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  1. Right another update on this. Network support contacted me today, after carrying out tests they said they are surprised I ever had signal to begin with. I was passed to customer support who said best they can do is wave the air time part of contact and I pay the price of the handset which is £200 remaining, I said I will return handset then they said no can do. Is this a good deal or not?
  2. Ah yes technical support offered me one of those at a price of £150.
  3. Yes as you get the auto responder. Yep I have tweeted them. They do reply until you give account details then silence.
  4. Need some advice here as I have ran out of ideas. I am 11 months into a 24 month contract with O2, About 2 months ago my signal at home has gone from being average to non existent. I let this run for about a month until I contacted O2, the time I contacted O2 they happened to be doing work in my area, I explained this has been an on going thing not a 1 day event, they wouldn't listen and put it down to this work being done. I contacted them several times over a week and got the same reply. I then contacted the CEO, they called me straight away in fairness and said the same thing. A few days later O2 send me a text saying work has been completed but I still had no signal I contacted the CEO again who said wait another 24hrs, so I did and still no signal so I contacted them again and they avoided me and its been like that since. I lodged an official complaint and got an auto responder saying they would respond within 7 days, 7 days came and went no reply. I contacted customer services rather ****ed off at this stage, they transferred it to level 2 technical support who told me they would do an investigation and get back to me, of course they didn't so I contacted them again, they completed their investigation and told me I am in an area with very poor to no coverage, they told me there was nothing else they could do to help so sent me back to customer services to discuss my contract options, customer services said basically tough, signal is not guaranteed. I lodged another complaint 7 days came and went no reply, contacted the CEO again and no reply so that's where I'm at now being avoided with no signal. What do I do next?
  5. I do like the work and the company but there is always something, this job is the holiday situation. I wouldn't say I am fussy but there always seems to be something. I did end up taking an employer to court a few years back over a TUPE issue so I am not afraid to take it up but the problem these type of **** just keeps happening.
  6. I've been in my job 18 months now, I've stuck this thus far but at the moment its really starting to annoy me, I'd find another job but it seems I'll just encounter another issue in another job so whats the point of moving? I am aware 28 days minimum, This year I have got 2 days at Easter, 1 day at May day, just had 1 week for summer and will probably get 1 week for Christmas (If I am very lucky) that works out at what, 13 days for an entire year. Our contract states certain days which are set the rest to book at the companies discretion, you get the set holidays, damn all else. its a small company run by 2 brothers and has 5 employees, the problem is it can't cope with 5 so if someone takes of it really goes tits up so when you ask to book off 101 questions are asked, you might get the OK if you have booked to go somewhere, but they pay min wage and know on min wage no one can afford to go anywhere. Sitting at home is not seen as a valid reason and you get the old "Ah we're to busy at the moment" yet they take 2 or 3 foreign holidays per year. You should not need any reason to book off, I am only there 18 months, but other employees have holidays carried over from 3-4 years ago and it doesn't really seem to bother them, they are used to it. They let them run so long then get paid in cash for unused holidays. I left my last job due to them breaking the work time regulations, I was working over 50 hours per week, it seems although there are various laws companies break them and there is damn all you can do. I am back on Monday and find it all very depressing to be honest. Any advice?
  7. Got him. I phoned up my provider O2 to get the phone blacklisted as stolen. They could not do it for some reason but the reason became clear when passed to Motorola. The phone is active and has been used long enough to become registered to another user. Meaning I no longer have any ability to blacklist the phone. All very odd considering the phone supposedly does not work
  8. Thanks for the info but who is she? And what power does she have?
  9. Does anyone know if eBays head office is still the Richmond address? Going to try taking this to the top, the monkeys at the bottom do not care.
  10. He is in Malta. I have blacklisted the phone so its now useless.
  11. OK so here is a issue. I sold a mobile phone on eBay, been selling them for years with no issues until now. I have 200 positive feedback. Few weeks later the guy tells me the phone isn't working and opens a case. He writes. "The phone was working fine with the supplied sim card, as my sim card is the older type I had to cut my sim card down to fit the micro sim slot, now the phone will not read my sim card or the supplied sim card, I got a new micro sim card from my provider and it does not work either" So he says the phone was working fine with the supplied sim card, he cuts his to fit rather than use the correct sim and now it doesn't read any sim cards. He escalated this to eBay, few days later ebay decide in his favor and refund him. I contact ebay to enquire why has he not returned the phone to be told basically he gets to keep the phone as I did not refund him time, I stated I was arguing my case and was awaiting a reply only to be told tough, case closed. So to sum up I now owe eBay £97 for refunding him, he gets to keep the phone and I owe £9.70 in eBay fees for this transaction. I have appealed but case is closed apparently. I have cancelled my reimbursement method. What can I do? This is blatant theft assisted by eBay.
  12. Right an update to the confussion. The credit card was an Alliance and Leicester credit card run by MBNA. A&L changed to Santander, MBNA can locate the account, in the switch to Santander they can't locate me hence looking further info which I do not have.
  13. Probably, they are just trying to be awkward, and no doubt if I did supply it they would find something else
  14. I don't have the letter at hand, basically I lived at a different address back then, they were looking proof of that address so looking something like a utility bill, I don't have anything as electric was prepay, didn't have a land line and my mobile was pay as you go. I said I could supply the tenancy agreement, no good.
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