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Found 10 results

  1. Greetings All, Been a fan of the forum for several years and kudos to the site team and members for all the great resources on here. I'm hoping someone can profer some advice re an issue I'm having with the gentleman that purchased my house late November. As mentioned above completed the sale of my home late November 2016, prior to the sale the property was rented, although tenant moved out prior to completion and I am living with my partner. Problem is I indicated that fixtures and fittings were not included in the sale, i.e. beds, fridge, washing machine etc. I personally was awaiting the funds from completion to enable me move the leftover items straight to storage and shipment abroad as I am relocating.. Completion happened and I had to travel abroad immediately for a family issue and I immediately called the buyer who I had met and he told me he had collected spare keys from my estate agent and I should agree with him when I was ready to attend the property to remove my belongings. As I returned to the UK I made several call to said buyer and he ignored several calls and text and eventually agreed to grant me access on the 15th of December 2016 for proposed removal. When I arrived at the property I was given access by his builder for 5 mins but they claimed to have lost the shed keys where I also had items in. I was told to break the shed door by the builder but was hesitant to do so without new owners consent. I called said buyer as I exited the property and explained above to him and also reminded him that fittings, fridge , washing machine etc not included in the sale. Long and short of it is he has ignored and avoided my calls since that day and I have been unable to get any of my belongings. He answered my call once this week to tell me a tenant was to move in this week and he will call me re stuff in the shed but is being evasive re other stuff and trying to say I never collected them. Question please is what legal recourse I have and best suggestions in resolving this situation. I have tried to communicate with him civilly to no avail. Thank-you. Pete
  2. Basically my completion date was set for next Tuesday. I am buying the house off my mum and dad. House is valued at just under £60k and they are selling it for £36k which is fine to me. Mortgage was agreed with Halifax, they credit scored me several times and I passed. There were a few amends to the offer but they amended and made another followed by credit scoring etc. I passed them all. Mortgage adviser phoned me today to tell me they had withdrew the offer after they credit scored me today. I have checked my report on all 3 credit report sites and absolutely NOTHING has changed. I have no outstanding debt, I have never had a missed payment, I do not owe anything. I recently closed a bank account and that is showing as a negative on Experian. I changed bank from one to Halifax after we had agreed on the mortgage offer. I asked Halifax if this would be an issue in branch and they informed me it would not affect my mortgage application whatsoever, but that is the only thing I can think of. Nothing else has changed. The house is being sold below its actual value. Everyone is making money here. Can anyone please advise me? Everything had been set up with the Halifax to release the funds on Tuesday and they had agreed to do so, but they have pulled out at the last minute. They have said it is due to a credit score, but again they have repeatedly credit scored me and been fine and have told my adviser that I had passed their scoring criteria. I am at my wits end here.
  3. I recently moved house and have noted an issue in the new property that I feel should have been disclosed to me during the conveyancing process and as such puts a liability on the vendor to make good – I’d appreciate some help and advice on my position here if possible. During the conveyancing process I opted for a standard valuation as I felt the property was ok and was more or less aware of the things that needed doing. There wasn’t anything I noted that required my attention. The part of the property in which I have identified the issue is the garage which is adjoined to the house by way of a ground and first floor extension (the hallway is extended at ground level to almost mid garage and a first floor bedroom is extended to the same point across the roof – no internal access). The issue is that there is penetrating damp from an adjoining property. When I viewed the property (twice) the garage had things in it which would have prevented me seeing any damp spots. The garage and property were cleared by the vendor before completion. During the conveyancing I raised an inquiry via my solicitor asking “is there any damp in the property?”. The response which was received from the vendor solicitor on their headed paper was “the property does not suffer with damp”. Clearly is does, and it appears to have existed for a while. My question here is what is my position and how can I progress this matter to get the vendor address the issue. Had they not stated what they did, I feel I would not be able to challenge this point but as they categorically stated there is no damp I feel they are liable. At this moment in time I have written a letter to the vendor advising her of the issue and my position. I did state that I hoped we could open a dialogue to come to an amicable resolution and asked for the thoughts and comments on the matter. I did propose that they settle any cost for resolving the damp too. Any help and advices would be greatly appreciated Merv
  4. Good evening I hope someone can give me some advice on what to do next. I was due to complete the sale of my house yesterday, however 3 days ago (Friday) I was told by my solicitors that the house couldn't be sold due to 2 restrictions on it against my ex partner. I have explained that all they need to do is to notify the creditors that the house is to be sold, and have proof to show that they have given said written notification, as this is what the LR will need to see before registering the transfer of the new owners and the restriction being removed as the interest of the new owners overreaches the interest of the creditors. I have confirmed this with the LR and have asked my solicitors to do the same in 3 separate emails, however they have come back every time to say that the money to the creditors need to be paid before the sale can complete and have not confirmed that they have spoken to the LR. I am banging my head against a brick wall stating to them that this is not the case. There will be no funds in my ex-partners share to pay any of the creditors as I have a court order for sale of the house that states how the proceeds shall be divided. After discharge of the mortgage, sellers and legal fees, all mortgage payments that I have made against the property for the past 2 years and the amount of the arrears that have been accrued, (which is more than his half of the share) is due to myself. I feel like my solicitors are not acting correctly, and are telling me pack of rubbish, and I am at a loss as to what to do next. Can I instruct another solicitor that knows what they are talking about to act on my behalf in the sale? I am really worried that the sale will fall through due to their incompetence.:mad2: Any advice is appreciated.
  5. I will keep it brief. I bought a house at auction, in the auction it stated that exchange of contracts must be with-in 14 days. On the day I instructed a solicitor to carry ok the conservancy work and ask then if they could complete with-in 7 days which they said there would be a fee of £150 for early completion. The company also dealt with the seller but from a different office. Right long and short of it all. It took nearly four weeks to exchange contracts and further more they asked where did I want the keys to be sent, I asked to pick them up from there offices which were 50 miles away. I went down to pick them up 6 days later and they informed me that they had not got the keys that the seller still had them. So I had spent money on fuel and to change the locks. Do I claim for the £150 plus loss of travel and change of locks from the company or seller?
  6. Hi All, Hopefully I am in the right forum, apologies if not. Can anyone give me advice? I am about to buy a repossession, offer accepted, legal team on the case etc. I want to check the utilities BEFORE I complete. The Estate Agent has no information about the utilities, but they are taped off and the system drained. Can I get it all working to get a Gas/Electricity/Water person to check the systems are all OK BEFORE I move in? I am have a damp specialist visit to see how much the damp/condensation will cost to remedy (Top floor flat), but how do I get water gas electricity looked at? Will the relevant companies switch it on so I can test OR can they confirm the systems were all OK prior to repossession? If there are issues can I get the Vendor ( Bank ) to remedy before I move in? And remedy and damp before I move or not? Can I reduce the offer if anything needs fixing? Apologies if this is the wrong sub forum. Regards DG.
  7. Hi, I have sold my house due to being unable to pay mortgage wife leaving me etc, but I have about £9,000 in arrears it is only a couple of weeks away from completion but the lender wont wait and has issued repossession hearing in about 6 weeks time. I could exchange contracts any day now advice on stopping the hearing please and what happens if the lender is paid off before hearing? Thanks in advance for any help or advice
  8. Hi there. Wonder if anyone can offer any advice on the following. I recently leased a mini on a three month short term lease, which was allowed to roll month to month. I ended up having the vehicle for 9 months. The lease came to an abrupt end when the clutch went. Through my own insurance i had the vehicle towed back to by home. The leasing company then organized the pick up and the car was taken to Mini Assist to assess the damage. I was told to wait for the report before deciding if I had any bills to pay. A month passes and a bill for close to 2k was issued, as the clutch had to be replaced. Apparently I have to pay the lot of this, even though the report doesn't categorically state this was due to driver error, and doesn't take into account the previous state of the clutch, and doesn't take into account previous drivers of the vehicle and accumulative damage before i even started driving it. Wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this bearing in mind the following: 1. I was still charged for this period where all of the works on the vehicle were undertook. 2. I was never invited to view the damage or see any photos of the damage (although photos were sent subsequently, long after repairs were completed) 3. I was never consulted about perhaps getting a second opinion, or seeking a much more reasonably priced repair (if there was one) Basically the vehicle was taken out of my hands, repairs were done, and the bill arrived. I'd be grateful for any initial thoughts on this. Thanks GL
  9. Hi I don't know if this is the right area of the forum but I need some advice. I recently had some artificial grass installed and the total job was £800. I paid £400 deposit and then the rest would be paid on completion of the works. The work was substandard and on re-addressing the job the owner of the company said he was not going to do anything to resolve it and walked away. He then issued me a letter stating that he was taking me to the small claims court. I responded and stated that I was more than happy to pay the remaining amount when he completed the work to the required standard. Today I have arrived home and he has trespassed onto my property and removed all the grass and the foundations resulting in my garden now being a pool of mud. The police are involved but state there is nothing they can do and this is even with the statement of the neighbour who saw the whole thing. does anyone have any advice ?
  10. hi not sure if this is the correct place for this but will post up and see what happens last year I sold my house but have recently received a letter from my solicitor claiming asbestos has been found to the rear of the property and the buyer wants me to pay to remove it when I moved into the house some ten years prior there was an area to the back of the house next to the garage which was fenced off and I assumed belonged to the electricity board who owned a substation next to said area.this area was full of rubbish and could easily be accessed from the rear for more dumping to take place it was only in later years I found out half the small area was actually my land but as it was pretty much dead space I never bothered doing anything about it during the course of the sale the buyer viewed the house multiple times including bringing a builder and all through negotiations seemed to want every last drop of blood from me! I have had one letter which states the asbestos is within the garage structure even though this was brick walls with wood/felt roof yet the quote provided only mentions some asbestos to the side of the garage my point is I do not see who can be shown to legally own the said material and also that it could be moved from one side of the boundary to the other quite easily also the conflicting info 're its location confuses me one final point during the course of the sale it seemed as if the buyer was planning to rent the garage out as a living space is this legal? apologies if this is a bit confused but I would appreciate any help or advice and any questions just ask many thanks
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