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  1. Hi I wonder if anyone can help me...? I bought some composite garden decking with a 10 year guarantee 3 years ago, had it fitted and all was fine. Now it is cracking and some has collapsed, it isn't due to how it was fitted it is due to the quality of the product. I have contacted the company I bought it from who have agreed under the guarantee to replace the failing boards but what are my rights because the boards are in the middle of the decking I will have to have someone take up at least half of the decking to replace the boards and there will also be a clear c
  2. Hi all! I’ll try make this as concise as possible! A friend of mine sold an item (an old instrument) on gumtree valued at £3000. A buyer came forward asking various questions about the instrument all of which were answered honestly and to the best of her and my own knowledge. None of the information contained within the article was misleading or mis-informative. After answering all the questions the buyer said he would need to come and view the item prior to purchase to which he was explicitly told no problem come whenever you like. Then he sent another message later th
  3. I defended the case and they had to discontinue the claim, but now they sent me a letter, with all the court fees and interest added on a periodic statement, almost £600 added to debt. Can the buyer of defaulted debt keep on adding fees and interest where the default debt was less than £5,000? Or could it be a ploy to get me to make contact with them (to prevent it from becoming time barred) as I never made contact with them since default some 4 years ago?
  4. Hi , Just wondering if anyone could help . my daughter sold an I phone 6 on E Bay on the 20th June , It was in perfect working order . On the 6th of October she was contacted by the buyer asking to erase her icloud account from the phone , She replied to the buyer saying that the phone had been taken back to factory settings and she did not have anything attached to the phone . On the 9th of October the buyer had contacted Paypal and raised a claim that the phone was not as described and her paypal account was showing a minus £145 balance ?? Paypal had told him
  5. Hi Guys, The story goes, purchased a car from Lincolnshire from a couple. Paid in cash. Did a HPi check (Basic one) and everything clear. The couple signed receipt to say no finance etc. HPi check done with cazana. Car purchased March 2017. No logbook received i contacted the couple and it looked like they was playing games. i applied for a logbook myself and came with 2 weeks. Did a further HPi check with cazana.com in April 2017 as was getting worried why the logbook hasn't come and the HPi came back clear with no finance etc. I sold the car
  6. Hi, Just after some clarification that I am perfectly entitled to follow my current path over this issue. I sold an IPad on eBay for £95 back in February, the buyer then told me it was damaged when it arrived. It was in perfect condition when I sent it, so I could only suggest that was damaged in transit. I asked the buyer to return it to me, so I could claim against Royal Mail for the damage & I would issue a refund, all pretty straightforward so far. The buyer contacted me saying the Ipad was packed & ready to be returned & would I issue
  7. Hi all, I sold a very expensive figurine on eBay and sent the item to the seller very well packed first class next day. Two days later the seller requested a full refund stating the item had been damaged in transit. I requested photos of the damage which showed the packing box (shipper) squashed on one corner, the box inside with the figurine inside appeared to have a cut along the corner running up the side of the box. When I received the item back the damage to the box of the figurine appeared inconsistent with the damage shown to the box that housed the f
  8. I have a valuation tribunal upcoming, and I have received the following correspondence. The issue is that the council will not grant the 1st month discount because the previous occupiers used up this discount. As we are first time buyers and didn't actually move in till at least a month later I was hoping the 1st months council tax would be discounted 100%. However this is not the case. Is there anything that I can backup this case with as it's basically their legislation against what I think I should be entitled to. Issues in Dispute The dispute concerns the application of
  9. Hi All, I need some help regarding a problem buyer from eBay. I sold them a phone on 21 Sep 2016 for £95 (Pink iPhone 5C) It was on the Vodafone network and then unlocked when the contract had ended (tested from my end with a few sim cards one being the 3 network) A month later the buyer opens a case saying the item has never worked with a 3 sim card, so I thought "here we go," I begrudgingly accepted the return knowing that the item was working and I would most likely get a smashed phone back or something completly different. So I get the phone back it is sort of in t
  10. Hello all, I'm new to the forum. eBay have gone with the buyer. Buyer said camera was not working this was not true I have all the evidence. I have contacted CAB and they have stated Sales of goods act and a Breach of Contract. Who do I start taking the legal route with eBay or the Buyer the reason for asking is that eBay intervened and I'm now £48.00 out of pocket, Spoken to customer services at eBay about 10 times may as well talk to a brick wall. Your help would be appreciated. Best regards Steve.
  11. Hello I would be grateful for some advice. I spoke to my mortgage lender this morning and if I dont find a buyer or settle my mortgage debt they will commence repossession proceedings in 7 days time. My mortgage with Acenden ended last September. I was unable to repay it, so I put the flat on the market, found a buyer very quickly but unfortunately just before exchange of contracts my partner had a stroke, forcing me to stop the sale. Some time later I put my property back on the market again found a buyer very quickly, but she pulled out just before we exchanged. That was a coupl
  12. My brother sold a car part for £460. The part is a piggy back ECU which is quite rare. He told me that the buyer wanted to pay with a bank transfer to save on him getting fee's etc. My brother said the payment came through instantly and is coming up with something like "3rd party transfer" which we've not seen before. I told him I would check to see if this is safe, or if there is some sort of [problem] that involves doing direct transfers? The buyer is within the UK. Thanks!
  13. Hello all, I have only joined this forum today but having spent the last few days reading lots of other cases, they all seem to be subtly different to mine and I'd appreciate some advice. This is a long post, but for those willing and able to advise me, thank you in advance for your patience and I think the whole story is worth having. On 28th October, I sold my 10 year old Vauxhall automatic via an ebay classified advert. I felt I had advertised it at a fair price and with a fair description. The first person to look at it test drove it, liked it and bought it a few days later.
  14. Hi there. I sold my car last week through a classified ad on eBay. Buyer came to have a look, I took her on a test drive, she went home, then messaged me later to say she wanted it and came and bought it. Several hours later her and her boyfriend returned the car saying that the rear seat belts were not long enough to wrap around their maxi cosi car seats. They told me they had turned down several other cars for the same reason, I asked them why they didn't check, they said they forgot. I refused the refund, but did offer to buy them some adapters to which they refused. They becam
  15. Basically my completion date was set for next Tuesday. I am buying the house off my mum and dad. House is valued at just under £60k and they are selling it for £36k which is fine to me. Mortgage was agreed with Halifax, they credit scored me several times and I passed. There were a few amends to the offer but they amended and made another followed by credit scoring etc. I passed them all. Mortgage adviser phoned me today to tell me they had withdrew the offer after they credit scored me today. I have checked my report on all 3 credit report sites and absolutely NOTHING has changed. I have
  16. Hello All Heres my story, A few months back I sold 4 x Seagate 4tb Hard Disk drives on Ebay at (£110 each). The buyer had these in his possession for just under four weeks then decided to open a returns case as one drive was defective. I didn't discover this at fist for the first few days as I work offshore, soon as I did I agreed to the return as the items were still in warranty. The buyer ignored this and then claimed all disks were faulty the same day as Ebay made a decision on the returns case. I contacted Ebay via webchat (i still have the records) and was advised not to iss
  17. Hi there, I am in the process of buying a property as a first time buyer and have had an offer accepted on my ideal home but no date to move in as I am waiting for my late father's estate to be completed. Since the Seller has accepted the offer, his estate agents have been calling me 2 or 3 times a week for updates which I don't mind but they have also been contacting the solicitor who is dealing with my late father's estate in Scotland! They did this during the time I was in Cuba on holiday (no wifi available there so I was in communcado!) and the solicitor in Scotland was led to
  18. Hi All, I recently bought some jeans on eBay, they are not the size the label claims them to be and having explained this to the seller he is adamant that he is right and won't do a return and refund. I tried to use the return option through eBay but he declined my request, should I escalate the issue through eBay or would it be better to do a charge back through my bank.
  19. OK so here is a issue. I sold a mobile phone on eBay, been selling them for years with no issues until now. I have 200 positive feedback. Few weeks later the guy tells me the phone isn't working and opens a case. He writes. "The phone was working fine with the supplied sim card, as my sim card is the older type I had to cut my sim card down to fit the micro sim slot, now the phone will not read my sim card or the supplied sim card, I got a new micro sim card from my provider and it does not work either" So he says the phone was working fine with the supplied sim card, he cut
  20. I bought an item on ebay, and it did not turn up. I asked the seller to track it, and the seller got back to me to say that the item had been left with neighbours, but the courier was unable to state which neighbours. None of the neighbours had it. I therefore wanted a refund, and had to put in a buyer protection claim. Ebay refused to refund me, as the item was delivered within the "allowable distance". I was utterly gobsmacked, I have confirmation from the seller that the item was not delivered to me, and yet ebay say that because it was delivered somewhere close t
  21. So I was talking to someone today that bought a two bedroom flat a few months ago,before he bought it the previous owner filled in the home owners paperwork stating that the property had never had any problems with the roof,repairs etc. During the recent heavy winds here in Scotland some of the slates came off the roof,it has now been found from the management company that the roof was previously repaired as some of the slates had blown off. Does the present owner have any redress aagainst the previous owner now regards fraudulently filling in the paperwork?
  22. Hi Everyone, In November I have bought a car for my wife, but she said she wants something smaller to drive, so I decided to sell it. I was a legal owner of the car, V5 was on mine name and address. I'm not a car dealer, it was a private sale. This is a copy of my ad on AutoTrader: "Features & Description: 85k Miles with Full Ford Main Dealer Service History, Long MOT, Low Insurance, Cheap to drive, HPI Clear, 2 Keys, Excellent Overall Condition, Clean Inside and Out, Some Little Age Related Scratches but Nothing Serious, No timewasters, tyre kickers or bu
  23. I have just sold a mobile phone on ebay. I described the phone exactly and honestley as possible. The phone sold and the guy paid instantly. Three days later I received a message thanking me for sending it so promptly but saying it wasnt as described. Corners were broken and there were big scratches on the screen. The phone I sent was mint but naievley I posted a libary picture of phone. I messaged back offering a full refund if imei number matched. He replied asking for imei number for his inbox??? Too cut a long story short a case has been opened and he has just sent the phone back.
  24. i am due to be exchanging contracts this friday and moving to ireland. My house in the UK had an agreed sale 6 weeks ago. I have agreed to purchase a house in ireland and had instructed a solicitor in the UK to handle the sale of my house for which the proceeds were being used to purchase the house in Ireland. i have also had to instruct a solicitor in ireland to handle the house purchase in ireland. The estate agent in the UK has received notification this morning that the buyer has pulled out of the agreement to buy my UK property. The estate agent has told me that i am going to be lia
  25. Hi im looking for some assistance please. I have an ebay buyer threatening me with the small claims court for an item they say they returned but we havent received. To cut a long story short they were not happy with the item they purchased so we asked them to return it. A few weeks have now passed and we have not received the item back and they cannot provide any proof that they returned the item. Can any one help me where I may stand if they were to take me to the small claims court? Thanks
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