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  1. Received letter today regarding my letter 4/4/18 giving them 28 days notice. There response being that they were sorry I was still dissatisfied with their Final Response Letter and that they have exhausted their complaints procedures. Do I still have to wait the 28 days or can I proceed with case? Thanks for any help
  2. Not the speediest of responses! I was fortunate enough to pay my mortgage and two central loans a couple of months ago. Having done a SAR back in 2014 I wrote to CT asking for the repayment of £846 and £643 under the unfair terms in consumer contract regulations. They replied saying they were totally just but offered £300 as a gesture of goodwill (5x£60) After an email exchange and phone call I have now written to them giving them 28 days notice before I go to the small claims court. I have also added 8% statuary interest. I would appreciate any help on how to proceed
  3. Thanks for all advice, I have done nearly 400 deals and am really proud of my 100% feedback rating, feel alot more confident now
  4. Hi need help working out how to calculate the interest on loan charges. I cant get the link Statinsheet to work I am sure I being thick !!!!!
  5. Thanks, concerned as worried ebay will find in favour of him and I will end up £170 out of pocket stuckwith his old phone. Guy had good feedback like me as well. Hate it when someone tries to rip me off
  6. I have just sold a mobile phone on ebay. I described the phone exactly and honestley as possible. The phone sold and the guy paid instantly. Three days later I received a message thanking me for sending it so promptly but saying it wasnt as described. Corners were broken and there were big scratches on the screen. The phone I sent was mint but naievley I posted a libary picture of phone. I messaged back offering a full refund if imei number matched. He replied asking for imei number for his inbox??? Too cut a long story short a case has been opened and he has just sent the phone back.
  7. Hi dx that link you sent doesnt work, tried contacting administrator but no joy
  8. Hi Dx have had all statements back now, and its showing charges ranging from £50 , £60 and £53. How do I add interest to the claim ? The rates on the loan are 9.4% 10.65% and 11.15% Thanks for any help
  9. I sent off the SAR and have received back copies of the t&cs, copies of wage slips, homeowners application form, the application forms etc, but no statements. On the covering letter they state our products were sold to you through brokers. I dealt directly with Central Trust and didnt use a broker, but see I have been charged £1100 and £1300 broker fees. How do I get hold of my statements and is it ok for these two charges ? Thank you for any help, finally trying to get my finances together
  10. Hi I have been with orange the best part of 12 years. I have four numbers (wife mum and son) so consider myself a good customer. For the last 8/9 months I have not been receiving bills. They were supossed to be online but all I get is my free broadband statement. I have made countless phone calls and have been promised it will be sorted to no avail. I have been promised paper bills but they have been unforth coming. My bills have been steadily rising as well during this time. I always thought it was a fundemental right to receive bills so you know what your paying for. What should my next s
  11. H i I purchased an electric golf trolley from an ebay shop. The trolley was faulty and they sent out some parts for me to replace. Trolley still faulty so they sent me a new trolley chassis, this lasted one round before packing up. To send both trolleys cost me £43 postage. The company only sent me a refund for £171 ( purchase price). This was sent through paypal and because its over 60 days since purchase it hasnt been paid as a refund so I will be charged on that money. By my reckoning i'm at least £50 out of pocket can anyone suggest my next move ?
  12. Hi have had 3 secured loans with Central Trust. One was paid in full back in 2004. This one had ppi despite me being self employed. The reason for this thread is that due to my selfemployment there have been numerous missed payments resulting in charges of £60 a time. I understand about sending the SAR but what Im concerned about is that both of the loans have at least 5 years to run and if I was to attempt to claim back the charges can central trust threaten to for close the loans
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