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  1. As I can't edit, I will post something else I had to add. Now in no way am I blaming the bank for my own actions of what I did. The complaint about them really is more to do with them being fully aware of my gambling problems, how during a slip I end up creating/extending my overdraft, losing the lot and putting myself in debt (as well as incurring £1 a day in bank charges), yet they will not remove the authorised overdraft facility permanently from my account. Furthermore they have allowed me in February 2016 to extend my overdraft to £2000 (which seems like an irresponsible amount to allow me to access, based on my income at that time as well as knowing about my problems with gambling and wanting the overdraft facility removed prior to that). Looking at the secure message inbox I first contacted them in 2011 and told them about my gambling problem. At that time I wanted my debit card downgraded to a cash only card. Their staff were useless with 1 telling me they have removed the ability for my debit card to make online transactions (I tested this by making a low value purchase online which went through) and finally, another telling me they need to cancel the card and assign me with a cash only card. I then contacted them many times including in 2014 and the start of this year specifically about getting the authorised overdraft facility removed from my account permanently because I realised at some casinos I could pay by PayPal (could do a direct transfer to my paypal account from online banking page and deposit that way). Which resulted in being told it's been removed (when it wasn't), that they review the facility every few months or I can remove it myself by setting overdraft amount to 0 (Which doesn't remove the facility as I can extend my overdraft again right after)
  2. I'm just wondering if this is in breach of responsible lending rules and if I could do anything about it. Years ago I realised I had a bit of a gambling problem and when having a slip what would happen is I would lose all of my money, then keep extending my overdraft to the maximum chasing the loss until everything had gone. Around 2 or 3 years ago I told Santander about this gambling problem and made it clear to them I wanted no overdraft facility on my account whatsoever. At the time they told me that overdraft facility had been removed from my account. I tried to create a £50 overdraft in my online banking and sure enough I couldn't. Several months later I had a huge gambling slip and when I emptied my bank, I tried to see if I could create an overdraft in my online banking account and sure enough, I created a £500 overdraft and lost the lot. I made requests several times again to stop any overdraft facility on my account, but they never helped with this. Last year was horrid. In January they let me extend my overdraft to £2000 (Which was ridiculous considering I was only earning £420 a month carers allowance and income support). I had a huge slip when mum died and lost everything in my bank and the entire £2000 of my overdraft. Towards the end of last year and start of this year, 2 more slips where I was allowed to create overdraft amounts of around £1000 where I had to sell my Santander shares to clear the overdraft. Then this year. I made a complaint with them about this, yet it was vastly ignored. I got a complaint response in a letter but again they said nothing apart from every few months they review overdraft facilities on peoples accounts and set the maximum overdraft limit. 2 months ago after doing so well I had another slip, I was allowed to extend my overdraft to £600 and again lost the lot gambling. Then now in the last 2 weeks, just as I managed to clear my overdraft (After paying £1 a day in charges for the last 2 months), I had a slip. I only had about £80 in my bank, but Santander allowed me to extend my overdraft to £700 and I lost the lot trying to chase back that £80 I lost. The thing is, Santander have been fully aware of my gambling problem. I can safeguard myself by leaving minimal money in my bank (withdrawing as much as possible to store at home), but the overdraft facility is something they won't stop for good on my account. In fact, every single time I have increased my overdraft limit or created an overdraft, it has been lost gambling online right after. I have never once increased or created an overdraft for any other purpose. Thanks
  3. As it turned out, this breach wasn't anything to do with anti-virus, ebay or Paypal. It was to do with someone accessing my email account and using it to change my password on ebay. What they did was accessed my email, set filters to incoming ebay and paypal emails so it's diverted to my deleted folder (So I wouldn't see any future emails from ebay in case they did flag it as suspicious. People say about changing your password frequently, but, there is actually no way to change your password via orange's webmail system. For anyone who knows what webmail platform I am talking about, it's email.orange.co.uk. See it this way, a fraudster gains access to someones account. Bingo! The first thing they would do is change the password right? Of course they would. Even the fraudster didn't change my email password because there is no way for them to change it. I personally spoke to orange's support earlier and had this out with them. Here goes..... The email address in question was provided to me when I lived at my old address with the internet connection I had there. When I moved, I cancelled the internet connection and as I was using the email address still, they kept this email address active. Normally, to change your password for this email, you log in to your broadband account using the email address, then change your password there (which also changes it for the email address). That is the only way to change your password. In my case, I had no broadband account active to log into. So there has been no direct way to change my password. I was told, most people either change email address when they change ISP, or, use the pop3 settings through a mail reader like outlook (which, rather than store emails in the webmail, pushes them to the device and stores them there). They told me, in future, if I still want to use my email address via the webmail platform and want to change my password frequently, I will need to select "forgot password" and change it via that method. Orange/EE have as a result of this offered a form of compensation. As for eBay, they have now logged it as unathorised access to my account and told me I am to contact either my bank or PayPal to get a refund of the full amount. Attachment show the filters the fraudster set on my email account so I wouldn't see incoming ebay and paypal emails and also that there is indeed no way to change the password via webmail
  4. 100% because I am an expert. Over 20 years experience and a wide computer knowledge. Viruses come in several forms including crypto (ransomware) and keylogger. Anti-virus software is mostly just there as insurance. It allows people to carry on with their normal activities but gets them out of a potentially bad situation if they download something they shouldn't have. The most common ways of compromising someones account these days doesn't even require the host system to download a virus. It's through the spoof emails people get that pretend to be from a certain company requiring them to enter their password. The user is then redirected to a page that looks exactly like the website (except the url wouldn't be correct) where they enter their password and the fraudster can then access their account. The other is via dodgy email attachments that can either be keylogging software (tracks username and password entries, sends them back to fraudster) or ransomware (password encrypts the users most important folders like "my pictures" and demands payment within 48 hours for the code to unlock the folder again). Even "hacking" doesn't exist on the scale it's mentioned in the media. Normally what happens is someone falls for a spoof email, they give their details away, end up becoming a victim to fraud and the report is along the lines of they were "hacked". Hacking these days is an overused term and really the only 2 ways of "hacking" that are common are DDos attacks (sending excess traffic to a website via many "host" infected systems) that overload servers so the website goes offline, and brute force hacking (running software that generates millions of password that tries each password until they get in). Although the brute force method is becoming more and more uncommon due to account servers only allowing a certain amount of attempts before locking the account or requiring CAPTCHA codes. 15 years ago I stopped using anti-virus software when my computer knowledge got to an expert level. Since all this software did was slow down my system with routine scans and never found any viruses. Today, just to confirm what I already knew I downloaded Norton anti-virus. I have a premium licence that was included with my ISP package that I never used before. I activated it, did a full system scan and the results as expected were no viruses were found. So the only ways this could have happened: 1) Someone found my long lost phone and got into my eBay account via the connected google account which automatically syncs any password changes. 2) The forced password change. As said, quite recently when logging into my account, I was forced to change my password due to when they were compromised in 2014 and user details were leaked. As I couldn't think of any new password I would remember, I changed it back to an old password I used to use. So maybe if that password was on the compromised list, someone might have tried it recently. So far I have reported it to actionfraud and also to PayPal. PayPal have told me there is no unathorised activity logged on my account (and they even told me, that instead, if I am unhappy with the item I "purchased", I should contact the seller to arrange for a refund). Ebay have been very difficult to contact
  5. Thank you for the reply. The thing is, I only had that much left in my bank so it was the only thing they could take. The only thing I can imagine it being is a few years ago I lost my mobile phone. It didn't have a lock on the screen. It was reported to my phone provider and all they could do was cancel the sim. I think this was linked to my google+ account (Which stores passwords and updated passwords). If someone recently found this phone, charged it up and got into my eBay account, they might have made the purchase. Whoever did it, knew what they were doing. As soon as they got access to the account they changed the password and notification settings (So I wouldn't receive an email if they bought something). Thank you, I will report it to actionfraud
  6. Hey, just wanting to know where I stand. Let me start with saying i'm no newbie to computers and this wasn't a case of me giving away my login details via some [problem]/phishing email. I have more than 20 years computer/internet experience under my belt and even have no use for anti-virus software (put it this way, I know to avoid anything which might gain me a virus and know the system registry and background tasks like the back of my hand). My ebay account has been up and running for just over 15 years without a problem. eBay has always been fine for me. To cut it short, the past few days the money in my bank didn't quite add up. Something was pending for £30. I guessed it might just be their systems catching up. I had a look at my eBay account and shocking to me was a purchase done a few days ago for a computer game priced at £30. I knew it wasn't me or anyone else I knew who made that purchase. Some cheeky sod has well and truly defrauded me out of money. They bought the game (which includes a download code and a disc). They read the eBay inbox message with the download code, redeemed it and got the disc (which is useless as the code has been redeemed) dispatched to my old address that was still saved on my account. They even tried to hide the fact by paying for it, not out of my linked PayPal account direct (which shows on my PayPal account transactions), but via my debit card saved on my eBay account (that processes through PayPal but doesn't show up in my PayPal transactions history). The only way I can imagine this happened was because of ebay's 2014 data breach and now how frequently they require someone to change their password. About a week ago I logged into my eBay account (via a typed address) and was forced to change my password. My current password was secure (7 digits long, 2 capital and 1 non capital letter), but as I would struggle to remember another similar password, I used a basic password I used to use 10 years ago. It's possible that login/password combo was saved by a bot all those years ago and was detected as being my new password and the account was accessed. Where do I stand now? It shows on my bank account as card payment to paypal. The bank have cancelled my card and i'm guessing they could do a chargeback that will likely cause me fees with PayPal and a suspended account. Will PayPal/eBay refund this? Considering the voucher would have been redeemed by now. Thanks
  7. Not a problem, I like updating with the end result to help others as well. Hahah, I wish, although I might manage a small break out of it considering the weather here doesn't look like it's getting better anytime soon
  8. Thank you all, So what I did, rather than phone them (seeing as I was determined to do it online as thats what the online account is for) is click again on "Banco San SA EUR0.50 REGD". As it happens, once filling in details on that page its brings me to another page that shows amount of shares I own, how many I want to sell and to get a quote. A timer starts ticking to sell it for the quoted price and I can choose to sell at that point. The quote shows fees (£15), estimate proceeds and everything else. Thanks again
  9. Thanks Maroondevo52. Indeed I did have a look at that earlier but it didn't make that much sense. Puzzles me why they don't just explain and make it simpler.... "Click sell shares in your account. Drag the slider to how many shares you want to sell. It will show how much money you will be paid for them after fee's. Click sell and we do the rest"
  10. Can I just ask about this process? I currently have 250 shares (santander) that are on my Equiniti shareview account online. Under my account it shows them as "Banco San SA Ord EUR0.50 CDI" I go to the buy/sell section and search for Santander but 3 share descriptions come up? The closest match is "Banco San SA EUR0.50 REGD". Would I sell as that 1? The others shown are: "Santander UK Plc 8.625pct perpetual non-cum" "Santander UK Plc 10 3/8% perpetual non-cum Pref GBP1" *Actually as I type this up, I see the "Banco San SA Ord EUR0.50 CDI" is the only 1 that says "Santander nominee service" when I click sell, the other 2 have "share certificate", so it must be the first* Other questions.... When I fill in the details to sell, does that mean I get the actual share price for my shares the moment I click to sell them? And also, on 1 of the sell pages do I get an option to select how many shares I want to sell? At the moment the shares are worth £1200. I would want to sell half of my shares, so £600? Minus their fees? Also what would their fees be? Thanks and sorry if these seem like newbie questions but I have never dealt with shares before
  11. Another q for those that might know. I was on carers allowance and income support up until April, so I gather NI credits were paid? Does that mean when I apply, I choose contribution based ESA? thanks
  12. Been up all night worrying... Just to also ask, on the ESA form it says about sending my last P45? I haven't been in a job since 2012. But 1 of the questions on the forms says I would need to send them my P45
  13. Thanks flecth, first.... I should have a certain amount? As in why I should be entitled? (Sorry if I read it wrong) I lose my home eventually otherwise. I was on carers allowance until mum died in February as I cared for her. They carried on paying this for 8 weeks after the death of mum (government rules). After, both CA and HB were stopped. As I was in a bad place I claimed HB on a "nil income" basis. When the inheritance came through, I declared it to the HB team who calculated I am entitled to full HB still as when they calculated my income (£1 for every £250 over £6000) it was £25 a week income, but in the letter they showed the law says I need £75 to live on per week. Since capital made it under that figure, HB was paid in full. My intentions were to claim ESA right away at a reduced rate by being signed off by my GP. I didn't get round to it though as I struggled with the death of mum, all paperwork I had to do, gambling slips and I was taken to hospital after trying to end my life. In theory, I was entitled to ESA many years ago as the chronic anxiety has been a long term illness. Yet GP's in the area I lived didn't understand mental health too well and didn't sign me off or give me the help I badly needed. If I was given the help back then and been signed off, I would have gone through the help, hopefully been at some point where I am fit to work and then got a job while caring for mum voluntarily. So I struggled for the last 5 years alone with no medical intervention. Quite recently I plucked up the courage to see a GP in this new area I live. It took a hell of a lot for me to go because of the anxiety and depression. I finally went last week, they saw me, offered me a lot of help and had insisted signing me off in 1 go for 3 months. So thats where i'm at now. My overall capital is under £6000. According to the GP, I can be expected to be signed off long term. He said to me "There is no way you are fit to work now or for quite some time". So I could either carry on supporting myself out of my inheritance, which wont last that long at all, (Bills alone are almost £300 a month... Gas, water, electric, phone, internet, pet insurance, council tax, mobile phone) or claim ESA. My ESA claim should be straightforward as I can prove the gambling addiction, but there are problems with survey earnings. It's due to there being so many conflicting views on earnings from surveys. With the advice I had been given until now mostly being it isn't enough to declare myself as self employed so unless I earned over a certain amount, I wouldn't need to do anything. However more recently I found out that I should have been declaring that amount (even though the average earnings are barely £7 a week, with a maximum of £20). Yeah like take my recent slip up.... I had self excluded at that casino previously a few years ago, but they were still sending me promo material in the post, via email and by phoning me up. Recently I was at a low point at home and saw a promo email from them which threw me over the edge with temptation, so I started gambling there and lost a lot of money. The next day, when the damage had been done I had an email off them telling me my account had been terminated as I had previously self excluded. They said in the email that had I won, my winnings and deposits would have been forfeited anyway. So little did I know that regardless if I had won or lost, I would have lost. I did mention addiction to a different GP ages ago, but they only gave me leaflets for GA and Gamcare
  14. Gutting to hear Mr P. I really had no idea at all. It looks like I could be in trouble with that. I declared myself on nil income with housing benefit back in April/May, which as mentioned worked out as £50 short of what the government says I need to live on per week. So I gathered that unless I earned more than what the law says I need to live on, theres nothing to mention. At 1 point, I was wondering about becoming self employed with the earnings. I spoke to someone at citizens advice who said the earnings are nowhere near enough to be self employed. So I carried on until recently reading up that survey earnings are taxable income. Im guessing now that if I dont say anything to the ESA team when I phone to claim, I will be in trouble if they find out. Whereas if I do say I earn £20 a week maximum to them, I will be in trouble for not declaring it to the housing benefit team.
  15. I can only demonstrate it via bank statements (with the deposit pattern showing increasing amounts deposited in 1 session... so chasing losses), plus at the time when the bulk was lost, I was claiming no benefits at all (Except HB, who I declared the inheritance amount to and they were paying me full HB anyway). Had I not lost it, I had planned to not go on ESA, but instead support myself while I was getting treatment. I did try multiple types of therapy including with gamblers anonymous, gamcare and various web forums. It didn't work though as its not just a straightforward addiction. My triggers to gamble stem from my chronic anxiety. As I don't have friends, no close family left and don't leave the house much at all, I eventually hit periods of total depression where I crave some fun or excitement in life and so then become vulnerable to gambling slip ups. As an example, until recently I hadn't gambled at all for 5 months, but had been drinking much more than normal. Recently though, I had 3 weeks off the alcohol, but then the most recent gambling slip happened. The key is to eradicate the trigger, which can only be done by treating the chronic anxiety (which I am in the process of doing). Then once I am getting out and about more, the feelings of complete isolation and lows will be removed and so will the temptation to gamble.
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