, so maybe not a bad thing!! The court staff confirmed there was no ti
  10. My polite request for costs was rejected and I was referred to the court process. Surely you didn't expect these bandits to cough up? £300 to £400 won't recompence me for the time I actually spent researching and defending this case! Quadruple it and you maybe closer. This is an event that happened over 5 years ago! I had to search through mountains of data to gather together the facts. I spent hours on the phone, I travelled to a previous address, not only to console my daughter from these predators, but also to gather information. My case for harrassment is on hold just now aw
  11. Okay. I wrote to the court requesting guidance on claiming expenses from HFO. Today I received a reply enclosing form N244 (attached) Does anyone have experience of this form and how best it should be completed? Thanks John n244.pdf
  12. My family received a letter from Turnbull Rutherford who are of course HFO Capital Limited too. In the letter they apologised for the distress caused and stated the individual concerned at HFO Capital had been dismissed. Turnbul Rutherford whi si of course the infamous Alasdair TURNBULL offered a £100 payment to a charity of our choice! Does anyone have the home telephone number of Mr Alasdair TURNBULL?
  13. Hi guys Sorry for the delay in getting back on here - I felt I needed a bit of breathing space! Okay, I have made formal complaints to both the OFT & TS, in fact twice! I've not heard anything from HFO Services or Mr Turnbull - now there's a surprise. I am in contact with my solicitor with regards prosecuting for harrassment - I think this might take a little while and we're awaiting an appeals decision on another prosecution against HFO. Mr Turnbull is no stranger to this sort of thing. I am just about preparing a claim for my time spent in researching and dealing
  14. For those interested in keeping a recording of BBC's Radio iPlayer streams, follow this link: http://www.nerdoftheherd.com/tools/radiodld/ Hope it's okay to post it here. Wish I'd had it last week and could have recorded the the original You & Your broadcast on 1st April! Cheers John
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