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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, While I was at university, we were all given iPads on loan in our last year and I made the mistake of leaving mine in a classroom one day. I informed the university as soon as I realised and was pretty much told by at the time not to worry as they could likely locate it. Of course, it never turned up, or at least was not logged on their system to have done, and they started emailing me after my graduation (June 2016) asking me to return or pay for it. I informed them I didn’t have it to return and could not afford to pay them the sum of £500 for it. I ignored thei
  2. Hi all, I bought an ipad in 2012 which was "4G" ready. My Ipad has never worked outside the home and I've barely used it since. I have now learned that these were missold by Apple and they have asked me to contact the seller) to claim under Consumer Rights laws. When I bought the ipad, I also bought a cover. I used vouchers and credit card. The credit card amount is one pound under the cost of the case - I also bought the extended warranty in a separate transaction, on the credit card. The seller have told me they will provide a pro ratered refund. Do I have a section
  3. I bought an iPad with wifi sim from EE paid monthly instalments for two years I cancelled at the end of the contract and the following week the iPad stopped working it is permanently stuck in recovery mode. I took it to apple who said it cannot be repaired but as i got it from EE i would have to go them. I rang EE who who said it is out of warranty and there is nothing they can do. I quoted the 6 year european warranty and was told i would only be covered if the item was faulty from the beginning Can anyone help me please
  4. Hi, Just after some clarification that I am perfectly entitled to follow my current path over this issue. I sold an IPad on eBay for £95 back in February, the buyer then told me it was damaged when it arrived. It was in perfect condition when I sent it, so I could only suggest that was damaged in transit. I asked the buyer to return it to me, so I could claim against Royal Mail for the damage & I would issue a refund, all pretty straightforward so far. The buyer contacted me saying the Ipad was packed & ready to be returned & would I issue
  5. Hi everyone, I was hoping somebody could lend some advice on a situation we're having with Currys. We have a iPad and we pay £7.99 a month for Currys WhateverHappens insurance. Last week I bumped it and it fell off the side of the bannister down onto a concrete floor. (We're currently redecorating and it's two flights down) My partner left it into Currys to sent it off to be repaired and today they've gotten back to us stating there refusing to repair the iPad as "the damage is inconsistent with the statement given". According to the guys in the tech l
  6. Apple have issued an urgent iPhone and iPad software update (iOS 9.3.5) that included a patch for a serious security vulnerability. The vast majority of iPhone owners are probably on iOS 9 right now, but you should check and install that version right away The malware in question, which was detailed in a report from Citizen Lab and Lookout security, is a serious compromise that’s never been observed against iOS devices before. But you can guard your devices and your personal data against the latest security threat simply by heading to settings and hitting the update button. htt
  7. Hi there, I am in need of advice. We bought our daughter an iPad Air from Very on 7th Dec 2013 for £399. In November of this year it stopped working and we took it to Apple who diagnosed a hardware fault and not an operator induced error. He even comment to how good the iPad still looked! We went back to Very at the end of November and asked them to sort it under the SOGA as Apple stated that this was good for 2 years. Very originally agreed to a refund minus a 20% usage fee! This has now been on going for 4 weeks and we still have had no resolution. Yesterd
  8. Uploaded IOS9 and the screen has stopped on itunes. Turned off ipad and this default screen won't clear. Any thoughts please.
  9. hi all my daughter has a ipad contract with 3...she had this for 2 years never missed a payment..she phoned 3 up and they offered her another year for £5.00 a month which she accepted and now 6 months into this..she has never failed a payment..this month 3 took £50.00 on top of the £5.00 because she used 436mb ( less than 1/2 a gig )..of data..this is well over the top..we phoned them and after a heated exchange they offered to reduce this to £29..99 which we refused...what am I able to do can I cancel and is the amount excessive..cheers paul
  10. ordered a mini iPad and iPad cover online on the 20th of nov order went ok had a email with a Royal Mail tracking number typed the number into the Royal Mail site Kept coming up no such number ? Phoned the pc world number as the date came up for the delivery 27th guy I spoke to said he will check if it's left the warehouse I said ok then nothing no email or phone call waited till Sunday 30 phoned up to cancel my order and asked for refund to which I was told it would take up too 14 days as pc world are no investigating Royal Mail. I want to know why can't I have a refund they have my m
  11. I buy most of my ebooks from Amazon and use Kindle for the Ipad to read them. I like Kindle but find it frustrating that you can't set up folders of books eg for fiction, business etc. I have reference books that I might need to refer to regularly but they're all in one big list in Kindle. Does anyone know of an ereader app that lets you set up folders and preferably sub folders of books? Ideally it would be one that I could use without having to convert from the Amazon file format. Thanks.
  12. Need some advise, my other half has bought an iPad via three on contract and it has gone faulty out of the initial 28 days warranty they give, after that they state it has to go to Apple. I don't really want to go to my nearest store as it is about 60 miles away. So the question really is, are 3 responsible for the replacement or refund for the iPad as I am covered under SOGA, the contract is between me and 3 and not Apple. Any help would be great. Cheers
  13. I have made a post today on my iPad and signature box was ticked but it didn't display it. I edited the post and unticked signature and saved the changes. I edited again and ticked signature and it showed when I clicked preview but doesn't show when changes are saved. Despite this, I can see my signature on posts from a few days ago. Same issue on my iPhone and I do use the full version as opposed to the mobile one. No probs on MacBook so perhaps it's an iOS issue. Any thoughts?
  14. Hi. Hoping for some advice. Mum has an ipad 1 3g model, roughly £500 cost. Bought from Currys 2 years 2 months ago. Problem when charging. If its left in charging and gets to 100% it shuts down completely. Can take up to an hour to reboot. For the parents its a lifeline. Elderly, dealing with cancer, keep in touch with skype, emails. To me this doesnt sound like a battery issue, as it holds its charge. Seems to be more hardware related. Currys simply state under sales of goods act that batteries are consumables and therefore the SOGA doesnt apply here. They also tell my pare
  15. I’m jumping the gun abit here as I haven’t contacted ebuyer yet but I was just curious to hear other peoples experience dealing with ebuyer when it comes to faulty items under 12 months old. My iPad died on me the other day, it’s around 7 months old so it’s still covered by guarantee. I took it to the apple shop today and was told it was beyond repair and would need to be replaced. They offered me a ropey looking refurb for my barely used pristine (but faulty) pad which I declined. They said I would probably be better off going back to retailer and they gave me paper work stating the iPad
  16. Been registered for a long time but never really needed to ask for help much but hopefully someone can help me. Got an ipad on contract from vodafone and have only had it for 4 months and it has broke, it does not boot up anymore. What are my rights? can I ask vodafone for a replacement or do I have to have it picked up by them for repair?
  17. Hi, I have a question regarding ipad insurance claims. I have had my ipad for about 4 months now, basically my brother borrowed my ipad he catches a train to work every morning, he had the ipad in his gym bag next to him on the seat on the train, his journey is 40 minutes long, he fell asleep on the train, he thenheard an anoouncement for his stop and got off, he went to work which is when he realised my ipad wasnt in my bag along with his dr dre beats headphones. I dont know if the ipad has fallen out his bag on the train which i doubt, most likely it was taken out of his bag by so
  18. I sent my ipad for repair to an online site in Urmston Manchester called Urmston computers,looked a genuine site,payed half cost then rest when repaired by paypal,I am still awaiting delivery after 2 days and somehow have a feeling it wont turn up what are my rights if it does not show up do I need to go through small claims court after putting in writing whats happened,delivery was by courier and return by courier. I have phoned his shop and he said it will be delivered today did not have tracking No but said will send it but nothing,have a really bad feeling over this.
  19. My Husband bought me last week a Ipad 3 as a present. It is the top spec model 64gb WiFi 3g. He bought if from PC world/curry's clearance warehouse. It was classed as refurbished. But was in mint as new condition. My husband got it for a good price. over £150 less than if had bought brand new in shop. It was sold with a 6 months warranty, I have had it less than a week and I am already starting to have problems. The Screen yesterday started flickering and stripes down screen. Then screen went black. I had to switch off ipad and switch it back on to get it working. It has not happened
  20. Hi Everyone, You may have seen the post in the announcement sections higher up. here are some further details about the initiave: The Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB) is conducting research into young people's attitudes to finance through an Online Innovation Community. They are looking for people between the ages of 16 and 24 to apply to take part in the Community and help transform the financial information available to young people. Participants will earn cash rewards in return for completing various tasks based around financial matters. To apply to take part in the C
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