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  1. When did they cease to trade as i made a bank transfer to them a few days ago?
  2. Hi, thank you. They have stated the balance that i owe, they have not deducted all the payments i have made to date. Does anyone have the number for bryan carter solicitors as i cannot find them on the internet? Also i want to try and clear this debt, the debt is around £900 left to pay. I have checked my credit file and there is no ccj or default registered. As a full and final settlement what do you think i should offer lowell to clear the debt?
  3. Hi, i am hoping someone can help me. I had a coop student debt which was sold to Lowell and bryan carter solicitors were dealing with the case. it went to court and with the help of this site i managed to defend the case and i agreed with bryan solicitors monthly payments, i signed a court order that if i default on the payments bryan can apply for the CCj. To date i have been making the monthly payments, however not on the agreed dates but i have made payments each month. Today i received a letter from a company called lowell solicitors who have informed me of
  4. Hi, The date on the court hearing letter envelope states the 29 Jan 2015. I only got this letter today. I dont know what else i can do.
  5. Hi An update regarding my case with the courts. I am really stressed with all this and i dont know what is going on. I received a letter yesterday from the courts informing me that i missed a hearing and i have to pay the claimants costs of £60. Today i received a letter from the courts dated 26 Jan 15 that the claimant has declined my offer of repayment and hearing has scheduled for the 11th of feb. I also received a card from the court bailiffs who tried to contact me. I dont understand why i did not receive the hearing letter earlier, if i di
  6. Can you email the n245 form the local courts or does it have to be posted?
  7. Hi, Yes it was an student account, although i made a lump sum payment to clear some of the balance since. I will fill in the N245 form, could i include an attachment to explain to the judge i did not receive the letter and application fee should be refunded? I could also state i am happy to pay the agreed monthly payment in my previous application. Does the N244 form apply?
  8. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me and all help will be appreciated. I have a debt over £2000 originally with Natwest and was then bought by a debt collection agency. Last year in Feb the DCA took me to court and i was given a CCJ, i was ordered to pay monthly payments. I countered the order and submitted a payment plan to lower the repayments, this was accepted by the courts. I was struggling financially and missed a few payments the DCA took me to court again, i again filled out the appropriate form to suspend the warrant and lower the monthly payments.
  9. Hi thank you for replying. I have read the terms and conditions of my insurance and it states my ipad is covered by immediate family as well, i have phoned the insurance company (obviouslly not telling them my name and as an new customer) and cofirmed this with them anyone in my immediate family who has possession of my ipad and something happens it is covered.
  10. Hi, I have a question regarding ipad insurance claims. I have had my ipad for about 4 months now, basically my brother borrowed my ipad he catches a train to work every morning, he had the ipad in his gym bag next to him on the seat on the train, his journey is 40 minutes long, he fell asleep on the train, he thenheard an anoouncement for his stop and got off, he went to work which is when he realised my ipad wasnt in my bag along with his dr dre beats headphones. I dont know if the ipad has fallen out his bag on the train which i doubt, most likely it was taken out of his bag by so
  11. Hi, I have a query regarding seat belt fines. I was given a seat belt fine a few months back, and it has got to the stage where it has increased from £60 to £175 and passed on bailiffs. I have tried to arrange a payment plan with them but they wont accept my monthly repayment of £10 a month and want £10 every week. I am on jobseekers allowance and cant afford that. I was told they have instructed a bailiff on the 09/02/2012 which will add another £200 if no payment plan is arranged in the next few days. I was just wondering what my rights are and
  12. Hi, A friend needs advice regarding council tax in the kirklees area, i was wondering if anyone could help. Basically my friend bought a house in july last year, it needed decorating work doing to it for 3 months the propery was unfurnished whilst the decorating was done, towards the end of september tenants were put in and are currently at the property. She recieved a court letter for council tax charge a few days ago for which she was charged from july 2011 to 14th october 2011 and a hearing has been allocated. She phoned the council tax team and was told basically they sent l
  13. I havent applied for the set aside yet, i need to pay the debt in full first then my guranttor is going to apply for it, can you go over the letter above please and give me some advice if that would be enough to cover myself? i have asked for the ccj to be completely removed and no trace of it on the ccj register il see what the creditor has to say because from what he is saying he will get it removed completely, so i need a letter to say exactly that and what ever that needs to be included so nothing comes back to me
  14. My gurantor is going to try and getting the judgement set aside because he didnt receive the summons and has only found out about it now, i didnt tell him about the ccj because at the time i didnt know about how ccjs worked. My gurantor is now getting hassled by the courts stating he owes the money and he has to pay he didnt know anything about the ccj at all i dont think they sent him any letters, so what are his chances of getting the ccj removed from his credit file? its quite funny because iv been paying monthly payments the last 2 years
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