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  1. Quick update, sorry for the delay. After the last email VERY have now refunded the whole £399! So now we re going to buy a replacement from Apple so that we can go into our local Apple store and get help/service if required. Thanks for all the help and comments. Russ
  2. Thanks for your replies. You are right, all I really want is a replacement as my daughter is going stir-crazy. This was sent to them on 24th December and if no resolution is found then I intend to go for a legal challenge. Thank you for your email. I DO NOT accept your new proposal and I want an explanation to why you have charged a £159 usage fee to my account AND also removed the £159 from the original price of the item. This has basically doubled the usage charge! I do not accept this and have no intention of accepting this or paying the charge. Your original p
  3. Hi there, Thanks for the reply. It is an Ipad Air and they still stock it but now at £319. We paid £399. I have a written report from Apple stating its a hardware fault and not down to user mistreatment. Can I claim for a direct replacement? Very seem to want to give us the new price (£319), minus usage, which was 20%, but now seems to be £159!. All I want is to get another as my daughter is going stir crazy lol.... Not sure what I am entitled too. Russ
  4. Hi there, I am in need of advice. We bought our daughter an iPad Air from Very on 7th Dec 2013 for £399. In November of this year it stopped working and we took it to Apple who diagnosed a hardware fault and not an operator induced error. He even comment to how good the iPad still looked! We went back to Very at the end of November and asked them to sort it under the SOGA as Apple stated that this was good for 2 years. Very originally agreed to a refund minus a 20% usage fee! This has now been on going for 4 weeks and we still have had no resolution. Yesterd
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