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  1. Sorry, I should have clarified. The claimant was HPH2. I don't think I won because I only sent a defence to a badly put together claim and challenged the basis of the claim. they were forced to provide me the agreement, but obviously they didn't have it, and wrote to me saying if they couldn't get it by certain date then they are obliged to notify the court of their intention. Now they have sent me a statement with all the court costs and interests slapped on. I think they will try again. And if they do, then which section of CCA I need to quote in my defence
  2. I defended the case and they had to discontinue the claim, but now they sent me a letter, with all the court fees and interest added on a periodic statement, almost £600 added to debt. Can the buyer of defaulted debt keep on adding fees and interest where the default debt was less than £5,000? Or could it be a ploy to get me to make contact with them (to prevent it from becoming time barred) as I never made contact with them since default some 4 years ago?
  3. I am grateful for your replies, and thank you Andyorch for answering the central question - that if I accept the claim and pay them in installments then can the claimant get 8% interest for the period from judgement until it clears. You said, they cannot claim statutory interest because the debt is less than 5K. But I heard differently from the judge when I attended the hearing for another judgement over a year ago. The judge seemed to suggest to claimant's lawyer who asked for interest for just 1 year in their claim, "You have restricted yourself to 1 year's interest, but
  4. I have just received claim form for a CC debt of about £4,400 from 2009 and they have claimed interest for 6 months + upto the date of judgement, but no mention of going forward. I don't mind paying them original amount in instalments but I am worried that if I accept the claim as it is then they may ask the judge for 8% interest until the debt clears, which may mean the payments I make will just pay off interest. Someone has told me that if I defend the case by asking them to prove the debt then they are likely to concentrate on proving the debt and not ask for interest going
  5. Hi, I just learnt that the Legal Service Commission was closed on 01 April 2013, so what happens to the Statue Charge they had put on my property. They have not demanded anything from me in past, but I made some payments in July 2012. Does the debt move to new Legal Aid Agency? Or could the charge be removed from the Land Registry? Any information regarding this will be much appreciated.
  6. Hi, I don't know what do you mean by putting up a link. I am not going to defend the CCJ and let them get it from court cos by defending I will only be lying to court. I think the conversation is going in the wrong direct. I put up this thread in the hope to get some answer to my original questions regarding Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Offenses. I am copying them here again and I would appreciate if someone could help me answer these questions. Could the following be considered Bankruptcy Offenses; If I stop paying my mortgage (which has a negative equi
  7. How can I defend it, I do owe that money to Aqua? I don't want to lie under oath, or I will have severe consequences. Further, I sent Idem CCA request which they acknowledged on the 3rd of Oct but then they just went for CCJ and never provided any proof that I owed them the money.
  8. Thank you for your replies and help. Here are details; Aqua £4,350 - started Jan 2013 - Now Idem Secrities, which are seeking CCJ - I was advised to ignore the form. It is still in my in-tray. Natweat CC £3,470 - started Jan 2004 Barclaycard £6,250 - started Mar 2008 Vanquis CC £1,350 - started Jun 2014 Capital 1 £1,450 - started Apr 2012 Halifax CC £4,170 - started Jan 2007 Natwest OD £2,500 - started Sep 2002 Secured Loan £600 left - started Aug 2005 - originally £14,000 Argos C £590 - started Apr 2014
  9. Hi, I am new here and I looked through the forum but the questions that I have, have not been asked before. So I am starting a new thread. I have been in credit card and secured loan debts for more than 15 years and most of the time, I have been working to pay my debts. The life had been very hard. But last year a friend advised 'not to pay any of your credit cards debts as you are just killing yourself', and I did stop paying them which gave me some breathing space. Now I have one creditor taking me to court to seek a CCJ. I have reviewed my financial situation car
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