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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, still trying to calm down after my visit to Currys today:x We bought a cooker there less than 2 months ago and its been faulty from the start, the oven cuts out during cooking leaving food half done and only fit for the bin. This happened in our second week of ownership but we weren't sure if it was us or the cooker, now we know for sure its the cooker at fault as its happened 4 times. We went back to currys today to complain but were told the manufacturer would only consider a repair and it might take a month So I've been looking up our rights and would appreciate some help from the forum First, they insisted we could only get help from the manufacturer, but our contract is with Currys, no one else, do they have the right to fob us off in this way ? Second, the fault has been there since we took delivery, do we have the right to a replacement or refund or do we have to accept a repair ? I know we're over the 30 day limit but its not our fault, this seems so unfair, any advice ?
  2. Hi I'm looking for a bit of advice if possible. I bought a laptop from curry's specifically to record music on, but within a budget and was advised to buy the HP pavilion 15 which was on offer. It was very noisy in the store but I bought it on their recommendation. After getting it home and switching it on, I found it very noisy, the fan and hard drive was quite loud. the next day I posted on their facebook and they advised I take it back to the store, which I did the following day. The guy on the knowhow desk wasn't very helpful, kept me waiting and letting a queue build up while he packed a box and then told me there is no way they would exchange it, and pointed out their policy on the wall!! told me they could send it off for testing, but it sounded fine to him. (it was in a noisy store again!). The thing is, i'd locked myself out too somehow and had to take it home, wait to get my old laptop back and figure out how to reset the password. It was easter and I was away for a week also. feeling fed up it sat in a cupboard for a little while. when I finally tried it again decided it was still noisy I contacted the technical team who agreed it sounded noisy over the phone and to take it back to store. This time, I took it to a different store and the guy sent it off and it came back with a replaced fan as it was faulty. My issue is that I wanted to exchange it - which actually was within my rights, but I was sent away being told they wouldn't do that and there was nothing wrong with it. They did repair, but I'm still not happy that they sold me a faulty computer!! Is there anything I can do? It was a couple of days over the 28 days when I took it back again. Thanks for any advice. Cat
  3. Hi everyone, I was hoping somebody could lend some advice on a situation we're having with Currys. We have a iPad and we pay £7.99 a month for Currys WhateverHappens insurance. Last week I bumped it and it fell off the side of the bannister down onto a concrete floor. (We're currently redecorating and it's two flights down) My partner left it into Currys to sent it off to be repaired and today they've gotten back to us stating there refusing to repair the iPad as "the damage is inconsistent with the statement given". According to the guys in the tech lab the damage is "too great for just a fall". I'm not sure if my partner told them how high it fell from, maybe they think we're just trying to pull a fast one on them in order to get a new ipad. (As it would have to be replaced as iPad + concrete floor + two flights drop = totally smashed iPad. I use it for work so I'm struggling without it. I thought it was better to get WhateverHappens JUST IN CASE anything like this ever happened but now there refusing to fix or replace it?? I'm at a loss... What's the point in paying insurance over the past three years of it was for nothing?
  4. I tried to get my faulty printer exchanged and was refused an exchange because it was more than thirty days since I purchased it. I was told that it had to be repaired. Is that inline with the sales of goods act? Currys is the most difficult shop to get a exchange or refund. The printer was purchased on the 20/09/16 , just five months ago. What are my rights?
  5. Hi, 23 days ago I bought a keyboard Razer BlackWidow Ultimate without knowing it's only a green color, also, without knowing you can beg for a refund. The keyboard is likely untouched, looks like new, same with the packing. There might be only a small tear after a tape. I own everything just not the Manual. Can I ask for a refund of this keyboard, as I did not know the backlit is only green.. . I still have one day left I suppose, please, I request the very fast answer.. . It costed me £105, I still have receipt. I found there's also BlackWidow Ultimate Chroma in their shops, can I add some more money and change for Chroma one? Thank you.
  6. Hi Short version is i bought a tablet from PC world in Oct for a Christmas gift so it was not used until late Dec early Jan Had to return it to PC world early March due to a charging issue at first they demanded i sent it to Toshiba but i stood my ground and they took it and sent it away. I was told after 2 weeks that they would not repair it as they deemed it my fault as the charging pins had bent i argued my daughter had only ever used the charger supplied so that must have bent the pins which in my view was a faulty charger. No joy with that and to rub it in i had to pay £50 to get my tablet back so i took court action stating my case adding the fact PC world refused the charger when i first took the tablet back and gave it back to me. Pc world have defend the claim on the grounds that i accepted the goods and if it was faulty it would have been from the date i bought it. So if i post up the defense can someone much wiser than me have a look PLEASE
  7. The hinge on my laptop broke . It was under manufacturers guarantee. So I returned it to PCWorld on the 13th October. They said it would take a couple of weeks. It didn’t . I was called on the 13th of November by KnowHow. I was advised by the member of staff there that as my laptop had still not been repaired for over 28 days, I would be entitled to a replacement. She said I should take ID into the shop and if they weren’t able to replace the exact model, they would upgrade. She said they may be able to give vouchers instead. When I got to the PC World store, on the 15th- with all my ID , after waiting 40 mins to be seen, the first person I spoke to called the knowhow line. Knowhow told him that the laptop had actually now been repaired and would be back in store on Wednesday 21st. So it would be up to the managers discretion whether I could receive a replacement or not. I didn’t think waiting another week was acceptable Then began the wait to speak to, the assistant manager. The Assistant Manager had to ring the knowhow line- not sure why. He just did. He learned that the laptop was on it’s way back and said he couldn’t replace the laptop or give me vouchers because I might have taken delivery of the repaired laptop and now be in the shop trying to get a free one. I was, it seemed, something akin to a shoplifter. He said once he had tracked the laptop down, he would be able to issue a replacement- cos that was the only issue. He just needed to check I wasn’t a shoplifter/fraudulent. It seemed that as soon he confirmed that I wasn’t a criminal mastermind, and merely someone who had spent nearly £400 on goods I expect to be fit for purpose, the replacement would be mine. But once he had tracked down the laptop to Wednesbury, home of the famous black country pork scratching, he gave me another reason why he couldn’t replace it. His reason being this time is because a laptop is like cash. Now, it’s not is it? A laptop isn’t cash. It’s a laptop, right? Okay just checking let’s move on. That's some metaphor thing he's got going on yes? So, then he starts doing his typing thing on his little computer. I was really upset and frustrated by now, I actually cried. Oh the shame! He told me to calm down. That’s when his body language got intimidating and his language threatening. “You’re not getting a replacement today! I’m not giving you vouchers or a replacement today” But earlier he had said I would get a replacemnet. Three people had said I would. He then contacted the distribution who said the laptop would now arrive on Saturday afternoon. He said if it wasn’t there Saturday afternoon, he would instantly replace it. I asked if I could have that in writing. He said no, and wrote some lies ( Customer is coming in on Saturday and I hadn’t even said said that) . He printed his lies out. I pointed out the lies and asked again could he confirm in writing that he would replace the laptop were it not there on Saturday. He said he wouldn’t. He said what we would do instead is “review the situation on Saturday.” He went and asked his friend as well- the other assistant manager. That one wouldn’t come and talk to me. Rude. Oh and all this took around two hours. It went on for ages while one assistant manager checked with another assistant manager. I finally got a phone call today to say my laptop was repaired and it has now been collected but I wanted to let other people know about this shocking service. Two hours in there and staff being so rude. I have never experienced anything like it. I hope if a representative of CurrysPCWorld is about, then something can be sorted out in regards to theri policies and that other people don't have to put up with it.
  8. I purchased all the components for a brand new pc from ebuyer. Pcworld agreed to build the computer and charged me £50. When I took the pc home I noticed they had not installed windows that was supplied and once i did, I was alerted to the case fans not working correctly. This lead to the grahpics card overheating so I returned it to pc world and they agreed to repair it. They ran a stress test on the graphics card all night then rang me saying 'opps power supply damaged now' they agreed to send away for a free replacement as the component is only 2 months old and still within warranty. I asked if they had fixed the fan issue before they ran the stress test overnight to which they refused to answer. 4 weeks later I get an email telling me that when they went to install the new power supply that the motherboard has now been damaged. I went to the store and the collegue there said they would send it off for a free replacement if Ii give proof of purchase as the damage happened while they where working on it. however Since that Ive received several phone calls telling me that they refuse to fix the computer and if its not collected it might be left outside the store as its not their problem. Anyone any advice as to what to do as all i want is for them to fix my pc that went in with an overheating graphics card and a fan issue that they obviously fail to install correctly during the original contract. They have admitted breaching the original contract of building the pc and refunded me the £50 charge but considering they have damaged the power supply and now the motherboard Ive no idea what to do since they are refusing to fix the problems that they've caused.
  9. I wanted to purchase an Apple laptop and the sales person sold the benefits of the apple warranty and after care so I agreed to purchase that along with a dslr camera,total cost £1700. This took far to long to process for a start only to get all the way through for their till to take the money from my account and then reverse the payment because the serial number didn't match Apples records. The assistant tried again, this time the payment was declined because they had already taken the money which takes between 7-10 working days to go back on my card. A further hour talking to my bank explaining we hadn't purchased anything and the only way we could reverse the payment quicker is if they fax them explaining the situation. Currys don't have a fax but could email, we ended up leaving having purchased nothing and having spent £1700 and as of yet still have no refund 24hrs later. Whilst waiting I also watched as customer after customer walked out because they could find any staff to serve them and the staff member serving us was rude to more than customer telling one guy he was unable to clone himself, and when I asked if he was going to keep a copy of our refund in case I need to come back he explained he doesn't keep a draw at home especially for refunds, Comet have just gone bust I don't think its long before we see Currys and Pc world in a similar position. Avoid like the plague I know I will never shop there again.
  10. CayC73

    Pcworld v me ..

    Hiya all On the 5th of this month I ordered an ipod and head phone set online paid in full straight away.. It was advertised on the tv. .BUT on the 10th I received a box and in that box was some one elses computer ink and details ..I was NOT happy and took the box containing the ink back to pcworld .. They then said nothing like this has ever happened before and I was spoke to someone on the phone who said they would need to investigate what had happened . .Since then I have called them and been into pcworld and emailed also only to be met with the same old "we are still investigating" yet they have ADMITTED it was THEIR fault ..and that a mix up had happened yet I still havent received any goods ..I have not spoken to the same person more than once and get met with the same . ..I feel well and truly fobbed off . .On Wednesday this week i was told I MIGHT get a delivery yet the day after told nooo we are still investigating BUT they KNOW what has gone wrong . ... So last night that being the 21st I had had enough! so I asked for a refund and was told NOPE sorry I CANNOT refund you your money as "we are STILL investigating !! I just do not know what else to do?? any ideas please !!
  11. I purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop from Currys/PcWorld on the 12th October 2011. I found myself with a faulty hard-drive and faulty screen at the beginning of August and so returned the laptop for repair, under the 12 month manufacturer's warranty, on the 13th August 2012. Currys/PcWorld relayed the machine to Dell in order for repair work to be carried out but after a number of weeks had still not been returned due to "waiting on a part". I was told that if the laptop was not returned within 28 days (10th September 2012), I would be entitled to a credit refund of the value of the laptop (£461.29) which had to be spent in-store and could not even be spent at Currys/PcWorld's online store. Is there any possibility that I can demand a monetary refund, as I would like to purchase a second-hand Apple Macbook Pro? Or perhaps use the credit as a deduction from the price of another laptop, where the difference could be paid on finance? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hello All First time poster, glad such a forum exists, willl be one of my dialy reads from here on!!! AWESOME My issue is as below, if I can get a view on what my options are? I bought a laptop from PCWORLD in Staines in Aug 2011, my criteria was backlit keyboard, dedicated graphics with HDMI and the fastest processor possible which was the i7, so I found the HP Envy 14, 2002EA very appealing. The sales guy asked me " So why the fastest processer, what you going to be doing on it?" so i expalined its for work and I dont like a slow laptop, " ah right, so business use?" to which I replied "Yes" so instead of the Club insurance I got the Premier Insurance at £14.00 a month, the reason? well if your laptop goes away for repair you will get a loan! That was the selling point of the "Premier" Laptop worked nicely, until May 2012 when it gave off a horrible burning smell, went in for repair to be picked up Saturday, "we dont have any loan but can put you on the waiting list.." Is what I got when I mentioned. Needless to say I did not receive a loan and the laptop was away for 8 working days rather than the 5 promised. Laptop came back repaired worked for 20 mins and burnt out again, so again no loan to give to you sorry sir, will put you on the waiting list, by the end of the week I had not heard back so I went and bought a new laptop as I needed one. Eventually they wrote off the HP Envy, gave me the voucher code popped into the store and they had matched the specification and offered me another HP, which turned out to be an i5, priced at 499.99. You can imagine my reaction to that!! I questioned this as mine was an i7, anyhow alot of time later and many phone calls it transpired that the INTERNAL PCWORLD website had the incorrect specs so they corrected their mistake and offered me the cheapest i7 priced at 799.99. It was a Toshiba it looked nice so I took it, however the speakers popped on this machine so I have just returned it today. After thinking it over and using the not so good toshiba I started to feel extremely angry so glad I was able to return that however now I have 799.99 on a gift card I am out of pocket by 1100-799.99= 299.00 and also the 10 insurance payments of 14/month =£140 Now since HP provide a years manufacture warranty, why should the customer have to loose out on a 1/4 of the laptops value? I feel very very angry now considering I have 7 warranty/insurance agreements with them. again I will be looking to possibly cancel all of them if i do not get anywhere, so far the Staines manager has offered to ring up head office and see if they can up the voucher, my local Slough store were not even willing to do this. Again no promises. If the store can not get anywhere, where do I go next? Thanks for reading and apologies for any grammar, spelling its late and I am not happy
  13. I purchased an Advent Modena Laptop from the PCWORLD website on 09/08/2010. Roughly 6 weeks later I had to send it for repair due to a webcam malfunction and various parts were changed, At this point I decided to buy a WHATEVER HAPPENS policy. The laptop has since been away numerous times, and each repair has caused other problems as the recovery partition has not been reinstalled and the copy of windows has not been validated and one time I was even sent the wrong charger. Each time I have had to spend time and money on the phone trying to rectify each fault. I decided to have a look on the 'Knowhow' website to have a look at the T&C's & benefits of my policy. I was quite surprised that they have a benefit called which states a ‘No Lemons Guarantee which states if your computer goes wrong after 3 repairs you can request a replacement’ I then read on to read the small print which states ‘If you have originally purchased a product labelled as ‘previously owned’ or ‘non-pristine’ our 7 day and 21 day promises do not apply and you will receive vouchers to the value of the original price paid’ After reading that I was then wondering why I was rejected a replacement when I was on the phone to an advisor after my laptop had broken for the fourth time. I asked if a replacement of the product was possible and the advisor said that it wasn’t and all that they could do is get it collected to be repaired again. I received a call in response to my last letter dated 3rd August, 2011. I was informed by the advisor Marie, Customer Action Team, that if there was a problem when I received my laptop back from repair, I would be offered a replacement or give me my money back. I was satisfied with this and felt that my problem was being fairly dealt with. I feel I am being treated unfairly as when I asked to have my call transferred to Marie this was refused. On Friday 12th August I received my laptop back from repair for the 7th time. I was handed the laptop & charger from your delivery driver and was asked to I signed the paperwork. It became apparent that the charger was the incorrect one for my laptop, it was a TOSHIBA charger and my laptop is an ADVENT laptop. I spoke to the delivery person who told me to contact the call centre once again. I thought that they might have changed the charger but the plug was incompatible. The lid of the laptop which had been replacement had deep scratches and would not go when rubbed with a cloth. I then rang the number that 'Marie' gave me if any problems occurred on return. When I finally got to a human voice I asked to be put through to MARIE in the CUSTOMER ACTION TEAM. It seemed like the advisor ignored me so I repeated it and the advisor on the phone told me that this wasn’t possible. She then transferred me to Technical Support. When I was transferred, I was told that my laptop would need to be sent for replacement again! The useless advisor told me this would enable them to replace the top lid and locate my charger. Further into the call, I was told that the laptop would be sent away for one week which is quite ridiculous for just replacing the charger & changing the lid as this would take twenty minutes as I have done it myself on another laptop. I was very dissatisfied with this service, as a student I have got coursework to complete over the summer break and I have no laptop to use. My was sent away on 14th October 2011 for repair due to a hard drive failure which is surprising as it was only returned less than a month ago to the last repair. Just after 38 days of it fully working, it developed the Hard drive fault again, once again I phoned up 'knowhow' to sport out a repair and the guy on the phone said because it is the same problem that has occurred as last time within a two month period I am going to ask for it to be wrote off. On hearing this I was very pleased because I was going somewhere, and he told me to take it into my nearest PCworld/ Currys to sort it getting repaired as it couldn’t get collected from home. Took it in and repeated the conversation I had, and the girl behind the counter said it should be back within a few days. Once I got home I decided to check the ref number I was given and it said that it would be completed on Monday 28th Nov....but last night when I checked it, the date had changed to the 5th December. I was quite ****ed off on seeing this so once again I phone them up and the guy said on the phone. The product has been repaired and is awaiting delivery back to the store. At this point I interrupted him and said that I was booked in for a write off not a repair and the guy then said that a write off wasn’t mentioned and it was just in a for a standard repair. What do I do now, it was booked in for a write-off but they haven’t done that they have repaired it. I am a student and need my laptop in my studies and can no longer rely on this laptop as personally I think that it not fit for purpose. No product should have to be returned so many times in one year for repair. I just don’t know what to do about my laptop anymore it is beyond a joke, I have thought about seeking advice from Trading Standards about to suitability of this product but I am not sure if I have a strong enough case and if any good will come out of this. I know that they have broken a few laws (since I am doing business studies) but they are not arsed about them. I just need a reliable laptop that I can use for my studies. I have thought about selling it and buying elsewhere but I won’t get all of the money back from the price what I paid for it.
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