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  1. Hi all, I have recently moved to the Winterthur Way development in Basingstoke. I rent a property which includes a parking space. It wasn't until I moved into the flat that I was given a parking permit and told to use it when parking in my allocated space (This was something that was not mentioned in my tenancy agreement!). After moving in I received 2 x £60 parking charge notices for using visitors spaces (Returning within a 48 hour period) to drop off my furniture. I used the visitors space as I had to use a different car of a suitable size to drop the furniture off. Also my space isn't near my flat its further up the road. I kind of understood as I could have possibly been using a space that someone else could have been using, all be it for a very short period of time. After paying these two charges from PPM I thought it was over ! Two weeks later as a result of having to pay £120 to PPM straight after moving in I had to do overtime at a weekend so I was able to pay next months rent. The overtime meant staying away with work from the 8/07/2017 and returned on the 11/07/2017. When I returned on the evening of the 11th I have been met with 2x PCN from PPM on my windscreen whilst I was parked in my own space. Straight away as I approached the car I have seen my permit was not stuck to the top of my windscreen where it was before I left. Both PCN's are for 'Not displaying a valid permit' one for 09/07/2017 & 10/07/2017. I thought this surely wont be an issue I will just send them evidence of where the permit had fallen (A video from my phone was sent) also a picture of my valid permit. After all it is my space and unlike the visitors spaces I could not have inconvenienced anyone as it is 'MY SPACE'. They should just accept that and cancel the charges. To my surprise I have an email from PPM stating my appeal has been rejected ! PPM is now giving me the option to appeal to the IAS but from my understanding I don't stand a chance appealing to them either? I don't really have the cash to pay the 2 x £60 at a reduced rate. Let alone £200 if the appeal to the IAS fails. However I really do feel they can't do this. Any help is greatly appreciated. I understand I probably haven't included all the information you guys need to help but I am also not sure where to start. I have included the response from PPM in a ZIP file with my name and REG edited out. Just let me know what you need and I will post it up ! Regards, tissot docs1.pdf
  2. The following is an extract of the news report published in the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2018/feb/22/couple-filmed-evicted-channel-5-tv-show-win-damages-high-court
  3. Hi, I have been away for a few days when I came back yesterday, I noticed my car was gone. I obviously freaked out and called Police who advised me to call TRACE, I did it and there was no entry on their database about my car. There was no letter, or phone call, email, SMS or anything to let me know that my car was taken by Marston. Not a single notice. For all I knew, my car was stolen. I then called Police back, and they were able to find out that Marstons took my car. I called them immediately and was told that it was due to a PCN issued last year by Kensington and Chelsea council. I have no recollection of ever receiving a PCN there, but I have been to the Chelsea Hospital to support a friend who was 9 months pregnant and feeling contractions. The address and date matches, so it must have been that, there was no PCN on my windscreen, though. I then told them that I have never received any letter from Marstons regarding this, neither before they took the car, nor after. Their reply was that they didn't need to do that because the Council have done it already, and they were given the warrant to control the vehicle, so they went ahead and did that. They said that the Council has sent me 4 letters asking for payment. After speaking to Marstons, I decided to comb my old letters to see if I find any communication from the Council and I found only 1 letter. Sent in October last year, exactly 3 days after my younger brother died, so it must have gone unnoticed by me during that emotional storm. I have sent an email to the Council saying the same thing I wrote above. Got a reply saying they have forwarded it to the Parking team and they will reply in due course, whenever that is. Marston is now preparing the car to be auctioned unless I pay over £600 to recover it. Are they correct when they say they did not need to send me any notice? It doesn't look right to me. I want to pay the PCN, however, I cannot afford to pay what they are asking. I guess the council can intervene but I am not counting on it. There must be a way out of this? Best regards.
  4. Ban fossil fuel companies from sponsoring, donating or having any involvement in schools and other activities that are aimed at or could influence children under 18. Why is this important? We all know that climate change is a real threat to everyone and everything on this planet, and that the fossil fuel industry is the biggest cause of pollution, the increase of greenhouse gases, and of creating global warming. The industry is responsible for poisoning our waterways, oceans, air, and land. Also, a lot of the chemicals the fossil fuel companies extract are used for making plastics. Plastics are choking our oceans, killing our sea life, and contaminating the sea salt, which in turn will contaminate users of sea salt. Much more on the link.And have your say,say how you feel.Whatever your views are. Thanks. Tawnyowl. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/keep-fossil-fuel-companies-away-from-our-children?bucket&source=facebook-share
  5. On the face of it, this case appears to be very worrying. A lot is dependent upon what correspondence you had previously received from your council. BUT... If you sent an income and expenditure breakdown to them BEFORE they engaged bailiffs then you should have been considered for an attachment order. Simply not having sufficient income is no excuse for the council to bulldoze on with bailiffs. As others have alluded to, you should now write to the council and raise the point regarding their hasty decision to use bailiffs as opposed to the more logical option of an attachment. It is very important for you to also outline your vulnerability, much of which should be already on their records. I recently endured an almost identical scenario to yours. I had to fight tooth and nail with the council over every aspect. What became clear to me is that they won't concede an inch without a fight.
  6. I have watched this programme and depending on when they filmed each series certainly the one prior to the latest, maybe even this series will have been filmed after a change in law http://www.landlordlawblog.co.uk/2015/11/17/new-nightmares-for-landlords-using-high-court-sheriffs-to-evict-tenants/ Nicholas v Secretary of State for Defence, High Court, Chancery Division, August 24, 2015 Which they now have to give advanced notice about HCEO's being instructed to carry out evictions CH5 conveniently appears to have omitted this fact Also the methods some of DCBL staff (del & son) used to gain a questionable" peaceful entry" yes door was open but man standing next to it blocking entry further into property yet del's son still enters blocks door from being closed (surely this is illegal)? series 4 episode 11 i hope But this is the sort of thing if I'm correct that misleads people and causes confusion it's time that tv companies /broadcasters et el, were legally bound to report facts based on laws not fudging stuff for entertainment value, many of those featured are very vulnerable as are some who maybe watching these so called documentaries
  7. I am struggling to close PayPal and EBay accounts of my late Husband. Using the contact us forms doesn't appear to produce any contact from either of them. Has anyone had experience of closing these accounts - thank you.
  8. Hi All Need a sign that l can put on my door that tells religious people, mainly Jehovah witnesses, and political leaflets. I have a no junk mail no religious people no menus and no in invited people but l still tend to get these people and political leaflets threw. Does the old standard bog off and leave me alone notice still count. As in the rights of access common law one if so who has it please
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/16/world/australia/henderson-island-plastic-debris-south-pacific.html?_r=0 One lady has already made an attempt at doing this and her story is in the article linked below. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/may/27/cut-plastic-weekly-shop-family#comment-99268926 IMHO, unless big business ceases to produce non recyclable plastics and Local Authorities continue to dump this stuff in land fill then we are going to continue to destroy the seas and land.
  10. HI everyone my first post on this site as i am in a bit of a pickle around 2 years ago at my gym ( which also happens to be a hotel & restaurant ) company called "millennium door and event security randomly turned up and decided to start slapping tickets on everyones cars ( gym users , hotel stayers & restaurant eaters all included ) as you can imagine there was quite the uproar with many complaints going to the hotel manager about this whom seemingly was unaware what exactly was going on ,but someone within the hotel had agreed that millennium could start ticketing peoples cars under the pretence that they were " managing the car park " i imagine of course the hotel would receive a percentage of any " charges recovered " i avoided the whole thing for a while although i will admit things like this make my blood boil as this business model is created to inflict misery on innocent people and to generate pure profits for the robbers that own these companies i cannot believe that in 2017 companies like this are still allowed to get away with slapping tickets on peoples cars on land they have absolutely no affiliation with anyway around a year ago i damaged some ligaments in my leg , i still attended my gym as there was a good physiotherapist there and i liked to use the pool facility however for around 5-6 months i was unable to walk distances and therefore i would use the disabled spaces provided by the hotel this is where the problems began everytime i would return from using the facilitys i would find a "ticket" on my windscreen i must have collected around 20 of them in 6 months however as i pay a monthly fee for my gym i believed i was more than entitled to use the private disabled parking space provided by the hotel and simply ignored the nonsense tickets i can remember even querying this with the gym manager who said the rules do not apply to patrons and members ( the sign millennium door and event security had put up even mentions this ) i kept throwing the tickets away and thought nothing more of it , until i started receiving mountains of letters from "max recovery" and "goldstones solicitors" more con artists i ignored all these swell thinking it was all huffing and puffing trying to bully money out of me next thing i am being served county court papers from some business centre in Nottingham ( 200 miles from where i live ) first i received one claim stating i owe £400 - this was the first one and i actually went to court with expecting somebody to see sense and throw it in the bin gladstone rocked up with 3 solicitors and had carefully analysed every single defence point i had I'm not joking they must have spent more time on this than the OJ simpson trail myself and the magistrate had lost all interest by the end and the court awarded them the full amount minus a little bit of interest they were trying to claim i ended up paying these ba*stards £374 in full they were not prepared to negotiate a payment plan of any type then a few months later i receive one stating i owe another £350 - by this point i had enough and just threw it in the bin ( i know stupid ) the judgement defaulted and they yet again get the result they so desperately wanted along with a CCJ which has now been handed to DCBL aka don't pay we will take it away i also have another case with them waiting to go to court for another £400 - but i have been clever in dragging this one out for along as i possible can by switching addresses and saying i am out of the country for 5 months but i have no doubt that gladstone will be after this one like a dog after a bone too anyway its the defaulted one they have a cci for i am most concerned about at the moment because i live with my parents and where as if i was on my own i simply wouldnt even acknowledge they're existence and would potentially consider an acceptable level of force to remove them from my property ( yes i feel that strongly about it ) my mother is old and would get frightened easily if 2 burly debt collection attack dogs and a camera crew turned up at the door one day i am aware there is no where else to really turn now I have accepted i will have to pay the criminals £350 and be thankful for it however like most ordinary people who don't con others on a daily basis i don't actually have a spare £350 just laying around to pay them i am insolvent and live on very little i am going to ring DCBL tomorrow to see if i can pay £50 a month I'm already anticipating they will politely decline this and i notice there is no way to contact them via email ( meaning no paper trail of attempted negotiations for court ) so assuming this will probably end up in high court a few questions 1) could a £350 debt even incur a high court writ and if not does it just go back to county court what sanctions do they take 2) i am aware you can ask the court to set aside the judgement or set up a payment plan however they want £50 minimum to do either of these extremely difficult tasks and seeing as the debt is £350 I'm not sure its really worth it to add another 50 on 3) is it worth speaking to citizens advice or will they just give me barrel answers 4) the outstanding judgement thats waiting to go to court could anyone help me on here with a defence ? because obviously my last one didnt work very well sorry i know the post is long but this is literally so frustrating if i had actually incurred a debt with someone for a service or goods they had provided i would of paid up straight away however these "debts" have seemingly appeared out of thin air i still after all thisl fail to see the damage I've actually caused to warrant nearly £1000 pounds worth of parking charges all i did was park at my gym thanks to anyone that takes the time to respond
  11. Hey everyone, I need your help, today I received an email from IAS (Known as Independence Appeal Service) that my appeal for unfair car park charge have been dismissed after I was told that the appeal would take a week but it take them two days for them to dismissed my appeal. Here is what it said: Dear Chris, The Independent Appeals Service (IAS) has received a decision from the Independent Adjudicator regarding your recent appeal for the below PCN. Parking Charge Number (PCN): XXXXXXXXX Vehicle Registration: XXXXXXX Date Issued: 2015-11-10 Appeal Outcome: Dismissed The Adjudicators comments are as follows: "I cannot allow the appeal on the basis put forward. It is difficult to follow the Appellant’s submissions but I believe they are arguing that they have been given an incorrect permit, although it is not clear from whom they received this permit. In any event the contractual terms advertised on the signs make it clear that any driver parking without displaying a valid permit agrees to pay the charge. The Appellant claims to have a visitor permit, but they were not displaying this, nor have they provided any evidence that they are entitled to a permit. Even if I accept the Appellant’s submissions, it would not change the contractual terms. If the Appellant does not have a valid permit they may park as they did and pay the charge or park elsewhere. They chose the former, and the appeal is dismissed. "As your appeal has been dismissed, the Independent Adjudicator has found, upon the evidence provided, that the parking charge was lawfully incurred. As this appeal has not been resolved in your favour, the IAS is unable to intervene further in this matter. The Operator must now allow you 14 days to make payment before they commence any action to enforce the charge. Should you continue to contest the charge then you should consider obtaining independent legal advice. Yours Sincerely The Independent Appeals Service
  12. Apologies if this has been posted to the wrong forum. I have filed an N244 on behalf of someone I know, just received a N271 Notice of transfer of proceedings. the problem is it has been transferred to a court absolutely miles away can I get it reassigned to a more ocal court?
  13. Hi all not been on here for many years but i hope im asking in the right forum, if not please move Ive got a DMP had it for several years slowly steadily paying my debts off . The thing is my dad owns a few houses and to offset any inheritance tax he's thinking of putting a house in my name, now if he does and i sell the house ill have x amount in my bank and if my creditors see it they will want or even might want their share. I want to put the money into a project that will earn more money which means i can pay my creditors off when it suits me Now my question is: can i put my dads or someone elses bank details on the conveyancing form so the money will not go into my own bank account? Or is it a legal requirement that the house owner has to put their own bank details for any monies to be paid into? thanks
  14. Hi guys, would appreciate your help on this. I currently have 25K of debt which is being administered with Payplan. I defaulted on all accounts in 2012 during a separation. Next year I should be receiving early inheritance to the value of 25/30K So I would love to clear all outstanding debts and be debt free. However I would like to apply for a mortgage with my new partner in a couple of years and understand that companies like Halifax look at your credit file in fine detail. A - Should I clear all debts at 100% of value before the 6 year default period ends (a couple are offering settlement options now) B - Wait until the 6 years are up? Then ask for settlement figures Full/Partial I don't want to partially settle if it reflects badly with high street lenders in the future.. I really appreciate your help! Thanks Roj.
  15. This joke of a trial finished today and he got away with it. I was expecting Basil Faulty to appear with a sprig of ash and start beating him. 5 Years I think this court and this sentence brings the SA justice system into disrepute, I thought our system was bad enough.
  16. Yesterday my mother sadly passed away and I have no idea in the slightest what to do regarding benefits. Theres so much to do already. Firstly I understand I will have to contact the DWP asap to get mums DLA stopped? Next, what do I actually do about my funds? I was on carers allowance for a few years for looking after my mum. In November my mental health problems deteriorated and I had to come off carers allowance to allow me a month or so to work on my own health. It's a very slow process getting help for mental health problems but as the ball was rolling I re-applied for carers allowance at the start of January since I started doing 35+ hours of care a week again for my mum. Unfortunately about a week after submitting the claim online, mum's illness declined and around the middle of January she was taken to hospital. She spent over 2 weeks in hospital and then the other day was moved to a hospice and she passed away yesterday. What can I do? I have heard nothing regarding my claim being processed yet. From what I can remember she will be sent forms to sign confirming that I am her carer but she is no longer with us of course. What do I say to the DWP? I dont think people get paid carers allowance if the person is in hospital so do I just tell them I only want to claim it backdated for 1 week (The time between applying and mum going to hospital). I had income support with carers allowance but when I cancelled my carers allowance I was oddly still being paid £91 income support every 2 weeks... Citizens advice did say income support is paid in arrears so maybe it's that? Or could it be I need to cancel income support as well? (I assumed that because CA entitled me to IS, that is CA was cancelled, IS would be too). Then it's the question of what now? IS entitles me to full housing benefit and a fair bit of council tax reduction, without that I have no money to actually pay my rent. So what do the government expect me to do? Give up my home and live on a family members sofa? Or to sign up for JSA? Even though I am clearly unfit to work at the moment but cant claim any disability benefits as mental health problems are never seen as a reason to not have to work. I just cant see how at a time like this when there is so much to do (arrange funeral, register death, close mums bank accounts, mourn etc) how the government can expect me to phone them up to get all of my money stopped and then end up losing my home too. Thanks
  17. im really confued as i didnt attend the medical but sent off a form explaining why , i then recieved a letter back saying :"we have looked at your reasons for not attending a decision maker says you are capable of work from the 15.04.2010 " (this box was ticked) then underneath is says "this means we have decided that you are no longer entilted to which were : Box One : Incapacity Benefit And National Insurance Credits Box Two : Severe Disablement Allowance Box Three : National Insurance Credits The Box They Ticked For Me Were Just : The 3rd One "National Insurance Credits" This is the only box ticked so i dont understand am i losing my incapacity and servere disability allowance cos it says first "u are capable of work from the 24.04.2010 but then says this means we have decided that you are no longer entitled to national insurance credits ! Im confused as i claim incapacity and servere but these boxes werent ticked so what do they mean im no longer entitled to national credits ? im worried if they mean that ill no longer get any benefits anyone plz help me thanks in advance
  18. In a bid to stop people dashing through security at the last minute, Easyjet will turn you away if you don't make the 30 minute cut-off point they've just introduced. The low-cost airline company are saying that, anyone who tries to get through security barriers with less than half an hour to spare before departure, won't be allowed on the flight. Anyone who doesn't make the 30 minute cut-off will have to pay £80 to switch to another EasyJet flight. http://www.bitterwallet.com/travel/easyjet-to-turn-you-away-if-youre-not-30-minutes-early-92190
  19. I received the N1SDT from Cabot/Mortimer Clarke as I have been working away so only saw it yesterday morning, I have already Acknowledged it via MCOL I chose the option Intend to defend all. the Particulars of Claim as follows:- By an agreement between LTSB & defendant on or around 15/10/1998 ('the Agreement') LTSB agreed to issue the Defendant with a credit card. The Defendant failed to make the minimum payments due & the Agreement was terminated. The Agreement was assigned to the Claimant. THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS 3830.31 At the total cost Amount Claimed 3830.31 Court Fee 185.00 Legal Rep Fee 80.00 Total 4095.31 My question at present is as there are no account numbers on the form What should I put on a CCA in the Account number Reference to Cabot. Also sending CPR31:14 to Mortimer Clarke To clarify I do accept I had a card through Ltsb and also have been a bit of an ostrich in the past, due to various reasons I also have not been good with repayments since Jan 2015
  20. I have never tried this before so I have no idea if it will work. I live in a sheltered housing complex with a communal lounge. In this lounge is a PC and a Fibre Optic internet with router. That is part one. The flats within this complex are being fitted with smart meters incorporated within a new fuse box and instead of being wireless, they are all being hard wired to this router via a box in the loft that connects 18 cables in and one to the router. My thinking is to utilise the Broadband connection within my home using: Two of these: http://tinyurl.com/hxl6wad (or similar)One to be placed nearwhere the cable enters my flat then use a long ethernet cable to the cupboard where I have my existing router but instead of using the router, use the second ethernet switching box My questions are Would this work? Would all the connections lead to a significant drop in signal? I did think of connecting the two routers together but it looks very confusing adjusting the settings of the router in my cupboard
  21. Bailiffs from 'Can't Pay We'll Take It Away' throw car park firm out of Huddersfield site for not paying its bills A national car park firm has been dramatically evicted from its Huddersfield site by bailiffs seen on television’s ‘Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away’ show. Euro Car Parks was abruptly turfed out of its Lord Street site and the entrance chained over. It has now been claimed that the huge international firm, notorious for giving shoppers parking tickets, has itself failed to pay its bills. The Examiner understands it has not paid the past three months rent on the site, which was purchased by a private landlord recently for more than £700,000. The Examiner has asked Euro Car Parks for a comment but it has so far not responded. This morning a new firm, Simple Intelligent Parking, was busy installing its equipment and signs at the popular town centre car park. A spokesman said the landlord had become tired of waiting for payment and had recruited bailiffs from DCBL Ltd, who feature on the Channel 5 TV show, Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away, to come and reclaim the site. He said he had assisted in dealing with the confused and upset employees of Euro Car Parks and customers, whose cars were locked in. And he revealed plans to improve the car park with a new surface and better markings were underway. Link
  22. Well I had a business debt, I had written to the supplier several times as they hiked up the price on what was agreed when it was invoiced. Recently a bailiff they transferred the case to turned up - He had a camera filming me, he did not tell me this was happening or ask if he could film? I asked why - he said for security? as if a small elderly person against a big 6 foot ex army bailiff could become violent - I am not talking about a lot of money here but I want to know how these people that are there to terrify you should be treated. There had been no court papers served and had there been I would have happily gone to court and defended the case. This man suggested I would have to pay his large charges on top of the outstanding balance. He said coming pre court he was doing me a favour!! I thought high court bailiffs could only come threatening/intimidating once court action had been completed? these people are on television apparently - if ever there is a next time I want to know how to respond to them and share this with others so we are all prepared!
  23. New series Is back on Channel 5 ... http://www.channel5.com/shows/cant-pay-well-take-it-away If you not watched Series 3 - Episode 1 http://www.channel5.com/shows/cant-pay-well-take-it-away/episodes/episode-1-829 Your see HCEO evicting a tenant who turned out to be a Letting agent and had been forging TA in some else name, so he could live there virtual rent free !
  24. I bought something from ebay at a very good price; one not easily repeated. The seller shipped it to me via Hermes. The tracking showed it as being with my local courier & out for delivery last thursday. It never arrived. I checked the tracking and everything was the same except the date had changed to friday. Still nothing (I was in all day) This happened for saturday & then monday; the date for delivery kept changing but still no actual delivery. Sometime on monday (yesterday) the tracking stopped working with a message that the tracking had been cancelled. I contacted Hermes via their online 'chat' and was told that they had damaged my delivery & had thrown it away but had given the sender a refund. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this is outrageous. It's bad enough, as a company offering the shipping of goods, that they are so negligent as to allegedly ruin shipments but to then allegedly discard the item too is so far outside their duty it's beyond belief. I say 'allegedly' above because for all I know someone has taken a shine to my item and simply reported it as 'damaged & discarded'. Where do I stand being the recipient. I didn't pay for the shipping or choose Hermes but I want what was sent to me so I can decide whether it's of any use or not. Any help or advice gratefully received
  25. I'm after some advice. My partner of 12 years walked out on me and our 3 children last Friday evening saying she was no longer happy with me. Didn't elaborate on the reason as to why she was not happy. I explained that if we were no longer together then we couldn't live together she immediatley offered to go. And did..... first few nights she would go out and come back early hours and sleep on the couch. Now she's gone all nights. She does come back everyday to see the children but prefers to spend most of the time with the kids out the way and us talking but going round in circles. I left them alone this evening while I went out for a short time so they could spend time together. I dropped her off at her friends house this evening. She wants to go out alot more of late to friends drinking Texting another man but swears on kids lives they are just talking and he's offering support I come in the house she's been going out Saying yes to children. Anything for an easy life No house tidying I have asked her again today where all this is going and she claims she does not know what she wants from life. At a work meeting yesterday she was instantly dismissed for Gross Misconduct. Although the hurt has been done I guess i'd take her back. She now has no fixed address and is staying with random friends on random nights, no job and no money. I worry for her. I've agreed to allow her to take children out despite no fixed address on the condition she brings them back to me at the end of the visit until she gets settled with a new place then we can discuss more permanent arrangements. I've also kindly requested that as I know my children have been with this man to play with his kids also from a broken relationship that whilst she still doesnt know what she wants from life could she refrain from meeting up with him and his children as I don't my children to become confused. Clearly as she's gone I've started a new tax credits claim and as tenancy agreement is due on 1st September 2015 the landlord has agreed to put it just in my name. Has anyone got any good advice for me as I still believe the reason why she's willingingly become detached from the family home is because perhaps she has done something with this new man whilst still together and now she is struggling knowing that. I've encouraged her to talk to her father whose wife walked out on them many years ago too leaving 6 children behind but she is very wary of doing this. I really don't want to lose my children because since last Friday we've got a really good daily routine going and the children are happy. Any advice would be welcome
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